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Glee - Animal Lyrics

by GleeLyrics69 • 533,675 views

Animal sung by Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss), Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) and the rest of the Warblers. Original version sung by Neon Trees. Thanks for watching! Please subscribe and leave your...

kurt is like trying to be sexy but its not really coming off that way i agree with blaine. it lookk like he was having gas pains lol 
At about 0:12, I yelled Batman ;3
I got it neon trees yes yes
Well when Kurt cheated Sami, it was a text... But when Blaine cheated, he had sex with Eli so..
A want the real artis form thuis song
The original song is by neon trees
First thing you hear "nenenenenenenenenneneennenenenenenenenenenenenene DOOM"
Sexy face Kurt SEXY FACE!
I want this version over the original solely for 1:29, when they sing the line "I won't be denied by you, the animal inside of you" I dunno why but I just love how Darren sounds in that part. Like, he sounds really raw? lol
SEXY FACE!!!!! Kurt?? Blaine??? Just plain sexy as hell
A want the real artis form thuis song
Neon Trees's original song will always be better.
Dear Glee, Stop using autotune on Darren Criss' supermegafoxyawesomehot voice. Sincerely, You always make twisted abominations of everything.
"i have as much sexual apeal and knowledge as a baby penguin!" "we'll figure something out."
This Video! Darren Criss: How you soo sexy!! Gah!! Chris Colfer: You alright? What's up with your face?
There's a animal in your inside guys ;) <3
Baby pengiun....I can never go to the zoo the same again D:
Okay I love Glee but I really hate the fact that they sang Animal. It feels like they are abusing it.
hahahaha he's as sexy as a baby penguin!!!!
kurt looks like a sexy dinosaur ... & blaine just looks sexy .
Sped up -.- I can never find the original versions
its not very realistic breaking out in song but yeah
I know the feeling. I used to hate Glee so bad, I'd hear "don't stop beleivin" and run for the hills. Then I found Klaine... Yeah, I owe my Gleekdom to Klaine, beat that! Then, of course, I fell in love with Darren.
Blaine and Kurt, are they really gay ? Outside of Glee?
Darren <3 his voice omg and i love when chris says killing me now offt <3 love it :)
kurt dont know what sexy is its funny also the song is reallly coool
@omgchriscolfer klaine IS a couple in Glee.
@Aussenseiterrinnen Yes, he's coming back! Ja, er kommt wieder. Is that okay? I don't speak very good German, but I'm learning. ;D
im so with you on that!! hahaha i cant wait for it! i miss klain i watch all the episodes i can with the most klain :) <3
@hollaythevampgurl123 a baby penguin is pretty damn sexy!!
I wanna kiss someone while this song is playing so bad!
o-o baby penguin wha? ANyone know what these people are talkin bout Dx D: D=
Has Glee finished forever? Because All the seniors (Fin, Kurt, Rachel ect) Have Graduated. So that must mean the end... I hope not ;[[[
I did not know Blaine's last name was Anderson, thanks for sharing that. (:
glee foreverrrrrrrr<3 they did complete justice to this song! <3
this is got to be the hottest Kurt's voice has ever sounded :)
opps splet that wrong "youre killin' me now"
I love Glee and Klaine and I don't care what anybody thinks
I cant wait for season 5. I muss they duets. And kurt never cheated blaine did.
Yes, Chris Colfer (his actor) is gay. (And thus, my heart was broken)
LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! Glee should do like a footloose episode that would be so epic who agrees!!!!!
best glee conversation from this episode: burt: kurt its time we had the talk. kurt: no its not! burt: yes it is. kurt: lalalala. i love kurts immature moments
In my eyes, Darren will never be Blaine, but will ALWAYS be Harry Potter <3
No it's not, it's obviously sped up. If this is the original then why is it slower in the episode as well as on the cd?
@ally14209 yeah just before this song on glee, kurt and blaine are talkin and blaine says you gtta be sexy and kurt replies i have the sexual knowlege and experience of a baby penguin because he is a virgin and has never axted 'sexy'
I like the warblers version better than the neon trees one
@MegaSternenglanz the guy who plays him is in real life (chris colfer)
I personally liked the Neon Trees version better
I'm straight and totally in love with Kurt. It makes me sad that he is gay.
well in my school we have asemblies every week and each week if you like singing or are in a band you play for us and we are like on the chairs dancing and want pictures with them at the end... i fel so sorry for you :( and people do drugs at my school and smoke and have sex all the time and at my age which is 14! and also i see you like one directiion <3
Pfft. Kurt's Sexy face WERE Sexy, Blaine knows it.
If you don't like the glee version then don't listen to it... You are not being forced to be here. Just because they did their own take on the song doesn't mean the original song got deleted from history. Go listen to that and leave glee to people who can appreciate it.
Now I love baby penguins even more than before :D <3
This and The Wanted's version is better than the orginal :D
Oh Darren, I wont sleep tonight with your angelical voice *w*
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