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Minecraft - Fall of Gondolin: Stand Together or Die

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 541,474 views

We return to our hidden city Gondolin after going undercover to learn of the Dark Lord Morgoth's schemes! Join us as we visit the King to tell him the news, and tackle any obstacles we find on the...

this video would be great you didont cheated by gamemode c lewis you always cheat in evry map now
These vids would have been a bit more enjoyable without the pissing annoying music -.-
anyone else get the starcraft 2 reference with the queen of blades shaped figures?
You recorded* or You're recording* You're an incompetent*
the ones on the ground are balrogs with flame whips not dragons
your videos are the coolest among all coolest!!!!!!
all this time... PUT THE FUCKING ARMOR ON!!!!
why do the fupping spiders have astronaut helmets! WTF?
I don't know about Alpha but I've played since Beta came out and this has never been true.... research it...
I love the music, it really adds to the mood
I want you to kill Warchief!!!*Roar*
From last episode I have practicly been yelling PUT ON THE FRIGGING ARMOUR!!!!!!
go creative mode and destroy the rest of the dragons
how do people not know that this is from the SIlmarillion..
personally, I don't see the need for all this suspenseful background music except for at times where its warranted, not when you're saluting a bunch of elves 4:27
all the 14mins you were fighting and not din the mission.... lol
11:14 On the surface...those aren't dragons... They're Balrogs.
This would have been a better map if it used the mod hack/Mine
didn't wear the armour in his inventory.... and complained about being blown up by creepers!
they need to team up with alchestbreach
You copy it in a map editor program and paste it somewhere else. After that, you edit it and set it in flames. That's all.
11:08 I see the winged figures, first thought.. "Don't.... Blink"
Follow the red stone bloood follow the red stnw blood follow follow follow follow the red stone blood
there are only 2 ways i know of how to break through bedrock 1: creative 2: nuke from mo explosives mod
11:11 Oh, don't worry, those aren't Dragons down there. They're Balrogs.
Why does everyone always go on about SoI? Can't people just wait till they finish it... :( Think about it: They are not going to abandon the thing that made them famous. You have no idea how much work goes into one episode. And with all the comments like yours - it's pretty hard for them to forget, too. Trust me... sooner or later, it'll be done.
@jenfire27ify sometimes i think people are retards when they don't punctuate correctly. (Hint you're)
/tp honeydew xephos Most used multiplayer command of all time
theres no dragos in lotr... whoops just showed my nerd
@Dawid Charko Sorry, this isn't the Yongcast... But it's the Yogscast
I love how they just leave the DIAMOND sword.
Did they take the Diamond sword at note12?
The cockney lady sounds more like she's from bristol c;
yes therethe best but tooomuchcheating sometimes
The music is too fucking loud.
Actually the damage for bedrock is -1, so no matter how much tnt you use it will not break the bedrock.
And when someone doesnt explain you want to bust your head open and squash your brains against the walls!!!!
I don't like all the background music in this one. Distracts from the lunacy you two are going through.
well not in the movies if that's what you mean, but in the lotr universe there were dragons but there we very few left. Smaug was one f the last great dragons and he died in the hobbit
so this is part of shadow of israphel ???
You should of put the armour on earlied Lewis.
Why does lewis take a piece of bread when he could of had a diamond sword or a bow and he complains about how he takes damage when he dosent put armor on!
try getting minecraft bukkit it sucks but tekkit and normal minecraft are better
@Jennifer Rees Oh, I don't know... Well they are playing a LoTR themed map... So I'm pretty sure it's more LoTR based soundtrack
Why didnt u take the diamond sword?
No there's not. Balrogs were Maiar that were corrupted by Morgoth into demons of shadow and flame. However, they were nearly all destroyed at the end of the First Age (The Balrog from the movies, Durin's Bane, escaped by hiding deep below the earth). And there's also plenty of folks from the same catagory as the Balrogs, since Gandalf was a Maiar too, and so was bloody Sauron.
Lewis is an elf who you would think would have a lighter armor being an elf and you using a bow, Simon is a dwarf who I would think would normally use a sword but is instead using a bow
its weird how xephos never put his armmor on
This is just ergggggggg i camt get ma head aroenche cjd
imagination guys. geez (this is minecraft...)
Simon's best weapon has always been a sword. Thumbs up if agree
I think Duncan's MS Paint drawings should be t shirt designs
HOLY SHIT there is a lot of spam on the video...
Extra points for quoting Favornus by way of Pope!
The music makes this much more intense than it really is.
I swear to christ if I see Mcdonalds Fish bites ad one more time.... I'm going to eat someone's face.
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