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Orthodox Bulgarians call for unity with Catholics "urgent"

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The Bulgarian Orthodox Church has recognized the urgent need to find unity with the Catholics. The president of the diocese of Central and Western Europe of the Patriarchate of Bulgaria, Tichon,...

I left the Catholic faith because of it's continued heresies, clergy, (i.e.cardinals, bishops and priests), hanging out at gay bars, throwing gay parties, and then saying mass the morning after in the same house.  If the Orthodox ever unite with the RCC in my life I will be a lost sheep.  I don't think I'll be the only one to leave.
I realize Orthodox have it's share of pedophile's.  The difference is huge.  Orthodox defrock the priests and they are imprisoned, not so with the RCC where they are protected, transferred and/or sent on retreat.  That is another reason why I left the RCC.  A Pope who turns a blind eye, letting the heresy slide is far from 'infalible'.
YES communion with Rome!
Bulgarian Orthodox Church not long time ago has stopped all negotiations with the Roman-Catholic "Church". Thank God. Soon other Orthodox Churches will follow this step. Rome has shown that has no interest in unity, but only in imposing of it's satanic arrogant primacy of the pope. Orthodox Church cannot be fooled. Roman Patriarchate will remain heretical and excluded from the Orthodox Church.
dream on dirty and vulgar mind.... and I am done with you.... you happen not to be a Christian, but a sordid vulgar mind! Farewell.. not gonna waste my time with you... what's important to me is that in a few years from now, Constantinople will rejoin Rome and it will again become Catholic !
+Multi0703 You like to judge People, it's not my fault because Roman-Catholic Church is moral fail. 
Just to let you know, this Bulgarian bishop is defrocked by Bulgarian Orthodox Church because he kissed the hand of arch-heretic pope. He is no longer bishop.
We are christians all of us!!! We must be unite instead being rivals... From a catholic!!!
We consider you to be friends, but a unity with "catholicism" is equal to a rejection of the right faith. If you are interested in unity you should reject the papal innovations (papal supremacy and infallibility, filioque, purgatory, etc) that seperate us and convert to Orthodoxy!
Glory and honor to the 26 Bulgarian monks of Zograf Monasterry in Athos Mountain who martyred in the 13th century. Papists killed them because they refused to convert to the papacy..
Oh, ease up, GreekPontus...Have you heard of Forgiveness? 
+Robert Sledz I and the most of the Orthodox have already forgiven the papacy for its crimes. This forgiveness doesn't change the fact though that these Bulgarians should be honored as saints because they martyred for the right faith. By the way the beatification of cardinal Aloysius Stepinac (the partner of Ustasa in the genocide of the Serbs) by the "catholic" church is not a sign of regretting for crimes against the Orthodox people... 
"The Latins are not only schismatics but heretics... we did not separate from them for any other reason other than the fact that they are heretics. This is precisely why we must not unite with them unless they dismiss the addition from the Creed 'filioque' and confess the Creed as we do... We seek and we pray for our return to that time when, being united, we spoke the same things and there was no schism between us." (St. Mark of Ephesus)
Wasn't St. Mark of Ephesus a truly astute individual!
Glory and Honor to the seeking of reunion with Rome by Orthodox Patriarchs who are shepherds of ding bats like Nick the Greek..
The papists that killed the Orthodox monks in Athos Mountain probably had the same anti-Orthodox hatred..
What a crock!  The Orthodox Church is about is far from the Roman Church as the East is from the West.
+Nikolai Vel If you are so anti-Catholic, why are you attending multiple masses?  Are you there to simply criticize?  We sing the Scriptures as well etc.  I have no enmity against my Orthodox brothers, what fuels your animus?  Also, playing the "we read the Bible more" game is a Protestant sound like Martin Luther.  By your logic reading the Bible more makes a form of Christianity "more Biblical"-- as a former Baptist, I've attended services where the Bible was read ad nauseam, does that make them "more Biblical" than the Catholic or the Orthodox? also forget that there are Catholics that celebrate the same Divine Liturgy as you.  You're incensed because a Bulgarian Bishop bowed to the Pope and kissed his you attack Catholics for that?  This page is rife with Orthodox Christians damning the Pope and the Catholic Church, did Benedict make the man bend his knee or kiss his hand...go tend your own house and be content in the Faith in which God has placed you.  Or is your Faith built upon contempt for the Catholic Church?  Lord, have mercy!
+Nikolai Vel "Bible-believing Protestants"?  So your litmus test for who is better Orthodox vs. Catholics (in your mind) are Protestants?  Thank God that the tears of Protestants has confirmed you in your arrogance.  Ridiculous!
