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Minecraft : Castle Build

by Pwegoable • 1,953,023 views

I finally finished the Castle on Bessie Server! I worked on it as a solo project for about 5 straight days, It was taking along time so i got some help! diggoran - interior decorator for guest...

Misleading thumbnail.
I remember watching this a day before I bought the game, this has been an inspiration for me ever since. I always think about how awesome Pwego server is and how amazing Pwego's builds were, especially this one. I even have this song on my old iPod just because it made me think of the best creation I had ever seen. I still think its amazing and I hope to create something like this one day. (I've tried like 3 times to make a type of Bessie server, but gave up because just one person and a whole town takes like an entire generation Lol) Thank you Pwego for being so awesome! ~Kikrix
One of my favorite Minecraft servers besides PwegoServer is WynnCraft, not because its like a fun RPG thing but since it reminds me of how this single build made me feel, traveling through a land of imagination and doing quests n stuff. A lot of people just say to play a real RPG (which I do) but Minecraft has just a unique feeling to it that no other game has. 
ohh this brings back memories 
How long did it take you 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, years
Is there a download link??
Hello everyone, I may not be so good at building Minecraft castles as this guy, but if you want then please take a look at my channel.
Pretty awful, but I guess it can be forgiven considered this was made almost 2 years ago.
Dudes, dont hate, this video was from like beta 1.2_01, and its still awesome.
great vid, how long did it take to build the whole village?
... In no way is that thumbnail misleading... well, being a matter of perception, tell my why you see it to be misleading. because almost 300 people agree with you...
this is the second best castle ;)
How is it fake? he made a TIMELAPSE of himself building it. fuck off you troll.
I'm building a sky spire, a luxirous stone brick palace that reaches the height limit, and a Warhammer 40,000 light cruiser (underscale) and I'm building it all on a survival server. I'll update you all in a few years.
Just a regular, nice castle. But i don't like how it looks outside, i think this is just my taste. However inside it's pretty nice
You know what's funny is that my friend has the same castle
Who remember this song by Devil may cry 5 like it!!!
there is nothing fake about this amazing piece of art
"Also the music is by Glitch Mob" doesn't tell me anything about what the song name is.
The song is called beyond monday by the glitch mob
Nalepa – Monday (Everyday Is A Saturday The Glitch Mob Remix)
i dare you to build Storm Wind castle!
b)b-)b.-)b-.-)b(-.-)bd(-.-)b d(-.-)b
its not that good i have made better
It's a Remix form Beyond Monday - The Glitch Mob but i don't know the Name of it :....
selling minecraft account on my channel check it out (:
i try to build stuff like this but things that are more...fantasy and not normal is better for me. i can never make scale models of things or anything like this because i always screw up. this is really cool though and it gives me an idea for something else i wanna build!!!
I spent several months in mine, maybe you could add it to yout server and make it "Mine of Thrones," lol.
What happens I closed my eyes
That awkward moment when shane1637 has to reply to a comment he doesn't get.
ever hered of Kargeth? this compared to Kargeth is like efence but super small. (i did not make Kargeth madnes64 did)
Isn't this song came from step up revolution ? Or is it that step up revolution take the DmC theme song ?
this is awsome you have to check baby with a hand gun and comment carmallo was here
Why can't I have that much skill, creativity, and virginity??
Try to sync new pictures with the beat of the music. The result will be much more powerful
Im building the following. Castle (No close to being this good.), Medieval village, Whiterun, Solitude. I believe that i will not have much of a summer
ou amoin qu'il soit que sarcastique...faut voir les choses en profondeur parfois:P
I do have humor, it wasn't funny, it was retarded. You also spelled couldn't wrong, because wrong, I'm wrong, I wrong, you seriously fail at spelling, dumbass.
is the castle picture for da video from dragons dogma
whiterun and solitude |=\ ahh skyrim... ugh..
no way that was unbelieveble pritty
i just wanna make a replica of whiterun/dragon reach as it'll look F***ing awesome
thumbs up if you knew the thumb nail was fake well duh.
The best I've done is a 2-story 62x62 castle, a tower that would look beautiful for Paradigm, 2 sandstone temples, and an underground lab.
if you wanna see a real minecraft castle: /watch?v=Ck-OmLTP0NY&feature=g-u-u
Comon and show off, When You DONT use any cheating, ie Creative..
at 2:28 lloks like that map in GunZ nice castle
Look at the bloody thumbnail. Whenn we look at it we expect the video to be like the picture but its nothng like it. Don't get me wrong its a good bulid but when we click on this video we expect something more because of that thumbnail. And almost 300 likes? yeah 239 likes is almost 300 likes aint it
PC. minecraft wasn't out on 360 until may 2012, so anything that came out before that was definitely on PC.
@cacosako you could do something like this though if you wanted, im trying to. It seems like the main materials are stone, cobbel, netherack and slabs
excellent work, was this made on pc or 360 hope it was 360 would love to download it
Flag the video for misleading thumbnail.
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