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(HD MV) Chuno - EopBok The Sniper - MC Sniper - Slave Hunters

by Samah Nord • 132,944 views

Tribute video to Eop Bok the hunter, Clips from Chuno (slave hunters) an Action / historical Kdrama from 2010. Music is from the Kdrama aswell: Chuno OST -- 4.민초의 난 MC 스나이퍼(MC Sniper) name of song,...

Eopbok put the final nail in the coffin in the series where lee dae gil and song tae ha failed.
EopBok is the best character of this drama, love this song !!!
역시 노랜?ㄴ한큑
Man I just keep coming back to this video. Every single time man..always pumps me up! I share it all the time! Fav character besides daegil
There something awesome and motivating about this character and this song. The lyrics gets me pumped and brings me hope to stand back up again when knocked down and that evil will be punished one day. 
Wow cool thanks Man :)
loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this song 
dude I love you for making this video. this is like the 5th time ive watched it. its so badass and I fell in love with this character. everytime I see the dude in red get shot at the end I laugh and flip off the screen cuz he was a jerk lol. but again thank you!
오 오오오오오 오 오 오오오오오 오 쫓고 쫓기는 게 우리 인생 개만도 못한 것이 노비의 생 사는 것이 전쟁 민초의 희생 내 삶은 날개가 부러진 새 쫓고 쫓기는 게 우리 인생 개만도 못한 것이 노비의 생 사는 것이 전쟁 민초의 희생 내 삶은 날개가 부러진 새 철새도 둥지가 있을진대 짐승에게 굴 또한 있을 텐데 연좌의 굴레 낙인과 족쇄 난 홀로 집 없이 떠도는 개 구멍 난 하늘엔 비가 또 새 굳은 내 신세는 두발 묶인 채 사냥터에 풀어 놓은 산양과 같애 버려진 주검은 거름이 돼 민초여 자라라 더 높이 날아라 이승에서 못 이룬 꿈 저승 길에 올라라 흙이 되어 다시 피는 꽃이 되거라 민초여 자라라 더 높이 날아라 몸퉁이를 비틀어야 하늘을 보는 농민의 혼을 담아 밤새 울거라 불신과 배신 누구하나 믿을 자 없는 이 땅은 짚신 한 켤레에 의지하며 신을 찾아 기도하나 종신형을 선고 받은 종놈이 믿을 자는 오직 내 자신 신이시여 내게 말해 주오 청산 아래 내가 누울 곳을 말이오 말 발굽 뛰는 소리 고요를 깨면 뒤를 볼것도없이 나는 뛴다오 있는힘껏 땅을차는 내 두발로 고향땅을 도망친다 내 두팔로 웃으리라 세상에 내 몸팔로 전진하며 싸우리라 이 총칼로 소 돼지만도못한 노비의 삶도 천대받아 조종받는 인간의 삶도 실낱같은 꿈이있어 살았노라 가족같은 벗이있어 웃었노라 사람답게 살고파 인간답게 살고파 한자가 남짓한 지팡이를 유산으로 남긴자는 나뿐이오 사람답게 살고파 인간답게 살고파 빌어먹던 쌀한줌은 나의 넋이오 빌려쓰는 몸뚱이는 내가 아니오 쫓고 쫓기는게 우리 인생 개만도 못한것이 노비의 생 사는것이 전쟁 민초의 희생 내삶은 날개가 부러진새 쫓고 쫓기는게 우리 인생 개만도 못한것이 노비의 생 사는것이 전쟁 민초의 희생 내삶은 날개가 부러진새 워오오오오오
Melda Günderen Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Does anybody know the name of the song at the end of the emergency gotta calan ????  
 E.nomine - das tir in mir wolfen. is the end song.
awsome song awsome lyrics ty man :) >>Samah Nord>>
يالبييييه بس انواع الحماس احبهم مره
Best male character in the series. Eop Bok needs to have his own show.
@marycatherine0608 d-addict had raw files, subs came separate, also secretregrets's site had direct downloads for the raws
Who's that girl at 2:20? So pretty!
ฟังไม่รู้เรื่อง แต่ชอบ U_U สวดยอด อ๊บบ๊ก
Wooow I die to have this song
the tiger hunter! he had an epic ending! "i want them to know we lived as men!"
hey is this korean drama based on a true story?
nice..i love it :) where you downloads that raw videos?
the arabic name for this show is: hearts do not know fear..... قلوب لا تعرف الخوف and damn makes me want to travel to Korea
Was that guy in red the leader of the slave rebellion???? I knew there was a reason I didn't trust him!!
@algoseer Min Cho(民草): People is often likened to a weed, in korea. Because of the strong vitality
Song fits the slaves perfectly. Whenever I here it come on while watching the episodes I get excited! Thanks for the lyrics!
uno de mis doramas favoritos...realmente hermoso..y las musicas de fondo..tiene mucho sentimiento
Amazing and powerful the show is pretty good too!
wow this song touches my mind. It reflects our lives oppressed and misused. I like this song and the drama.
This song's name is 민초의 난 in english grass root's revolt
@sherman96741 I think it's partly deer in the headlight syndrome and partly because they can't believe that a lowly slave would dare shoot them.
Ok so I did some "research" and turns out it's Song Ji Eun.
OMG amazing video!!!!!!!! I love him, possibly my fav Chuno character...he and Seolwha (hope I wrote well)
dam it why they had to end it with super sad