So some argue, but I cannot excuse it so easily, not along with all the other mistakes. And yes, he did pray with Jews and Muslims in synagogues and that "secular museum" in Istanbul which is still used by Muslims. He prayed in the Muslim manner, facing Mecca. It's unconscionable.
Papal infallibility led to a very minor schism of national catholic churches that are committing the same errors as todays Protestant churches, allowing for divorce, contraception, gay marriage and abortion. The amount of the alleged "Old Catholics" is negligible. However, the schism that exists in Ukraine today is very large, among other schisms.
You are a hater, I'm not! your actions are not of Christ and his church. I Believe in whole Bible to be word of God Christ himself and not of the fathers alone whom you have your hope on otherwise I wont state any verses. you are not obeying the rules of Gospel or "your orthodoxy" calling me names. your are not doing anything that the fathers done. you are kicking everyone out, that's not what the fathers did. you are scared to read the verse I gave you that's why you are calling me names.
Despicable. What is wrong with these priests have they lost their mind?! Look at 0:27 when the Orthodox kisses the Pope's hand repeatedly as if he was a saint! Wake up Bulgaria!
If the Bible is the surest path to Orthodoxy, then how come there's is Sunday worship? Where is the term "Trinity", in the Bible? Where does it speak of icons? Where does the Bible say that it, itself, "is the surest path to Orthodoxy"?
millions of lost sheep are leaving the satanic roman catolic sect founded by constantine in the yr 313, and the lost sheep are coming back to the ortodox church , and u dont forget to do the ortodox rite (sign of the cross) to remind urself that u are an ortodox
That is just awesome. I have never been to a Bulgarian Orthodox Church but after reading your "take no prisoners" words about the Roman Church, I would love to visit a Bulgarian Church and see that fire for God first hand.. Are there Bulgarian Churches in the US?
U silly fool: Are u able to read? the GOSEPLE = ORTHODOXY and ORTHODOXY = GOSPEL because the Gospels came FROM ORTHODOXY. The Orthodox CHurch and the Holy Fathers have created the BIBLE. Did u not know that the early christians did not even know a BIBLE? The HOLY FATHERS through the CHURCH CREATED THE BIBLE and the GOSPELS. U are mislead by mis-information and lack of education. U should not warn others when u are already in the bossom of Hell
Let's put it unto context. The pope does not pray Jewish prayers, nor does he pray like the Muslims, but he has every right to visit their congregations when invited. Jews, Muslims, and Christians pray to the same God. Our different faith traditions all find roots in Abraham. I believe you're referring to Blessed Pope John Paul II, because Pope Benedict XVI does not do that. For the record, JPII prayed Christian prayers at those meetings.
Hey, would you mind doing me a favor? My friend, Prince Lazaar just sent me an email. He is on some YouTube called "The Truth Roman Catholics" or something like that. They blocked him for making too much sense. I am running out the door and probably won't be able to play with my computer for a day or two. Mind going over and checking it out? I would, but I have a bunch of stuff to do now before I go.
Historical facts which will never be shown by the powerful Anglo-Saxon propaganda machine - Hollywood .
On one hand, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church has lost a lot of her credibility during the communist regime (as everywhere, the orthodox hierarchy was a good collaborator of the communists) and the decline of the image continued afterwards. On the other hand, there is a certain recall of the outstanding diplomatic activity in the interwar period of the future Pope John XXIII (Giuseppe Roncalli), nominated apostolic visitor of Bulgaria when he was leader of Opera de Propaganda Fide.
Here in North American, the Orthodox Church is mostly converts. We do get a few RCs coming to the Orthodox Church, but it is most Protestants. If you want to see a real stream of Protestants, go visit an Antiochian Orthodox Church. It is hard to find one that is still mostly Christian Arabs. In answer to your question: All of their heresies.
You have to calm down and face the reality, stop trying to find rediculous arguments.
Why didn't the pope kiss the other Patriarchs hand?
The Bulgarian Orthodox Church - Bulgarian Patriarchate (Bulgarian: Българска православна църква - Българска патриаршия, Balgarska pravoslavna tsarkva - Balgarska patriarshia) is an autocephalous Eastern Orthodox Church with some 6.5 million members in the Republic of Bulgaria and between 1.5 and 2.0 million members in a number of European countries, the Americas and Australia.
Protestants think the Orthodox are going to Hell, along with the Catholics.
