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Cameron Diaz on Lopez tonight part 1 1/20/11

by TheMRGM13 • 214,383 views

Cameron Diaz Bought Weed from Snoop Dogg! Cameron explains why her name is the most dangerous name to type into a Google search. Plus, C-Dizzle remembers her high school days as a chola, hanging...

Her body might be in it's 40s, but those thighs of hers don't look a day over 20 years old ;)
Imagine HIM fuckin' HER and saying in that voice "Do you like it doll?"
@ RideMyF150 "It's still none of your Fu&%in business". Sweetheart, I'm entitled to say whatever I'd like to say especially when it comes down to a public figure like she is. I'm sure you've also jumped into conclusions in your life, or make judgements or make harsh opinions at some point! Everyone does it! So STFU! You probably do it more often than you notice so go take another bong hit you weirdo!
I didn't know that George Lopez hosted his own talk show live in the way  both David Letterman and Johnny Carson did. George was just hilarious on his own George Lopez show. Such a talented comedian and a brilliant actor as well.
she's the definition of people from california...but she's super nice
imagine those legs as seat belts ;)
Funny she's more hispanic than Jessica Alba lol..she's like first generation, alba is like 4 generation..; que lastima que no han aprendido hablar espanol..!!
so i'm guessing they both sparked up before this interview lol. she acts like she has the munchies when that food comes and at 6:57 he says that's when you know it's the good shit when you smell skunk. hilarious
I love how she can spark up the whole interview just with her personality. Some celebrities being interviewed on lopez tonight are just so boring and they turn the whole show into some dull and awkward interview. i love you so much cameron :) x
*googles Cameron Diaz* Gets identity stolen.
actually thats a cuban sandwich media noche is made with another type of bread
oh yes! now I see her and remember all the films with her, those I've seen, and realize that those films have nothing in common with real culture and real good cinematography
"pretty sure i bought weed from him" this just made my night. lolol
LOL i dont like her cause she used to date jared leto i think every echelon out there hates her
I cant believe they canceled this show for Conan
george lopez has the most annoying voice
'the you have to tune in monday to know why they said no' lmfao!!
I can't believe my ears she was in Snoop Dogg's high school ?? :o I love her even more now :D
I'd go straight for cameron diaz
yea i dont know her or her personality and i hate her SO what are you going to do now . maybe cameron is gonna give you 1M dollars for liking her
I have fap a million times of her in the movie the mask lol
sorry guys she have a cuban father i love her im cuban
Ножки-супер!а на лицо постарела сильно...(
"You drove yourself here, right? I love that." Oh FFS Hollywood!
I've loved this woman for more than 10 years. She's so down to earth and funny.
y is she so hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
George Lopez; So I Know This About You, I Know That Your a Homegirl . Tell Everybody Where Cameron Diaz Is From ?... Her: From The LBC ... Lmao Very Funny Moment ! Love Her
the telenovela face is so hilarious jajajaja they are like that! hahaha
i love cameron diaz,she is so cool,easy to talk to and very down to earth.
OMG Cameron Diaz has very nice legs...... so sexy ;)
woww I didn't know she had a cuban background :o
She always seems high. If not I'm so jealous of her wild energy.
i love her she has such a great personality. and so confident i just love all her movies. everything about her.....<33333333
Whenever anyone asks Cameron Diaz about her Cuban background she is so quick to add "she's Cuban via Spain" and Im almost sure she was about to say that but Lopez continued talking . I think she's ashamed of her Latin side. I wouldn't be surprised if she secretly spoke Spanish with her Dad.
shes cuban you know what that means? shes a mixer with 6 different speeds if you know what i mean!
Funny to see two culturally diverse people have something in common, Cameron and her Mixed European Ancestry vs the Native American George lopez who's Spanish Surname resulted in century old conversion to Catholicism from Spanish missionaries, go Figure.
I love Cameron. She is awesome!
LOVE HER she' has such a nice personality?
beside she fucked almost all hollywood's actors she is still hot
She looks like me when I see indonesien food!!!
"I think she's ashamed of her Latin side" Dude, even if she was (and thats fine too)....its still none of your fu&%in business.
@CamiieW he's fun but i dont understand how can people listen to him... i think if he get an operation, he'd earn like twice as more money, maybe... or maybe people like his voice but.. its weird...
If...if...if i could just her....i could die a happy person.
Keep that fucking thought to yourself, you disgusting, 25-year old little creap.
i always wanted to fuck her...Fuck you jesus line of the whole interview.
Legs? Come on guys... her legs are not her forte... have you seen her flexing her biceps? The girl kicks ass!
"Pretty sure I bought weed from him" lmfao! She's hilarious!
til this day everytime i look at her i think of THE MASK! she BAD! ;)
Cuban for real da da da damn!!!!!!! love cuban women they are the bestwith bazilians if you kow what i mean if you ever been to Cuba ;-) love cameron Diaz
is it just me or does she seem a little high? lol she looks a little too relaxed XD
Love Cameron Diaz, but I can't stand her laugh.
Damnn this woman is sexy!! Like the fact she is half cuban
her leg's just like oil to middle east, it's God's gift
god shes Cuban I KNEW i loved her!!!
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