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Diablo III - Demon Hunter Armor Preview

by CurseDiablofans • 197,657 views

Big thanks to Relaxation and for making the video in the first palce! KEEP IN MIND. These are simply from the beta, just like all blizzard betas, these models...

Eh what was the Angelic armor called~?
If you're talking about the second last one, it used to be item lv 62 stuff called Sovereign set.  item lv 63 was Archon set and 61 was Doom set and 60 was Warlord set.  Now there is no such thing as item lv so all 4 of those are lv 60 set now even in Vanilla D3.
In my opinion the female Demon Hunter looks so much better in every way. I just hate how the male's face looks and how his stance. Also, anyone know what the armour at 1:55 is called? I'd love to have that!
It's called Sovereign
Thanks, but I've already had the full set ages ago now. But seeing as ROS is now out there's plenty of better looking sets. I do appreciate the reply though :D
How do u get the amor it shows u owning when u pick demon hunter for first time
You should get it the first Tim you beat the game
Are these on The consoles? If they are that cool
now i want to play female DH, in THIRD PERSON!
how do i get the last 2 tiers? name please? so i can find in the action housee im getting crazyy >.< . P l e aseee
demon hunter (in real view) would be agile and still looking cool :D
In video games, too little armor>too much armor.
eh not that it matters u can stick to tier 15 i have seen better stats on a teir 15 then 16
female DH is bootylicious, killin dem daemons in sexy style lol
Male = no clipping Female = after 46 seconds in the video clipping and I thought he was the afterthought not the archetype lol
is that all of them? Including sets?
super awesome when their eyes show and it has a white glow to it, like that 2nd last 1 (best imo) =D
those high heels must be very practical in demon slaying
Mainly because your a low level or you don't craft at all.
Cheap scan also OH YEAH in beta getting gold and lvl was SOOOOOO HARD....
1:53 and the next one is sick as fuck
Wouldn't it be difficult running in heels. Women...
I hate how the cape gets smaller at higher lvl tho...
Reminds me of Monster Hunter armor.
Personally, I wouldn't like one of them coming towards me...
Lol @ female's basic starting outfit
i cant focus on the armor but dat ASS LOL Hollyshit im typing with one hand now (if u no what i mean :) )
What's the name of the armor at 53:00? What's the name of the stuff in that set?
That armor is crafted from level 10 blacksmithing plans.
who else wants cosmetic slots? =3
I definitely hope they change the models because the model for the guy looks like the singer for a cheezy emo band, haha. The dude should look mean, scarred, and tattered, not like "Criss Angel" the "MindFreak", lol
how do you get those armors again?
i like the ones that look like assassins creed xD
Seeing the actual 3D model really made me love these sets. Im not sure what it is but being able to view them from all angles show how good they really look. Makes me want to roll a DH earlier than planned.
Which armor set is the one for lvl 25?
what is this 1:53 armor? inferno act3 drops?
whats the name of the one at 1:54? :3
nice artwork, these armors are very influenced by monster hunter armors though
What's the name of the armor at 1:22?
any1 know what level is the armor at 0:52?
Will have to play female because of the males stupid posture will fuck me off.
It annoys me that 80% of the armors have ridiculous horns which has nothing to do with archery/ranged
Is 0:23 supposed to be The Inquisitor?
I have not seen any of these sets in game...
really? the angelic one is better than the demonic one? but it looks faggottish
Yeah, let's oversexualise everything about the chicks !
yea really!!! WTF BLIZZARD, jk love dis game
are the high tier armors droppable or only craftable?
last tier doesnt look that good :( needs more spikes on the shoulders. :) ;/
all i want is to see the stats on the fucking green sets and it keeps sending me to this gay shit, fuck the internet
Hi, did you know i'm sick of this fucking D3 max out turbo spam shit, and what you're doing is pretty much the same thing.
the 2nd to last gear set looked angelic, literally with all those wings
He should really get that posture problem looked at
it annoys me that tier 15 is better than 16
2:02 looks like the skyrim daedric armor
why does the male have to stand like a faggot?
wtf!! why so many horns and thorns in all characters gear!! Also that japanese gay style in all male haircuts and appareance blizzard get over your phallic stage and recover your old style please!
What armor are those above 1:20 ? Are those armors above 40 + lvls ? ? Are they just RARE armors or Legendary ?
what armour is 1:57 ??? looks like tyraels.
The CE wings are tentacley (I know that's not a word) so it'll look fine.
Did it really help to Jack and Pete? Wow! It totally doesn't sound like a stupid advertise.
Everyone chose the female because of them getting hard, I chose it because that's how the story goes.
man male DH has the worst posture.
Whats the armor in 1:55? O_O and where does it drop :o
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