Sorry but its written: (Mar 1:15) And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel. (1Co 15:1) Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; So I would humbly ask you stop preaching orthodoxy and start preaching the Gospel of Jesus, don't attempt to change Gospel into orthodoxy. You are mislead badly into strife or cultism, read Gal 5:26. just warning you
remains stuck in the shadow of The Catholic Church.Find out the truth for yourself, if you reject it, back it up with proof.Good luck trying in finding any, because there isn't any.
Look at that Bulgarian Patriarch kissing and kneeling in front of the Pope as if he was some "God". No, us Orthodox must not be "absorbed" into the Catholic church.
The pope doesn't pray with Pagans, unless you are referring to the World Day of Prayer for Peace in Assisi, Italy. Pope Benedict XVI held an ecumenical discussion instead of a prayer in 2011. Hagia Sophia has nothing to do with Roman Catholic-Orthodox reconciliation. That's a Turkey issue, especially since it's a secular museum now.
Almost everything: papacy, filioque, new calendar, immaculate conception, their icons (statues) are gross. etc. They have innovated many things --even their "spirituality" is novel --over the centuries.
Hatred is consequence of division and both of them are against teachings of Jesus. I understand that something divides us, but if you accept Christ you can't be racist
I believe that Catholics hold the same position. So the dialogue is to determine who has the most historically factual claim. I've been researching it and it's looking like the Catholic Church is the one true orthodox church. With a few adjustments the Orthodox Church can come home.
Not entirely true. It was the Orthodox Church that broke away.. However, I believe Catholics and Orthodox have much in common. Especially the Eastern Rite Catholics. I think today especially we as brothers need to stand together to preserve our faiths..
Im saying we cannot rely on faith alone when it clearly states in the Bible in Saint James Ch.2 Faith and Works, can u read those verses fer me??? Thank u....
I'm also blocked from the "catholic" channel of steve silvia because he couldn't answer my questions.. Do they think that they can hide the truth with that behavior?
I'm afraid history is different. The popes defined as doctrines necessary for salvation their universal primacy that slides over the bishops & their infallibility that slides over the whole Church in the 19th century & not in the Middle Ages. This is their improvement? Ofc except for the papal doctrines there are also the filioque, the actus purus, the purgatory, the mariology, scholasticism & post-patristic theology, the juridical perception of salvation etc.
What you need? An engraved invitation to cease and deist heresies? We have been condemning heresies since the First Council. Anything added to the faith is a heresy. The Orthodox Church officially and unofficially condemns them all,
The border between True Faith and heresy was paid with blood !
The Orthodox Catholic Church will never concede to Papal heterodoxy. The Roman Catholic Church excommunicates their own children. Their Eucharist is invalid.
We - the Bulgarians , we destroyed the fourth crusade and our Tsar Kaloyan made from the head of the Emperor Baldwin - wine glass.Today in the town of Veliko Tarnovo in the Tsarevets Fortress, may be seen the Baldwin Tower - there's waited his death the Emperor - commanding 100,000 Crusader army consisting of almost all western nations , sent by the will of the Vatican to destroy the Orthodox world! Then we Bulgarians , we destroyed and the Latin Empire.
"Facing Mecca" could mean positioning yourself North[West/East] or South[West/East], depending on your geographic location. We all face a direction when we pray. You're going to criticize the pope for facing a certain direction that just happens to face Mecca?
You need to talk to more Orthodox Christians and try really hard to understand what we say. I did NOT change what I said about the Bible. 1) The Bible points directly to the Orthodox Church (We wrote and complied the NT so it would. So, the NT is based on the Orthodox Church, not the other way around.) 2) Not everything in Orthodoxy is in the canon of Scripture. Those two statements in NO way contradict each other.
The Bishop of Rome has always been first in honor, just not first in authority.
Then why won't the Orthodox come forward to officially condemn these heresies?
I am also a Bulgarian Orthodox and here is how I see things; I think we, as Bulgarian Christians should be thankful to God for allowing Bulgarian culture from early middle ages to emerge, thrive, leave trace and pass identity to us today, but we certainly must not use this to poke it into the face of other nations, calling them slaves, which is not true anyway. Humility / смирение и любов should be on our hearts rather than pride and arrogance. Мощта на българската държава е била в смирението!
by '1927' the voice over lady obviously means '927', which is still a few years after the actual date of independence (autocephaly) of the Bulgarian church...
No, I do not see your point. That is why I asked it.
