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by KamilFilms • 1,350,888 views - more about us and our projects. "One Town, 50 different People, One very difficult Question" Fifty People One Question - Galway A short film which brough together...

7:40 I feel for this guy that was a brave honest answer.
I totally agree. He had the most honest answer. I think he'll be ok.
Nice video, but dont make people wait fuckin 3 minutes to hear the question.
A minute and a half almost two minutes and I agree with you. 
They were building up the suspense and anticipation of what the question would be, that set the tone for people's reaction for taking their time to think about their responses.
Regret is a stupid emotion. You can't change the past, so why dwell on it? Regret leads to depression.
not necessarily. Due to regret you can draw a conlusion from a mistake you made in order to not to make another one and become a better person. It's just important not to ponder over regret too long so it won't lead to depression.
+Ragnar Rocki No two same situations come up twice. Therefore regret is useless and is equal to living in the past, whereas reality is now.
That Jamaican man is crazy. I hope nobody thinks actual Jamaicans are like this.
He was just a individual,  being individual. being a lovely soul that he is.  :) 
living my life the way others expected me to
"uhm, Sean Sean Seaaan" omg laughed so hard
my biggest regret is watching too much youtube when i should be learning social skills
thought you were going to say watching this clip :-)
The Boston people have a sexy accent..
Biggest life regret? Wasting my 20's  bc now I have to work twice as hard in my 30's to make up for it. 
"I should have started living for joy sooner"... gave me chills, really.
Realising something and then finding out its too late
Paddy from Syria. I wonder if that's his real name lol.
+coolchannelnumber1 He said Fadi, common arabic name.  
I feel like the lady at the end had some huge and painful regret, so that's why she preaches to not regret anything. To try and comfort herself (but who knows this is a huge assumption)
I could easily mistake it with the badlands main theme.
Biggest regret was not staying in same room as my cousin this one night bcuz i could of saved him but he passed
great video !! loved it and also so inspiring <3 >3  
3 minutes in and it still hasn't started yet. Get on with it, will you? :/
I dislike this question because in life things happen that are out of our control. 
thought this was really sensitively done - One could see people really searching and it worked as a format
I regret that this was filmed in Ireland and not understanding half of what was said haha. Really I regret not loving people enough but there's still time. xx
haha thanks for that :) *hugs*
I really sorta regret watching this video.
The woman at 6:40 is INCREDIBLY beautiful.  If you are reading this, PLEASE contact me.  You are gorgeous beyond gorgeous!  (I am nice looking so I am told)
Irish should ask a question. "Why do you use SONY's video camera to watch Irish people?"
the regret of not doing something and then wondering what could have happened hurts the most.
michelle kavanagh Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Whats your biggest life regret????? (50 people 1 question Galway Ireland)
Awesome... Ireland is my favorite country in Europe, because of its history and its SPIRIT!!! Irish people are the purest, nicest, most enjoyable people in Europe. 
People in Galway  generally seem to have good teeth even when older. My granny came from Galway and had great teeth right up to her nineties.
Check out this video! I Very good question and really well put together! There are so many interesting people with great answers. 
never telling the girl who i loved how i felt and watching her live her life with another. rejection is a killer for a short time, never knowing eats away for eternity 
Kai Fung Lam Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
立即前往 YouTube 觀看這部影片:I love this video :0
Dick Byrne is probably a dick!
Do you watch father ted?
Nope, no idea what it is!
The old man saying he has been married with his love for one sweat!
The land of my ancestors ;) love Ireland.
"Take life as it comes"... sums up the Irish attitude to life.
- wow - "my drinking"  So real - great video
Yeah that blew me away I really felt for that guy.
Brian that guy is a legend in as is warty nora and sheamus the midget
Live your life like there's no tomorrow
Quelqu'un peut me dire le titre de la musique qui commence 5:37 ? Can somebody tell me what is the song who start at 5:37 ?
C'est Water from the Same Source - Rachel's. :)
not marrying a beautiful young Irish girl.
You know what!?! There should be more videos like that. It's not a stupid, empty video with nonsense..there should be more videos like this.. :)
Man it s beautiful :)
7;05 min guy. I'm with you. That's also my biggest regret. 
Regrets are who we are.  Don't be ashamed of your mistakes.  No one said anything about being a better Christian or getting a divorce which I think are in the top 10.  On most your regrets, you can still do them or change or whatever it is you wanted. 
if you give them a stick to hold in both hands - you'll get other answers.
I would have expected a lot more love related answers!
Fat Irish Jesus for the win.
Are Irish people all this dumb? Being old can't be a regret, it's not something that you've done, it's something that happens to you regardless of your actions. 
Charmin Calamaris Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Fuckin' hell . THEY almost look like normal people .
This is fierce depressing
have so many, but the biggest one I would say is looking for peace and happiness outside of myself instead of looking inward. Trying to fill that hole in the donut. caused myself and people i love  lots of grief.
Wheres all the irish travellers they are world famous get them in your videos
Is brea liom bheadh breathnú ar an píosa seo...
what's the last question?
There's only one question. The vid title is a dead giveaway
Interesting question...
Can you please make more of these/ This is one of my favourite videos to watch!
Why do the ask immigrants? If I wanted to hear this question from some random M'baata or Abdulla, I'd watch a video with the title "Africa" or "Middle East"...
It is a pretty decent cross section of the people who walk that street every day.
Everyone Irish I swear I wont offend you..........Everyone takes pride in being Irish so much(even when its not St. Patrick's day) I bet I would have no problem turning Ireland into a Fascist country.
We celebrate Arthur Guinness . I mean for real like as a saint
Please explain the logic behind what you just said.
Who is the beautiful girl with ginger hair who regretted kissing her friend? She didn't say her name :(
wow ta akcje zrobili polacy? gratki
Why is no-one from IRELAND?!
Some of them are.
Galway generally and this part in particular is all tourists - like Piccadilly Circus
Such strong feelings for this
great idea; poorly edited video. shorten please. 
I should have met the lady at 09.15 forty years ago. Where was you when I needed You x
My neighbor was from county Mayo. I went to the hospital to see her. She said thanks for all you did to help me. I told her you will be OK - she passed the next day.  Her dog was named Mayo.
A lovely film. Mine would be not telling my father what he meant to me before he passed away.
Nach Walas Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Hey I recently did a 'what is your biggest life regret' video on the streets in Melbourne. Thanks for inspiring me to make this - I just had to after seeing yours. 
Brilliant Video... The facial expressions alone make it
50 People, 1 Question filmed in Quay Street in Galway in 2011. You might need to get the tissues out for this one!
Jamaican Brian is awesome. :)
I'm lukas from carrick community school and I regret nothing.
Husna M Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
What do we regret?
Never have any regrets. Do what you need to do now! We grow old too soon and wise too late. The world is a beautiful place and if you ever travel you will notice we all have a lot in common. Be good to each other, be kind to each other and always try to love before you hate.
How is it that every one looks so huggable. (except the one who smokes).
Powerful stuff. Maith sibh.
not making the best use of time effectively...
What a moving video. I loved it. Very candid, the best.
sean sean sean sean .. haha
It's nearly First Friday time again and we have award winning Film Director - Kamil Krolak joining us. You may be familiar with his work like the "Galway is Also Happy" or the fantastic video below. Link to booking a place is in the events section.
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