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Super Mario Galaxy Walkthrough - Part 3 Glitches!!

by NintendoCentral • 740,995 views

can you guys guess what I bleeped out lol. I couldn't stop walking to the right. My later parts get better. *note, this was my first time playing the game, and narrorating. lol I love how people...

I'm laughing at your Censor Beeps!
first comment in 4 months :P
it is rude to SWEAR youknow your doing it in frot of everyone
i prefer smg2 world map over this one. its alot more like we classic mario fans are used to.
@PokemasterEver597 I got you an english teacher for your birthday.
You could been suck a big youtube channel why you stop you even stopped the chocolate milkwad channel
actually not a glitch its the nunchuck try disconnecting it and connecting it again
stop talking!! I dont want to hear u i want to hear the sounds of the game!!!!
@SuperKeister09 Yeah, if you're like 10 or something. Adults cuss all the time. Just a matter if preference whether you cuss or not. Besides, he bleeped it out. If you're joking, I'm sorry. :)
you should cuss a little it helps you get out stress
Lol! a bad egg galaxy.. man your awesome hope you do more walkthroughs in the future :)
@PokemasterEver597 that is men that he was saying bad words on the birth day that is thay soodent put that on youtube
stop makeing bad comments keep it to yourself gosh!!
@ChocolateParodies shut up man it does matter, don't you have anything better to do than correct people about there mistakes? GET A LIFE!
i did a glitch on the internet it has different video pics while i watch the video
@jjt539 To be completely fair, if I did videos like this I would probably swear all the time because I do it out of habit... I believe, personally, that they're just words and what's the point of them being invented if we can never use them? But I understand that other people may have different views that are nothing like my own. To be fair again he did apologise once so I can tell he doesn't exactly want to annoy anyone or offend anyone
was this game better than galaxy 2?
Well! F**** your self! you F****
your gameplaying is quite rubbissh.. you need to fix up my 5 year old sister can play better thenn you
lol did the same thing with me! X3
My friends lended it to me and i nearly beat da game . I love this game lol lol
@DFOgamer824 If that happens all you have to do is restart the Wii. Simply going back to the Wii Menu won't fix it. You have to actually reset the system.
me ttttttttttoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
i wrote it wrong Okay. No big deal!
5:05 if you look at the screen you will find one use of them, collect 50 and you will get a 1 up.
@2209Jorge asshole isn't spelt with an 'f' at the start.
@SuperKelster09 Woah. Nice arguments, Einstein. You changed my life.
my dad finished this game in 2 weeks
walking to the right isn't a glitch its that your nunchuck is tilted trust me I know :(
Dude im with you ,i want bacon
XDD i lolled at the bleep... its like a adult comedy!
Its not glitches its user error!
5:54, come on... talk to the freakin' star! talk! there you go you [ bleep]. oh oo woo woo... i had to cenceor that out... i'm sorry, sorry....HA HA! I LUV THAT PART!
Fun fact : good egg galaxy has the same music as smg2's grandmaster galaxy on the prankster comet. LOL!
you know if you listen on headphones,only one earphone works!
hey go you f******k¡ so funny the tiit was funny
I never knew there was a BLACK STAR!!!!!!!
you do know that you can end that walking to the right by disconnecting the nunchuk from the wii remote?
You made this video the day after my birthday!
It's not a glitch, your nunchuck is connected to your wiimote strangely, just unplug it and plug it back in and it should be fine
nintendocentral bleeped out the f-bomb
@shadictehwerehog that might be your own specific set of headphones. because I can hear thrugh both. lol.
shoot the evil things so they get stunned but you've probably figured that out by now
yah my nunchuck was sorta screwed up so when i left the nunchuck mario still was walking so its not only you bud oh and also i beat the game. :)
lol that happens to me its the numchuck sticking u just need to move it :-D
what you have to do when you move without pressing any buttons is take the numchuke blow in it and put it back on and it should work
@WiiGamer24100 No you can't. This is on the box. But you can play Mario Kart Wii w/ a gamecube controller.
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