It is not imposing any dogma or even theology on others, or even some superiority over others. It is teaching them the truth. Christ is that Truth. The twelve Apostles were told to go teach and baptize all nations in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Tim. 2:5-6 "For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus." Tim.4:10 " Trust in the living God, who is the Saviour of all men, especially of those who believe."
What kind of unity...? Catholics don't believe in the exact definition of Trinity as what the Orthodoxes do. These two parties are not Political elites to unite , so medias better stop such jokes...!!!!!!!
The Orthodox Church's claim of being the true church has major problems in making this claim. Because extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. The OC has neither biblical nor historical evidence. The Catholic Church on the other hand has both.In the Bible we see clear proof of this claim in Matthew 16:17-19, Luke 22:32, and in John 21:15-17, and in the Petrine texts.Also in Acts 9:31, in the greek translation of the bible, you see the words "Ekklesia Kath'olos.
You do not know much about true Christianity and what Christ taught. He is the Son of God and through faith in Him is salvation.He is the Messiah, the beginning and the end. The Jews reject Christ. They still await their Messiah. The Islamic tradition concerning this lineage is false. There is no indication in Scriptures that back this claim.The Gospels were written down in the period of 20-60 yrs. after Christ's death and Resurrection. The Koran was compiled- cont.---
Sir you are right, the only right, and nothing but right, Jesus did not come to teach us whats right, he came teaching us Truth. You just sound like someone who thinks he knows everything and there... you were just exposed to the Truth, and do not speak about truth, that you are prejudice and don't walk in truth. You are not even a scholar and here preaching me about orthodoxy and know not Jesus is the only truth not anyone else. You must preach Christ not Orthodoxy, aka Truth vs Right
Then refute me and stop trying to personally attack me.
You're wrong. 1.The absence of filioque isn't arianism, that's a mistake made by Reccared. The Son is God even without proceeding the Spirit, the same as the Spirit is God without begetting the Son. 2.The Apostles Creed was made in the 6th cent, is not authentic & there was no use of it in the ancient Church; besides, it doesn't include the filioque. 3.The Nicene Creed didn't include filioque & all the Oecumenical Synods anathematized anyone who would dare to alter it. That's what papism did.
Protestants aren't streaming into the Orthodox Church. And, what Latin heresy are you referring to, exactly?
You have to understand that as human beings our languages fail to fully grasp God, who is being itself. That said, do you know that the Malaysian word for God is Allah? That Christians in Malaysia refer to God in their prayers as Allah? Jesus himself was a Jew and worshiped God as they do, even as he was the second person of God. He had no problem with it. Tradition holds that Islam came to the people whose lineage comes from Abraham's son Ishmael.
Doesn't change the fact that almost all the Orthodox in North Africa and the Middle East converted to Islam. Islam is really a Christian heresy. Muslims believe Jesus is the Messiah, but not the Son of God. Islam is just another heresy, in a long line of heresies, that caught on in the Orthodox east that didn't go away. At least Protestants still believe Jesus is God.
In 1054 A. D. the pope made a huge mistake and ripped the entire Western world away from the true Apostolic Church. The heresy has continued to increase over the years and Vatican II ushered in blatant evil. Full communion with Rome implies accepting all the heresy and keeping only the form of Eastern liturgy. This can never be for true Orthodox. Truth cannot be compromised.
Tihon is not the patriarch of Bulgaria.
no, the orthodox Church have always the same problem, they think that the church have to be a business of the empire, For this the Byzantine church has fallen down. The real Church is Universal (Katholikos), and the reign is not in this world. For this Catholics are united and orthodox are divided (serbian orthodox , Russian, Greek, etc.etc.) this churches are not united.
I proved to you that modern protestants are converts from "catholicism". Your suggestion that the Orthodox in North Africa and the Middle East converted to Islam is false simply because these regions were inhabited in majority by heretic monophysites and nestorians.. There are protestant sects which believe that Jesus isn't God
So what? Name one Protestant denomination that developed in an Orthodox country? Face the facts. Protestants came into being to escape the Latin Heresy that you like to call the "Roman Catholic" church.
Well and as far as the Pope sending the Crusaders that's true , However the Emperor Alexis was asking for a handful of mercenaries , The Pope sent him a huge army ....I believe that was calculated on the part of the Pope. On the other hand your correct that the Greeks committed atrocities against the Latins . All this was caused by ethnic strife and politics.
WRONG: because would u know the FACTS - u would know that BILLIONS OF ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS DIED during the communist regime because they CONFESS HOLY ORTHODOXY and because they did not compromise. Not every ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN IS STRONG ENOUGH TO BE A MARTYR - perhaps I also would not be brave enough - who knows! So there was NO COLLABORATING with the Communists!
