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Brow 101

by Michelle Phan • 1,556,894 views

They say your eyes are the windows to your soul, and windows need frames, so that should make your brows the frames to your eyes! right? A good frame can make the biggest difference, and this...

She looks soo different now
My eyebrow hairs are thick but all over the place, which leaves sparse areas when I shape them. And then when I try to fill those areas in with just eye shadow, they still just appear too thick. Anybody else have this problem? :(
Same here! The edge of my eyebrows ( like the beginning part) are fanned out and LONGER than the rest. I hate my eyebrows...
Maybe try a tinted brow gel, they lightly tint the hairs so it fills in the sparse areas a bit without being overwhelming, they also keep the hairs in place depending on how you comb the brow brush.
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What's the name of this song ?
i miss this michelle :.(
What do u do if u have think brows? 0.0
Please make another brow video on the bleaching, reshaping, tinting, etc! :)
Could you do a video on finding the correct colour brow pencil for you as I find it very difficult to get one which is the one, thanks xoxox
Oh wow her chin really IS different
Hilda Gomes Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
i've been looking for these tips for AGES thank you!
what brow pencil did she use?
Her nose looks different...
Can you do a Lily Collins look 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 please
Have been watching too much of her new videos then i saw this video. Feels like its two diff people. But i still love her !!!!
You should make a video about that!
I would like that video with the dramatic changes please 0u0
Guys she lost weight. Can't you tell? She looks great either way.
Id like to see a video on dramatic changes and reshaping please :)
She's just a lot thinner now than before. Basic logic!
Is there a video for finding the right bronzer?
Damn she lost weight!
i like sort of plucked like all my eyebrows wrong...and now they look quite different to each other like one has a more pointed arch and the other is more anyone videos to show how to reshap brows by plucking???
I have no brow bones. My eyebrows are really straight and low set so i can barely put anything on besides eyeliner __;
You should do a detailed video on everything eyebrows. I would like to see something on tinting and all sorts of different products from waterproof gels to powders.  
can you do a video where you recommend makeup products for beginners. I started wearing makeup and well im not very good
she either got skinner or she got her chin changed MEDICALLY so she probs didnt have plastic surgury
I need a vid for shaping ur brows. And my eyes are BUSHY so please give suggestions on how to pluck them too. I'm 13 and my face is extremely hard to work with. Plz plz plz HALP!
can u make a video on how to shape korean thick eyebrow?? im asian with very less brow .. n also can u review eyebrow mascara?? i wish to change my brow colour to brown
What's the eyebrow pencil that she used?
i think you should do some tutorials with just Em products! :)
Anastasia! Dark purple-y, plum-y, red-ish plastic packaging with the spoolie on one end and the twist-up pencil on the other, it's from Anastasia!
using Petroleum jelly or vaseline helps tame those eyebrows
you look so good with straight brows
Can you make a video tutorial on how to shorten your brow hairs and keep them in line? Mine are quite long and I don't have any brow gel or anything
What kind of brow filler do you use? I've never seen the ones with the spoolie on the end.
what color should i use for my brows? i have black hair, and dark brown eyes and my skin is in the shade nc20
but my eyebrows are like thick and black
Why two shades lighter? I usually use a dark brown or black for my dark brown hair and it fits pretty good!
Yay for New Zealand :) The place I call home
Michelle, can you add to the info box which eyebrow pencil you're using + colour? Thank you!
Michelle, I need your help! I went to the salon for my eyebrows appointment and now my eyebrows are wayyy too skinny looking :/ Do you have some tips to make your eyebrows grow back faster?
It's more the fact that Michelle is supposed to be the strong idol of many young girls, and yet she has felt the need to make herself look more Caucasian.. It's sad :(
Awh Michelle your round chin was so beautiful and natural IMO. BUT since you decided to go for the 'jaw correction surgery' you still look beautiful and you're still a great makeup artist. :)
No matter how many times I watch these eye brow tutorials, I can not for the life of me get the eye brow thing down. They look so bad.
Your so beautiful... I wish I had natural beauty like you
What are the medical reasons? If you don't mind. Also, I also hate that this is such a big deal for some people.
she said lighter for ANY hair color EXCEPT blond. So go lighter unless your hair is a pale red and is almost blond
Thankyou michelle for bringing back these videos!! Muah
i think she just got a little thinner, that's why her chin looks so different. either way she's just fine and she can do what ever she wants! she's an adult!
@mklaxiong I believe that's the Anastasia Brow Wiz :)
You are BEAUTIFUL Michelle :) I love your videos!
No matter what i do, i always end up with that biushy squirrel on mah forhead
I would take a deep warm brown, and depending on how strong you wanna fill them in, i would use a bit of black too
I DID THE SAME THING! I just kindof picked how thick and then I started drawing them in that way. Anything that grew outside I plucked off and eventually they grew back that way.
I would like to see a tinting or a bleaching video please, i tend to dye my hair a lot and i always think my brows look silly when my hair is a different color.
no you dont get pointy V looking face from losing weight. obviously botox when she was in singapore. chin injection
@Maggie Zack Yes, please do a video on this.
Try to put a little bit of vaseline on the areas that need to grow back... It wont break you out, it will in fact hydrate your skin. Works well on lashes too ! :)
did you have a chin surgery!!? can u talk about it please!
Please do a video on bleaching and trimming the brows. I can't really follow this video because my brows are so dark, long, and bold. Thanks!
do you know where you can get a good yet cheap blonde eyebrow pencil??
Tutorial on your makeup look? I love the clean white line on your inner corner but I don't know how to do that. :(
3 shades lighter = i have black hair and use medium brown color on my brows (:
How do you tint your eyebrows
Please do a video on how to reshape the brows! I have very full eyebrows and would love to learn how to reshape or change up my look!!
What color brow pencil do I use if I have red hair
Can you do one on re shaping plz I really need it
brush your brows down so the extra hair gets out of ur brow's line. Then, take a pair of scissors and cut the extra hair, them, just brush them as usual.
I have naturally arched brows. Does that mean I was born sexy?
Can you show us the makeup tutorial for that vid
id love to see more brow tutorial :) now, im really a "phan" .. ive been watching ur videos and i forgot to do my chores! :))
I love her hair style in this video
Hi Michelle! I have very litte brow hairs. What do i do??
Why doesnt anyone make tutorials about super thick and dark eyebrows? =_= mine are annoyingly thick and I wish I knew what to do with them to make them look more normal
this is awesome! a lot of people forget the importance of perfected eye brows, even though it makes such a a huge difference!
love it!...this video is for me.. i hate my eyebrows.. love u michelle.. and yep, u`re amazing teacher.. tc..
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