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PONIES The Anthology

by ZephyrStar • 2,247,820 views

WARNING: this video does contain some filthy language, parental discretion is advised. Repeat: not for kids D: CLEAN VERSION HERE: Pony with Jolly Roger...

I love the part with Light.  "I've already got what I want." "Dear princess Celestia..."
Me too because I'm obsessed with both of these things xD
Oh my gosh... Im using a minecraft internet browser mod and Im watching this in minecraft. AMAZING
It was a nice attention seeking comment.
Can you please make the Anthologies available to watch on mobile? I want to be able to watch these on the go, and in privacy. The only computers I have in my house are out in the open and all my family can access them. I know it's rather childish, but even though I've already told them about ponies, I still find it awkward and embarrassing to watch around them.
Hey, the new update to the YouTube app on Apple devices seems to have broken this, I am now able to watch this and other videos that were previously blocked on mobile devices!
+BruinBrony Try watching it on Listen OnRepeat
This video encouraged me to go watch a certain show called My Little Pony. Seeing my age I was a little skeptical but my friend also watched it. So I gave it a try and became a brony right of the bat :) 
Hey, look, the newest update to the YouTube app is allowing me to watch this on my iPod!
shut it and stop swearing
You serious? Zephyr gives a link to the clean version in the beginning, along with a blatant curse warning.
9:20-9:30 Death Note X My Little Pony. Hilarious.
... Power... Ranger... ponies? (Freaks out so bad that Pinkie pie in fourth-wall-breaking-mode doesn't look crazy at all) VICTORY IS MINE!!!!!
I immediately love this for the Deathnote scene.
+ItCameFromTheSkyBeLo I loved it up until L died. After that I can see why you didn't like it.
+Assailant My feelings exactly.  Though I started disliking it before that. But that was the last straw.
Insane clown posse pure mother fucking magic
Must watch the PONIES ANTHOLOGY SERIES!!!! SO FUNNY (has some curse words in it) Its long but worth it.
Thats totally how I would respond to something like that: "You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?"
What the name of the intro song
Oh light we all knew you were a brony in disguise 
I remember this as being one of the videos that led to me becoming a brony.
so its the colour that gives one the poer to defy physics?
That SR3 reference... was awesome.
Fuck, I just watched the entire thing AGAIN. I just wanted to watch 2 minutes, and next thing I know, credits rolling.
13:07 now:lets b cute n bake!  l8tr:EVERY1 GOT A DISEASE!
Does anyone know where the version from the music that's playing at 9:44 is from? I know it's the theme from "rawhide", but it's completly diferent, and I can't find that version anywhere.
7:40 Is that a real condition?
Okay. But if the condition is real, I doubt it's accurately portrayed in the video. Though I may be wrong. I'm pretty sure I don't have the condition. I'm actually short sighted.
Normally not available in germany. Thanks to ProxFlow
Out of all the PTA Videos i like this one the best
18:35 dont change to the mlp torture brainwash network.
Some of my favorite moments 5:19  WAZUP?!?! 8:00 TASTE THE RAINBOW, MUTHAFUCKA! 11:47 Hush hush, to shy 12:00 The, uhh, WTF song? 16:53: SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE! 18:52 SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE! 2 That is all.
I PURELY LOVE the space 1s in all of these videos :D
Kids, only YOU can prevent forest fires! 😆
What was the joke with Barbie, Alice and the Janitor from?
Scrubs... read the ending credits it tells you where everything came from...
I get it this is pose to be like robot chicken
Why won't it let me watch on my I pad but it will let me watch on my wii u?
New app update broke it, it is now watchable. Do not update to anything past today!
oh you got a profile picture, hooray!
Owliwishis played  by laurence fishburn
what's the name of the song in the intro?
+ClockworkFlame Opinions opinions bblahblahblahdedah opinions
no LOL like w-whatever
Two songs by The Offspring. Yeah!!!! :D
Wasn't there a song with twilight acting as a gangster and I think she was talking about a Mac 10
It was one of the ponies anthology right?
i could take 19 minutes smiling but 19:40 killed me xD 
R.I.P Ponies the anthology series 2011 - 2014.
+PriitySiick there was a PTA IV, which was basically saying there's no PTA IV but there'll be V next year.
Take that!!! 2,222,222 th view!!!!
What is the song at the beginning?
Could someone tell me why? Just why?
It's not about why, its about why not.
me asusto al final no manchheeeess
11:05 was game over for twilight.
Kira killed Celestia! Notify L!
nvm. there's credits. it's Koyaanisquatsi
lol! space pinkie pie! XD
What the fucking stupid shit is this? Fucking retarded shit
Yea yea watever u fckin fuck
Oh, unsolicited, unnecessary language as an overreaction to a simple YouTube video. How original. Oh, trust me, I know you will probably say, "Oh, an individual who overthinks(or overprotects) a group that centers around animated horses. How original." Trust me. It's all been done before, so there's not really any point in voicing an opinion when it doesn't truly benefit you. The only real benefit you will get is that you voiced an opinion freely. Besides, over 30,000+ people disagree with you, so they are doing things right.
i think if u sat through this whole thing u may have lost a significant percent of your sanity
i dont think i had any to start with ;-) that why im here ;-)
at 11:08 love it the AYAOTD theme
Плавно открываю для себя всякие мемы и прочий фан-контент. Это вот, видимо, такой Pony AMV Hell. 
What the heck u saying?
try clicking on the translate button
KARATE APPLEBLOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Whats the song at the beginning? They also played it in a early mission of Saints 3.
pause a 9:13 You got to love that face 
oh my god its so hilarious! my stomach hurts XD
Can they stop doing that
What's the Double Rainbow song at 5:41?
4:35 What's the song?  (If you say darude-sandstorm i'll report you :D)
Darude- Muthafuckin Sandstorm
I lost my shit at the Rarity as Galadriel bit.
oh the first one. forgot to watch this already 
now that's how you make a intro
I have been looking for this for a while btw thank you for thanking jesus
the jackass part made me lul
whats the name of the song that has the saxophone in 15:33
Okay internet I am ready to.... Be very super famous famous super famous have a lot of you tubers know I exist.
Reminded me of so many good songs, and was really freaking enjoyable. This video has earned it's 2.1+ Million views.
Did I comment on the wrong comment? Sorry about that. I am just rewatching it as we speak :)
Never. It was officially cancelled.
I recognize courage the cowardly dog music anywhere!
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