beautiful made video~~~Thank you~~it`s great to give some credit to this character by your wonderful video~~really appreciate:)
gulugnii shvdnvvvd bool gej yu bsiiin pisdaa
the slaves were my heroes ! :'3 awesome drama, thanks for the mv
I loved your video. I absolutely loved Chuno and EopBok was one of my favorite characters. Some of it probably had to do with the epic music playing whenever he was on screen lol.
EopBok should have done that since the first episode and we wouldnt get all the trouble waiting for 20~ episodes later and many people dying LOL.
this is why they have a good song for eopbok because badass sniping
please i want a MP3 download link to this song...thank you
At 4:44 I was like FK YEAHHHH!!!!
@youngruthlessboi think his name is "Park Ki Woong"
la escena cuando entra a palacio y mata a todo el que puede..y es atrapado y mira a su amigo que esta en la hizo llorar a mares..fué muy triste...
i made a fps character with this guys name...lets just say, my sniping skills lives up to his name :DDDDDDDDDDd
@lolali82 go (DOWNLOAD LINK) MC SNIPER video 2nd page go from the bottom up, have a good read 8-)
and i love when the guy who betrayed them got knocked back because it just looked halarious
Damn the tiger hunter was my favorite character. Dude is bad ass.
Mc Sniper - My native roots or MC Sniper - 민초의 난
@touchen There are historical elements to it, but it's mostly just fiction.
The background of this drama in the 1640's. Kingdom of Joseon(Korea) had a Three Big war. 壬辰倭亂[Rim Jin Wae Ran](or 朝日戰爭 Korea VS Japan in 1592) 丁卯胡亂[Jeong Myo Ho Ran](Korea VS The Qing Dynasty(China) in 1627) 丙子胡亂[Byeong Ja Ho Ran](Korea VS The Qing Dynasty in 1636). Status system began to collapse and so the king's authority began to fall. and Many farmers and slave have lost land, lost their families. agricultural economy was damaged, Many farmers were degraded to slave.
can someone please translate it to English? I looked everywhere for translation for this amazing ost and couldnt find :( thanks!
Check MC Sniper 'gloomy sunday' another good song
dude i love the dude that help the slaves but betraded..!! i love him hes so cute do u guys know his name..!! so sexy with long hair..!! girl by the waty using my bros username..!! really mine is ibshelly>>!!!
Eop Bok is definitely the most badass character in Chuno. Every time they start playing that music I'm like "all right! Shit's about to go down."
One good EopBok beter than three musketeers. Ale Sajgon!
@lolali82 lyrics in video info now, its in korean so use google translate to get it into english.
@algoseer mincho means weed or grassroot directly translated but in this case it means lowborn or slave, in korea in chosun era royal blood was refered to as roses or other beautiful flowers and lowborns was refered to as grass or weed etc. i cant be sure but thats the only thing that makes sense to me ;)
I just watched this! his final scene is epic!!
you need to change the title to Eop Bok the tiger hunter! He was one of the manliest characters in the show...although he seemed totally unaware of women and their feelings initially
@BlueAsianDragon have translated it and put it in video info
what is the last song called??? its beautiful!!!!
That was the greatest culmination of the entire drama. I would have been happy had they just ended it there. Eopbok is definitely the best character of the whole show.
cool song its make me happy .... ya xD
hi again.. is there anyone who can translate this song to engiish?? Please it is very important to me ...
one of my fav+ characters in this drama! :) and the song is amazing!
Google translation is not so accurate. But that would do :) thanks alot :-)))
노비의 한이느껴지는 노래다정말최고다
wow, so i have a good friend who looks like park ki woong when he smiles, and everytime he smiles, it just cracks me up! hahaha im always saying "dude your a bad guy!!!!"
Great, great, great song&video! Love it!
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