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Let's Play Skyrim - TOBY'S GOING TO DIE SOON - Part 35

by TobyGames • 351,836 views

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He has no mercy to others! Of with his head! Oh no, I mean the enemy. :3 
just before he said "what is that music" i played a song in the background and at the moment the song was at a violin solo he sang "toby is going to die" and matched it. i love little coincidences like that.
My mouth dropped when he just threw away the armor he was wearing Lol
Toby is horrible at paying attention to things
I don't even play and i saw
2:12  Cases of accidental nakedness:  2
"Anyone else? Wanna piece of metal attached to a piece of wood... In their bodies? Hmm?? Anybody else? IS THERE NO ONE ELSE??!? ARAGH" *shoots arrow*
"You should have a lot more armor than you had!" Lol, so should you, Toby.
Did anyone else facepalm when he didn't get the gold
Why did you just drop your best armor that u were wearing!
if you like murder so much join the dark brotherhood
I think im at a higher level then him im at level 33
does he realize that he has no armor on? :D
I play on legendary, not to trash talk tiny but... plus my battleaxe does 115 damage no enchantment
Toby tends not to notice many things, guys. As part of the Audience, you guys should be used to that sort of stuff. :P
5:30 LMAO nice. Oh Lord, made my day....
Why is he always crouching?
Lol He still doesn't know how to sprint
stupid you wer wering that
My brain hurts too much from this bad English
i love how adept is the lowest difficulty xD
Twiggi Brandyberry he realizes when a kid tells him hes naked
9:30 that was the voice of the emperor power on a shout
Toby is such a hoarder in Skyrim and Minecraft. Purge your stuff dude :P
Hey, you should find a bank in skyrim to keepnyour gold safe. I do that with any gold thst I find.
the funny thing is he accidentally shouted before he should even know how to shout since he hasnt killed the dragon yet
did you see at the start of the video he shot that bandit in the butt
was he playing on PC?
Wait a minute..... Is he half naked again..?! Oh not again, Toby...
lol i love toby but its like he smokes a ton of crack right before he records.
"im tired. nothing i say makes sense right now.." ....Toby, DOES IT EVER ?
You just dropped the chest plate you were wearing XD
don't u love how the ppl who say 'i finally sneezed' get more likes than something GOOD to convo
I just sigh and facepalm at the amount of useless daggers he takes, he never uses them.
Toby I love you, but your a fucking idiot....
i know your comment is 2 months old but no you didnt invent the english language it was adopted from another country by the roman empire who then turned into the british. I think, well thats what i know anyway.
He says that he wants to wear heavy armor but he doesn't realize that he isn't wearing anything
He dropped his equipped armor and the said a dead person should have been wearing more armor
its the voice of the emperor, imperials have it
Lol he dropped his own armour instead of dropping a pelt!
OK im just saying i think it would be better if we (all people who speak English) all spelled and said words the same
he just leaves 1515 just like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im going to buy this game soon..... this is gonna be a loooong couple of days....
It is kind of fun watching this when you have actually payed this before :)
he is always saying 'I'm DEAD' and yet he has healing potions
If you don't even have this game then you're a noob, because you don't even have it. Idiot.
Toby needs to stop taking off his armor, unless he enjoys running around naked.
dropping your own armor facedesk
tubuscus you make muny whith the wood cuters axe! you dont know that!
God, when I watch Toby gaming, I get SOOO mad, but I can't take my eyes away. What's wrong with this whole situation?!
6:03 Toby: "You should have had more armor on you" ehh Toby you might want to enable 3rd person for a second then you'll see who needs armor
he was saying it the whole of the last episode
"I'm obviously definetely going the wrong way for sure... 100%." - Tobuscus
he forgot to put on new armor he dropped wat he was wearing
did he just remove his armor and store it....
6:45 "I'm out of mana." I lol'd.
So what if he made a ridiculous comment? That does not give you the right to act like a complete dick.
he upgraded the one he has and has the 40% more damage perk the one he had was like 42 damage
I wonde what these bandits are thinking, with this naked man running around their den killing them.
He didn't even say that he wasn't a noob, did he? Read before you type something, moron.
Nice job many people have to wait for a longer time to sneeze during a video.
if hes this impressed with orcish weapons wat till he gets deadra equiptment
you cant shout unless you did the f***ing quest in whiterun you scaredy cat
Why didn't you eat the meat Toby it would had give you health
*Is eating crackers* "Audience keep it down... keep it down audience." *Stops eating to keep it down*
I don't even have this game yet and I know he's a noob!
Toby doesn't have a chestplate because he dropped it x3
He dropped his armor he had on * faceplam*
he keeps getting the same armor that he drop he already has two pers of studuid armor and he picks up stupid crap that he doesent need that he has cooler stuff and he dropt his steel armor for fur armor stupid crap
I lost it at the Troy reference xD
We have every right to act like a dick... it doesn't mean its right... but we have the right =P
You no what is wierd i was watching you and watching tv i was watch cartoon network and you and grifen come up i m like lol
Wow Toby brovow don't know we're your going what's your phone number
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