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100 Most Amazing Impressions.. Ever

by peerb0ng • 782,292 views for more

Omg Rex from Babe! I didn't know anyone actually remembered that movie. My favorite kids movie.
Fuck that, there's no way I could 100 voices like he did, I'll be glad to even try 10.
Come on man. Come on. 
dr phil and seinfeld were terrible.... i find alot of them werent good  my 2 cents
What A Loser!! He thinks he can do impressions.
Dr. Phil was way off. Some were good but a lot of them were "meh" Just being honest.
Did anyone else think his Little Ceaser pizza pizza guy was the best? I had to pause the video from laughing! It's just so quick and random!
a handfull of good ones, the rest of them mediocre.
This was aweful.  Whoever told you that you were good lied.
I peed in my pants.  I'm serious!  Urine came out of my penis and on to my pants creating a dark continent shape in the nether region of my slacks.
Over half of those sucked and sounded nothing like them
Jecht sucked but other than that it was amazing!
about 3/4 of them were good impersonations. the others? Impressions, but just barely.
he sucks dick.. just say it...
#20 Chi, sounds exactly like all the other anime girls.
the 89 was more like Brad Pitt´s gipsy in Snatch
very very .... very bad
It's OK I guess. Did not expect to see Glottis in there.
A mess. Quality not quantity. Not a decent one among them. Hope ya still got a day job.
You should do each take individually and give your voice time to adjust. Your first 10 could be perfect but after all that up and down the remaining ones will be shit. :)
pretty sure the Ghandi one was just racist...
Wow he did bubbles almost
laughed so much with stallone hahah xD
That was awesome. That was a great jack sparrow and bubblesXD
Foghorn Leghorn was a bit higher in pitch than the actual voice.
he's like a multitool, good at several things but not great at one.
You fucked up from the first one, wheres Herbert whistle?
Not all spot on, but i enjoyed some of it.
To go from one voice to the next in such rapid succession is very impressive, I'll bet that if you were to focus on any given single voice you'd nail it. Nice performance!
do 10 giving each unlimited idk 100 celeb voices
worst zoidberg ever???? probably...
Pretty good Duffman and Pee Wee though
To be fair... he was doing a hundred in five minutes :L
hey felix the cat i found your magic bag, does it say 'WILD CAT'?
The guy most have extra folds in his voice box to come up with those range of characters,some of them actually bring back memories of cartoon's one's i'd forgotten.
what was rex the dog from again?
There some good ones and some bad ones. But overall it's impressive, so stop being such assholes.
Someone replied to my comment from months ago and it brought me back to this video. And it is worse than I remember!
only the Tazmanian devil is correct.. the other are bullshit...
Pretty good! Silvester stalone was awful though
You're either angry.. Or suffocating.. Just cant figure out which one /: maybe both.
This was awesome. You people probably don't recognize the characters. Quality is better than quantity the guy as should know but despite that really enjoyed every single one. Congrats
Iago was a bit off. Zoidberg was off. Unfortunately his droopy sounds more like Stitch. The only 3 voices I have heard I don't know about the rest because I haven't seen the shows
Of course some were off, guys. Of course. Still ridiculous.
You are so retard and geek, my 4 year old cousin started crying when I showed her this.
Why not pick like 3 you can actually do...
some of these were actually pretty good!
about 20% of those were not even voices they were just grunts but the other were ok WAS a good try, though
Very few were okay but holy shit man....dont quit your day job because you f***king sucked!
Yeah, this is not good. 1/2 the time he's just making nonsensical noises & when he uses words, he sounds nothing like the voice he's going for.
Sorry but zoidberg was pretty bad
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