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Breaking Benjamin - Blow Me Away ft. Valora

by BreakingBenjaminVEVO • 2,316,973 views

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In gym class, my gyn teacher play songs like this anD I JUST CRY BECAUSE THIS IS MY TYPE OF MUSIC
Why do so many people hate the girl it sounds 99999% better with her in it, they should have used this version for halo 2
Because she sounds like shes getting fucked in the ass.
Valora, you bitch get the fuck out of a great song.
+Cameron Cross I came here purely for her voice, because it brings pleasure to my ears, and to an otherwise boring song that repeats the same lyrics over and over in the same monotonous voice of the lead male singer. Thank you for not being like the rest of these people lol.
Halo 2 and Halo 3 <3 I cry now when i think of this moments <3
They didnt have this song in halo 3.
IMO, Valora only ruins the song when her voice is more prominent, like from the 1:26 ish mark because she sounds to dramatic, desperate(for lack of better words) and whinny. The original was more angry and badass, which made sense because that part in Halo 2 was all about killing crap loads of all your worst enemies, bar the flood. The lyrics described Master Chief'sd badass story. Her voice is alright when in the background, but not as the main voice.
To judge the song off of a video game in itself, is ignorant. One should judge a song as is, not because of where it was played or viewed. In my opinion, her voice adds a different take on the song completely and makes it not as bland, seeing as the song is generally repeated lyrics in the same monotonous voice from said male vocal. Her voice adds a flair to the song that in all adds variety to an otherwise boring song. I personally only like the song because of her voice.
+Feldrawn i wasnt, i was going off the lyrics, when i first heard it i didnt know it was in halo that was like 2 years ago, now i do but before i never did, the lyrics are telling of a war or battle and the harmony is all wrong for the song in my Opinion, its too light for a darker song it could have been done alot better, its not that she has a bad voice but mixed with the song sounds all wrong to me. 
This song used to make me want to sparta kick someone off of cliff. This bitch singing with Ben makes me want to throw myself off of a cliff...
Im with ya,plus you made me laugh my ass off. She made the song sound like poo
+John Mcdonald If poo made a sound, of course. But either way it sounds like a manifestation of excrement processed in such a way to be compatible with auditory perception. But, of course, that only counts for the segments in which Valora intercepts what would be a great song. The original is much better.
It would probably be better if the Evenesense (I know I spelled it wrong) girl was singing.
OH MY GOD that would be the perfect combination man
Lzzy Hale of Halestorm. Her aggressive vocals would match this songs instrumentals pretty well.
This has to be more addictive than drugs
I don't get it. Why do so many people hate Valora? She has a great voice and, in my opinion, she makes the song better. But I guess everyone has a right to an opinion so feel free to chime in.
Very True, Its like a bittersweet feeling
+The Legal Gamer cant really blame her it was the bandmates that did this song without him knowing
why the hell is there so much hate against Valora?
meh, I suppose you make a point..
Everyone just chill... I prefer this version. You don't like it? Don't listen to it, and unless you're in the band. Or a higher employee in their recording label. You don't know the exact reason they broke up.
+Gregorio Gonzalez go step on a couple leggos vato.
+Jonathan Faulhaber they are all back on tour now i think. check their facebook page :P
Wait this was ben's last song :'(
This is much better than the original IMO. SO MUCH MORE EPIC! This one should have been in Halo 2!
People please quit complaining about this version causing the band's demise. I spoke to Ben personally and he shared a little known fact. The band's middle name was always "up", so their end was inevitable.
+James Redwood Chads not coming back hes with Black Label now :(
No master chief collection tho
To be completely honest I think Valora was a great addition to the song. BUT! It made me feel as if she took over the song and made it hers
Reminiscing about playing halo 2 and halo 3 my favorite games ever
Tripppy video: check Badass singing: MASSIVE CHECK Makes me desperately want to cover this song after learning how to do my voice in the grizzly rock sound: MAJOR CHECK Awesome lyrics: BIG CHECK Total score: ALL AROUND FUCK YES!
Valora makes the song for me
Sounds alright to my ears, I don't mind her sharing vocals for some bits... it's during the breakdown where I think she needs to STFU. I'm assuming this is the remix that got the two long standing members fired?
Was this made for Halo
No but it was in halo 2...the instrumental version
I think when her voice is in the background it makes the song better, but when her voice becomes more prominent, I don't like it as much, although it's still good
Isnt this part of halo 2s sound track or them song?
I shall make my way into the Marines, and so on where ever it takes me.
I think this version has harder hitting percussion. Drums feel fuller and punchier. Overall I really, really like it, possibly more than the original. I think they tweaked the guitar as well - I can hear a bit more treble/mid from it. 
+M. Knepper Dynamic Range. This version has it. Watch a few videos on the "Loudness Wars", and you will see what I am talking about.
+M. Knepper I know right they both sound different and this version is better that what I think
interesting take on the song. the female vocals make some sort of a point... it is so effortless for her to sing so high, but for a male vocalist, it is much more intense due to the required throat effort. women have that natural high, searing, siren, piercing colour when they sing, but males have the strength in their lower pitch and fuller tone.
Her range... Wtf is that Lily Pichu's sister?
I think of the Halo games every time I hear this song...
