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Custom bike camper trailer

by yachtcare • 216,937 views

This is a few pictures of a new kind of motorcycle or small car camper trailer. prototype # 2

So is it Guld brand or Gold brand?
Who makes this trailer? Just curious. ;)  
He does, he's a yacht mechanic. Has access to TONS of fiberglass and Birch plywood.  
very disappointing to not see the inside :O(
@yachtcare Well its Spring, lets see a riding vid. Looks cool buuut I'm not sure????
Me neither... Something with gold, silver or something?! Whatever... ;o)
i don't know what that be like if you passed a big truck or on a windy day be like on a bike
I have have seen nothing in this video, to show the purpose of the trailer. You've got 50 pictures of the build and the outside. But, most importantly, you have not shown any functionality of the inside. What the hell are we supposed to do with this behemoth behind our Gold Wing?!? Why am I towing something that is that size of, and looks like a hearse?!
Thanks for the input and questions. You have to take my word for it when I say that I would run the "dragons tail" with this trailer behind, HOWEVER I can't show you how it corners until spring, we got 2'' of snow today :-( Tony. The builder :-)
that is cool as hell man, why not make a trailer with a pop up roof and maybe use the same concept to make the sides pop out?? it would be much bigger.
@yachtcare Hey Tony the Builder, what did you do with Bob the Builder?
you are so awesone! I plan to build a human powered RV and my plan for the cabin is now after 6 months of planning the exact same as your trailer. (I don't know how to call it, maybe the hardtop popup-roof ?) I found no information for this type of cabins, and now i found this! If you allow it, i would copy a few ideas of your trailer for my RV (not commercial, I'm a student doing it just for fun)? But how do you pull up the roof (is it mechanical,oil?)
how much did you pay for the material?
What is the weight? Thanks....
Yeah this seems like a bad idea but it looks great. I ride a Gold Wing and I doubt it's big enough to punch a hole in the air to safely pass a big rig coming or going at 65 MPH. I think the side blast would push my rear wheel to the side or at worst that thing flip over and drag me with it : ( If I could see a video of it in action that would be appreciated. Maybe I'm wrong but I wouldn't want to be the test pilot
WHAT IS INSIDE???? Who are the windows for??
So cool, just so cool. can't find the words, thank you for that. And you can tell by some of the comments, we need more.
Cool but kind of useless without interior shots.
Great design! I'd like to see the interior. Have you ever designed a smaller version that can be towed behind a bicycle?
Show the video and stop advertising every 5 sec. Didn't watch all because I got tired of business name showing instead of camper
Look a coffin pulled by a motorcycle. JK :P I do like the idea but it looks unsafe. I have seen a shopping cart camper and a bike camper in China that look cool today too. True story. Look up "mobile units (21 articles) at designboom".
Okay, you have multiple videos. Can we see inside?
OMG, I would have watched the whole clip but good Gawd!, did you just learn how to flip pictures?.... It would have been nice to see the inside too
I like the trailer myself, How much stuff can ya fit in one?
I bet at least half the people who watched this thought it would be for a bycyle..
Where can i see the inside of this thing?
cdltpx! WHY should I get a Prius?
What kind of GPS is that? It doesn't fade out in bright sunlight?
wow i love this how stable is it
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