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Zero's Bacon & Legs Tour Kicks Off at Skate Lab - LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL

by RIDE Channel • 29,704 views

Zero Skateboards kicks off their Bacon and Legs tour with a demo at Simi Valley's Skate Lab. Featuring Jamie Thomas, Dane Burman, Jimmy Carlin, Trevor Colden, Mouse, David Reyes, Josiah Gatlyn,...

chris coogan killed that shit!!!!
my nigga coogan with that nollie front blunt...KILLED IT
I hate when camera men alwaysshake camera when people do tricks totally ruinedability to see what really happened when he almost bailed that tre bomb to flat in beginning. looked likea blur
Is this the skatepark thats in that limp bizkit video. Break Somethin
Holy shit tht last feeble was sick!
trickepdia back smith right there lol
Hello Everyone, Thanks for watching the show!! I bruised my tailbone last week, so I had to sit this one out; the next few weeks will be footage from the Zero 'Bacon & Legs' tour. Hope to see you all then. Peace, JT
why can't ride channel become a real tv station and take the place of fuel tv?
wide angle lens make everything better
Last trick was a fs feeble not a bs smith
watch my channel for a Kick Out!
who the fuck cares what it was... IT WAS SICK!
i wish i can so good skate like this guy. i'm german sry for my english
Can we get a John Rattray let the good times roll britian edition? in fact im just wanting loads of Rattray stuff please
How come joiah is weraing Nike sb ???
i can't even understand how josiah held on to that tre at the beginning.
damn how the fuck did he stomp that tre in the beginning
naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah braaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
trevor colden has mad skillz but where the fuck is chris cole at
I think it could be considered either one so don't feel bad.
dude i know your pain, im just getting back into skating and i hope it doesnt hurt so i can skate all day during the summer!
dont worry rain makes room for the nice weather
Woah pretty epic and wheres my man Chris Cole at???!!!
Dude brockman is officially killing it again
Im a HD skateboard filmer and i was wondering if anyone would be nice enough to give me a chance and watch a few of my vids and leave a comment, if possibly even subscibe! Im trying to reach 500 subscribers by the end of this week since my birthday is coming up and i want to apply for a partnership, please help me out!
1:57 Who cares about cole... Its the CARLIN ERA!
Could some of you quys check out a few of my sk8 vids? I'd really appreciate it! Thnx
I was there and Trevor fuckin killed it
I live in Simi Valley and I can't believe I missed that :(
atleast you havent had a destroyed ankle for 3 weeks
Thxs working so i wasnt really concentrating to hard on it i just kno im happy bc it was sick
these edits always get me so hyped for a skate, and its raining and has been for a week...
Yeah Jamie,amazing demo,pretty sure the other stops of the demo are going to be more awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!You guys rule...Zero for life!!
its funny how trevor is sponsored by bones wheels and he has a spitfire shirt on
yea i know now i said that 4 months ago lol but thanx
these edits always get me so hyped for a skate, and its 112 degress out and will be for the rest of the summer..
Hey Jamie,the show is amazing!!!!Zero team is the best......Your trip to Portugal must have been great??
that nolie front blunt was amazingly nice
0:05 how the fuck he landed that tre flip, i will never know.
O my bad im at work at my base so i really wasnt concentrating to hard on it i just kno it looked sick an aha thanks man good to know not everyone on tht internet is a fuckin tool lol
well maybe if you prayed to god..oh wait, nevermind.
holy fuck I thought trevor colden was malto for the longest time.
no dude of course not he just went on a zero trip!!!!Zero and Mystery are on the same distribution company so Jimmy can go to Zero trips too,and he can also skate Zero decks
wtf? jimmy carlin is on zero now or no?
dude that tre at the beginning kills me i watched it like six times
was this just a chance to get some new blood out there? i only recognise jimmy and garret. wheres the team from 'new blood' dvd??
you too man, happens to everyone i guess. its a part of what we do
Yea coogs killin it! we missin you down here
Bacon and legs!... noone mentioned it yet!!!
gods kingdom iss onceagain on earth -
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