Yeah, but many Orthodox Hierarchs do in our days. Especially the New Calendar Hierarchs. The New Calendar Greek Church is one of the most modernised and ecumenical churches ever.
You went from saying that everything in Orthodoxy is scriptural then said that it wasn't.
The recognition of the autocephalous Bulgarian Patriarchate by the Patriarchate of Constantinople in 927 AD makes the Bulgarian Orthodox Church the oldest autocephalous Slavic Orthodox Church in the world, which was added to the Pentarchy of the original Patriarchates - those of Rome (which became today's Roman Catholic Church after the Schism), Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch and Jerusalem - and the autocephalous Georgian Catholicosate.
I found it. And what are calling "truth" really is not. I left a comment defending the Prince. He was doing a pretty good job of beating the RCs into the ground.
It's very reasonable for a papist who believes in the heresy of the supremacy and the infallibility of a single man inside romancatholicism to view Orthodoxy as being in loose communion.. The statement that Ukrainian Orthodox Church(Kyiv Patriarchate) is the national church is completely false. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church(Moscow Patriarchate) is followed by 60-70% of the Ukrainians and it is in full communion with the other Orthodox churches..
It is not nonsense. It is the goal of godless world leaders to have one world religion. This the Orthodox cannot allow.
Jews, Muslims, and Christians do not pray to the same God. Jews do not believe in the Triune God and neither do the Muslims, who believe in a prophet that has no prophecy in Scriptures. Allah is a pagan name or title of a pagan Arab deity worshipped in Mecca. Islam has no connection to Abraham. Where in Scriptures is this stated?
immaculate conception? what about it? and icons are gross, come on you have to have better reasons then that, besides being totally wrong.
I think you need to stop drinking the Kool Aid. If there's any encroachment, it'll be radical secularism, not Islam.
But, one out of every ten Ukrainians (5 million) is in open schism. And the UOC-KP is one church in a communion of nationalist schismatic communion. What about the Old Believers? The Old Calendarists? What about the disputes between Constantinople and Moscow over which churches are autocephalous or autonomous? There is much division in the Orthodox Church. One day, soon I believe, the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople will cease to exist and the P. of Moscow will be an "Orthodox pope".
The monophysites have considered the whole Church heretical since the 5th century (the east-west Schism had not happened yet). If you accept the Ecumenical Council of Chalcedon you are a heretic for monophysites, but you seem confused. Do you recognize this Ecumenical Council as valid??
Irenaeus clearly states that the bishop of Rome was the supreme authority over doctrinal issues, the very essence and substance that makes up the Church.When Peter ordained Linus to the office of the "episcopate", this was the first indication of Apostolic Succession throughout the Universal Church.Linus later became the 2nd Pope.St Cyprian,another church father constantly affirmed the bishop of Rome and Papal Primacy.
It is true that it is only a matter of time until there is one world church, but it will be Satanic, as prophesied. I would love nothing more than for all Christians, esp. Roman Catholics to convert to Eastern Orthodoxy. Everyone should be blessed with the whole truth of Christ.
A great modern example of the Catholic Church's reunification is in the Personal Apostolic Administration of Saint John Mary Vianney. If it can happen with them, it just proves that the Catholic Church can be united once again, even with the Society of St. Pius X and the Orthodox Church.
ik ben katoliek maar ik hou van alle christen alleen geen protistant en vrede zijn met julie broeder en zusters
This is a derivative word for "Ekklesia Katholikos".A word to describe The Catholic Church in the Greek Language.
To say that the Bishop of Rome, Papal Primacy and The Catholic Church is not The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic church, (the same one that is mentioned in the creed),that the early church fathers were talking about,to say this church is not the The true Church of Christ that is mentioned in the first two centuries, is simply to say that The Holocaust never happened.I have yet to hear from a single Orthodox Christian to provide biblical or historic proof to back their claim.
Pope Paul was vile and an antichrist. The Church cannot be reunited because the Roman Church has fallen into gross heresy since Vatican II.
What religion were the people of North Africa and the Middle East before the Muslim conquests?
Thank you my brother! The Orthodox faith is the faith to die for. And many of our Saints have died a martyr's death rather than be Roman Catholic. We know where the Orthodox Church is, but we do not always know where it is not. The word "orthodox" means "right beliefs." So, if you believe the right things, you are getting close to being Orthodox, or, at least, Orthodox friendly.
What specifically does the orthodox church reject from Catholicism, and more importantly why?
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