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A Beginner's Guide to Balancing Equations

by Bozeman Science • 318,228 views

Mr. Andersen explains the basics of balancing chemical equations. A visual guide shows you how to change coefficients to balance the atoms in reactants and products. Intro Music Atribution Title:...

Thank you. This really helped. It makes me upset when I can understand something like this in 10 minutes rather than in a class that is an hour and 40 mins. My professor doesn't know how to explain the material. No wonder he has such poor reviews. I def will not be taking him for organic chemistry next semester. 
<3 you are a great teacher! thanks
Mr. Andersaaaaan thx for the video really helped me understand :)
Thanks it helped me alot more and I kinda understand a little more if whats going on now thanks so much
Wait, why do we have 16 silvers? I thought it was 8 Ag2?????? You lost me :'(
because you MULTIPLY the 8 with the 2, which gives you 16 silvers in total c: 
Wow you helped me alot i had no idea what my teacher was talking about since i was sick for an entire week thank you soooooo much 
Really helped Thanxx
The Matrix: Agent to Neo: Hello Mr. Anderson
Man u r better than my chemistry teacher more clearer and more interesting, thx 4 helping me 
when did blake griffen become a teacher? but honestly that's for the video cuz I didn't understand when mrs. piasecki said it but she told us to watch this
Thank you so much! This helped me understand all of this so much!
wow that helped me sooo much!!!!
This really helped!! thanks :D
Thank You! This helped a lot!
It all makes so much sense now! thank you so much!
I missed the lesson for this, thanks for helping me! 😉 Just read all the comments and I have subbed
Very very helpful. Thank you very much. :D
Jakes youtube channel
Thanks for this, big help for broadening my knowledge about this. ... Hi Mr, hi can I hide your subtitle? Because I can not see the formula :/ ...hehe .. Thanks again... Love this video so much!
you have to click the cc button lol
ohy thanks you... omg! ... im so illiterate.. hahahah .. :D
Just some tips for students like me, where if something I thought should go somewhere (So for example, at 10:34, when he had the the 4 next to the H) doesn't end up being there, can you try to explain why? I mean I got why it went there, but a little, "The 4 went here so that you would have 8 Hydrogen here and 8 Hydrogen there. It would just help me to better understand it :)  The only reason I'm saying this is because I just learned it today, and my teacher expected us to immediately understand it and be able to do an entire page of equations :/ 
I teach middle school physical science and I love using these for my students to review. Thank you for sharing them publicly!
You sir are a hero, and you have defeated the aggravation headache
i am in a grade 10 science class and have an exam on monday and had no idea how to do this from a semester of my sicence teacher but got it in 11 minutes from you. 
That helped a lot , thank you
My mind is just blown out I finally get this!!!!
thnk you so muchhhhh!
Thank you soooooooooooo much!! I looooovvee you
People within my class think I'm weird mainly girls and when I approach them they roll their eyes and most times they roll their eyes because they know ill talk about science. Like come seriously all they want to talk about it boyfriend and girlfriend and don't care about their education geez
hi, i was wondering how u made that video??? may i know the software?
teach my chemistry teacher how to teach please 
This really helped me out. 
thanks, this was a helpful video.  :)
Congratulations! You taught me something in 10 minutes that my teacher failed to teach me in an hour. Be Proud! :3
I've been watching your videos to help me with my science courses since I was a senior in high school all through AP Biology, my college biology courses, chemistry courses, and physics (I'm in my second year)! You're so good at putting things in simple terms and making sure to explain the little details that my professors tend to skip over because of how often they skip steps! So THANK YOU for being so extraordinarily helpful and when I get into med school one day I'll definitely have you to thank! :) 
you just earned another subscriber, if i ever am feeling confused in my science class (which i do a lot) i'll watch your vids, thanks so much !!
Thank you so much for the help!
bad teacher.  talks to much and most of his words don't serve an educational purpose.  If you want to learn to balance an chemical equation check out the video the best method to balance chemical equations by the science classroom.  This video is to the point. 
I still don't understand omg and my chemistry final is in two weeks and I'm freaking out
I understood this the first time it was taught. :) I think if your good with algebra this should generally be a no brain er.
Lol, I'm a 7th grader and just thought I could get a head start. 
Please, tell us more...
I do this for fun and I'm in 8 th grade
i wish u were my chem teacher
This was really helpful
you are a life saver i just did  Al(NO3)3 + (NH4)PO4 -> AlPO4 + NH4NO3 with your help, thankyou so much it took me a while but i did it 
Ive been struggling with this so much and this was perfect. Thank you so much :)
I thought the demonstration was good but I AM a beginner and with your subtitle covering the view of the equation it was a bit harder to follow
thanks for helping me :)
Wow! It's good to find someone who gets right to the point and explains it in an easy way. Keep up the good work :)
yh very helpful video Tnx
OMG! I can't believe this! U helped me a lot! Your methods are super easy! Thx sir
Thx really helped trying to pass science to play basketball
The subtitle is blocking the problems :(
This helped for my chemistry test😊
OMG! I am one of those students who are struggling with this and you helped me to better understand this process. Thank you so much for this!
This is dumb shit video
DUDE UR THE BEST teacher in the world !
I have a pretty shit science teacher, so she explains everything bad or just to quickly, but this helped me a lot! Thanks a bunch man! =)
+Bozeman Science you are the reason that I have the ability to actually enjoy science thanks to your clear and graphic explanations. I take off my hat to you kind sir 'w'  
OMG dude thank you!!!!!
Thanks this helped loads
Wow thanks so much! :)
very help full thanks
@Bozeman Science Could you please do a video with more examples?  I would really appreciate complicated examples. :) 
This video made me pass my exam.. Thank you!
perfect teaching thx very much serr !! 
can someone explain to me in the last equation, how he got 18 oxygens on the left side
Reactant side: 4O + 14O = 18 Product side: 2O So you ask yourself: "what would it take to get 18 oxygen on the product side?" You would just simply multiply the 2 oxygen you have by 9 oxygen to make 18 oxygen. The equation is finally balanced. 
So helpful! Thx so much!
this was helpful thanks
wow !! this helped alot thanks !! 
try other videos to clear your confusion. I watched multitudes of videos of this (and previous lessons) to understand this topic ;w;
Wish he was my teacher...
Thanks , You made it all seem so simple really great tutorial
I'm sorry Mr. Anderson....but you make a far better chemist than teacher
Nice video I understand it better now
I am taking a 6 week chemistry class ad this was super helpful. Thank you for explaining this so clearly!
Thank you so much Sir Andersen!
I didn't understand the 16 silver part. Plz Explain... 
On the far left there was Ag2, wasn't there? Well, as he put an 8 in front of it, that 8 is multiplied by the small 2, making it 16. It's just the matter of spotting those small details dude.
Ag2S======> Ag+ S8 we have 8S tha means you need to pot 8 in Ag2S and its gonna be 8Ag2S after that you hanna have 8*2=16Ag so you have to add 16 to the Ag in the other side and the final result gonna be this  8Ag2S======> 16Ag + S8 i hope tha was helpful
And Finally I Understood How To Balance Equations,, FOR AFTER TMW FINAL:')
bro u are soo awesome! Thanks for this
Thank you soo much it helped a lot. 👍
Awesome! You saved me with those graphics. I have an exam tomorrow for balancing equations and the chapter is not in the text book, the teacher just explained and i didn't understand a thing. All the other videos were rubbish but yours made me understand EVERYTHING! it seems so easy now and i am ready to face the exam tomorrow, thanks to you!
What a big help, thank you so much
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