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Knife Throw Effect : BFX

by Indy Mogul • 4,523,394 views

This week Erik shows you how to create the awesome effect of throwing a knife into a person's head! This effect is used in big budget movies like the "Matrix" and we're going to show you how to do...

omg i remember watching this video in like 2009
My name is from that movie
im watching this again after years of the dead channel, im almost crying 
Do the zombie effect and do awsome bullits in your plastek forhead pad
+joey schaff Did I strike a nerve? D'awww.. There there, everything'll be okay!
YOU DONT SAY? (Insert meme here)
Halloween costume idea as well.
0:58 Like for Carrie Anne Moss!
can you do an fx that you take the skin of your skull
that twist at the end thought!
What about big trouble in little china? That movie had it first and it was fricking awesome
You guys should do a video prank of this to your friend
You fucked up my 8 year old life thanks fucker
Iv got the matrix on dvd
you know? I DON´T CARE
What ever happened to this guy
How do you do this stunt
I watched the Matrix before
do 1 with a heart cut open
Axe/tomahawk in back next plz
lol theyre forgot about the deadman hahah xD
do a headless man effect
You should do gunshot wounds...
said your mother when she looked at you for the first time
Darude - Sandstorm
what's the theme song?
+EpicBladeTime is #1 when it comes to knife throwing on YouTube
how to run in to a wall and make it look like you hit your head
No no no... the knife is not there, you gotta realize that the knife doesn't exist... or was it a spoon?..
you should shut the fuck up bitch
LoL dont mind the dead guy
About matrix did you think don't know that it's fake
damn... he was allowed to throw that ball...
toatal would have anybody whobhad clearnced to throw something
why did the dude die if he is allowed to throw objects? he was going to throw a ball, and his card said he could right? right. why did he die when the cop did know he was allowed right? oh, man im saying right too many times... wait did i just say what i-..........dangit.
If ur reading this comment u shall die tonight in your sleep. To not it out yourself
lol clear to throw balls.
The guy with the nightmares warhead blinks at 4:23-4:24
Tan Kok Aun Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
  if you're reading this comment Will die within 5 years To undo this curse copy on 5 videos Good luck Sorry but I can't risk it
уебаны тупорылые!USA SUCKS!!!
1.13 you can see the knife thing in the back ground
never explains how the blood works
Toy stores, online, anywhere that you can see fake items. Ebay, Amazon, most online store got a fake knife,
i think i will try to scare my mom with that trick
indymogul, I am also trying to make a DIY stab. Though it's different. It stabs through the body. I figured out a way to do it.
Hey could you guys make a fake
LOL fatality! flawless victory! ECT!
what is the melody playing 4:21?
want to be part of ur team here in ghana so we can work friendly
This would cost alot more if they mentioned you needed a FUCKING $800 CAMERA THAT FILMS GOOD AND A $1,000 COMPUTER THATS FAST AND YOU CAN ACTUALY DOWNLOAD SHIT ON IT.
hey im 8 and i watch this stuff and one more thing......FATALITY!!!!!
This is an awesome video for 2013. In 2008 it must've blown minds.
Look at the dudes hair under the Velcro in the hat before the cop throws the knife and then look at it after
you should make movies using theese affects
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