To be honest I really don't think Syd (the vocal from Valora) is entirely the one at blame. I'm pretty sure it is not alright to have the song remixed when proper permission isn't even given, but then I think it's just the spark that set off the fire. You still need fuel and other stuff to make a fire burn. I am pretty sure that there already had been some underlying problems. But musical elements-wise, this isn't bad. Syd does have a pretty strong and good voice. If you don't like it, don't hate against someone just because you hate it. If you're really that against it, at least put forward concrete criticism. Or else hateful comments should really be kept to yourselves. I respect your opinion, but it's really inconsiderate to just bash people like that.  Basic respect. 
You can be in heaven on earth, Heaven is being in the presence of God. :)
This song goes beyond sick and twisted. The fact that this band would want to "blow people away" should be reason enough to have them all thrown in jail, along with all of the YouTube users who watched this video (which does not include me since I paused it right away).
i remember when trolling meant something...
Where has humanity's sense of humor gone????
Anyone else prefer the version w/o valora? 
No, not really. In fact, I wish that this version was on the Halo 2 Anniversary Soundtrack. It would've sounded a whole lot better than Breaking the Covenant. But then again, this is my opinion. I really can't speak for everyone else out there.
i really like this song both versions
This version should have been used in Halo 2, or at least the anniversary version of Halo 2.
really? no it shouldn't 
No. the original was fucking beast as it was... no need for this. Nothing else changed besides slightly shoddy vocalizing as nothing new was recorded on the part of the lead singer.
The more I listen to this, the more I seem to like it.
At least Valora is hot lol
I would like to take this moment to thank the halo 2 sountrack for helping me dicover breaking Benjamin
It makes it sound less Halo-ish.
it makes it not as badass like a warsong more like a bad attempt and made it meh, i dont care what hate i get adding valora to the song just completely ruined it
why does this song get so much hate, it has a true meaning (only the strongest will survive) that's relatable and i never heard the so called original song but i think this one is pretty cool, but hey that's only my opinion
This played in my head when I built Zeke the Zombie Killer (one of my protectors) and his nemesis Dr. Zombie (one of my mutated villains). Their intro video is on my YouTube channel.
One of the coolest music videos I've seen in a long time!
id like to thank mechassault for introducing me to this band.
I really like this music but I feel like Benjamin is such a bad person for that whole lawsuit and fireing all the band members thing. Because of that I can't really enjoy listening to them anymore.
But at 2:33 she sounds good dont deny it
2:29 I love her voice in this part!
So was this song the straw that broke the camel's back for the band? 
She is no Amy Lee... lol
Halo did not bring me here...
This version sucks I don't care what anyone says... It's sad that an awesome song was ruined to try and make that dumb chick popular... She sucks and whoever was a part of ruining this song is a piece of shit!!! Record company bullshit is what this Is!!!
No one cares what you say either.
оригинальная версия лучше
Whats hapend to breaking benjamin i havnt heard a new song.
Fati Girl Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Breaking Benjamin - Blow Me Away ft. Valora:
Wait so breaking Benjamin is back together?
I like this version better idk thats me. Great song it gets me pumped
I just want to get a sword and slice my stuff but that's what Xbox is for
Thunder-san Uchiha Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Breaking Benjamin - Blow Me Away ft. Valora: Its funny because Thunder-san was going to post this
What?!sorry in a polite way you ruined the song
@BieberBabyBopper Shut the fuck up you useless waste of space. Go back to fucking Jason Derulo and One Direction. And for the love of God, stay there.
Why does this remind me of halo 2 😕
you know? this song was the first I ever listened to by BB, A long time ago, but It didn't feature Valora. She does have a nice voice though. It sorta reminds me of seethers broken though. :/ The whole evanescence and seether issue
Don't like this version..This Valora sounds like shit..
I love this song :3
Love itn this song was specifically made for halo 2 after the lead singers son asked his father to do a song about the game
My Favorite song So far ,I Love it It's Definitely a 10
Coz its more hurt when gurls betrayd there partners.. Lol..
shout out to Halo 2
Also can't wait to play Halo 2's campaign again and after that play the multiplayer till I die.
Valora's voice are amazing, like this version. Thanks BB.
I first heard this song on halo 2
Valora fucked this song up... She should of stayed in the kitchen.. The mop and hoover misses her. 
ben sounds alot like layne...
Love Breaking Benjamin 3 -- amoo d+
Funny that tge original didn't get a music vid and this shit did
Why did you guys broke up ;_;
Original was better. The snare drum sounds way cooler and there's no annoying chick in it.
Agreed the snare is tighter in the other one and not that I don't like this one I just prefer the other one.
Sounds like Trapt-Headstong in the intro. just may opinion. Grunge and Metal rules.
Where is this band when will new songs come?
I've been told he wrote this song for use in halo 2.
It was featured in halo 2 as an instrumental. the version with lyrics was in the credits
when a girl join a song it will be disgusting :/
Ianator W,   I wasn't hating on her. I was on both your side and hers.
+Synd1cate_Runner I wasn't calling u a hater:D I was talking about the people who hate her and dislike her version cause they think she broke the band up.
That was a bit trippy haha
I want to like this song... but it broke up my favorite band... Damn you valora!! :'(
Apparently it was the guitarist and bassist they tried to breach a contract deal or something so basically they stabbed Ben in the back
its been said already Josh
2m  ,,,while  other shitty songs have  1b
Whitney Allen Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
Breaking Benjamin broke up? Aren't they coming out with new material?
they did and are now back together and did a tour recently in america. look at their facebook group.
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