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by Smosh 2nd Channel • 695,801 views

Epic Paintball Battle: Rub Some Bacon On It [Music Video]: Krogzilla "THE INTERVIEW: Last...

1) Hates  2) No  3) No   4) a. Best friend 
1. <3 to eat bacon me eatin it now :3 2. maybe 3. Yep  4. D. all the above
My bday is in the same weak its the 8th:-)
Waow. That calender thing is so true. I'm a November kid, too and I just went through my calendars from the last 3 years and they all have the ugliest pic on November.
1 loves 2 yes 3 kinda 4 c
1. Love bacon! 2.maybe... 3. Not really 4. Bacon
1-4 the answer is bacon 
1 neither 2 maybe 3 havent encountered that word before so no. 4 c maybe
1)yes.2)yes.3)yes.4) c-bacon
Whose line is it anyways!
Me likes eating bacons Yeesss i think soo A litle Bacon
my dog has canser rub sum bacon on it
Wow! Mari and I have the same birthday! Thats pretty awesome.
1. LOVE!!!! :3 2. Uhm probably not but maybe for 1000 i would! 3.not really cause I can barely pronounce it 4. Bacon my sweet sweet bacon
1. I love bacon 2.No, maybe for more money though 3.No 4.BACON!!!!!!
my mom is a vegitarian and she would have a fit!
1. fucking love it man 2. no i don't like bacon that much 3. no 4. c. bacon. you gotta have something to eat
I likes eating the bacons :D Yes Yeah it does :P Bacon :P
1. like 2. probably noot 3. yesh 4. Friends cus i dont hav any t(-_-t)
What about oishi high scool battle episode 11 going to be out
1, LIKE 2, nope 3, maybe :D 4., a bff
Q1. LIKE Q2.NO Q3.YES Q4.C (lots and lots of bacon)
i love bacon and you mari will you marry me
my birthday is September 30 celebrate
2. Depends on how many, how big the earthworm was, and how much bacon was on it....
@ 5:29, I don't think that's the cat they wanted to see. :-D
1. Like. 2. No. 3. No. 4.a and c lulz bacon!!! frikin way not really 4. c (bacon) for sure
1. Like 2.Hell no! 3.yes 4.bacon
mari I love to rub bacon on you ;)
2:49 i think that's Epic Meal Time
i must thank u! u got me absolutley obsessed w/ rhett and link!!!! i now watch GMM every morning
1. Dislike 2. Yes 3. Yes 4. Bacon
1. LUB IT!!! ;3 2. maaaaaaaaybe.....o-O 3. no, it freaks me out 4.THE BACON IS MY BEST FRIEND <3
like if you called the bacon hotline after watching this... or is it just me?
My birthday is November 2nd!!!!!! :0
1.Like 2. Depends on how much bacon 3. Yes 4. Bacon
1: LIKESSSS 2: lol wut 3: pahahahah 4: best friend.. ;3
1. LIKES DE BACCOOONNN!!!!!!!! :D 2. possibly. It depens what size the earthworm is. baby or adult? 3. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! uhhhh.....NO! jk yeah it does 4. best friend. because bacon might last you like an hour, im 12 so i cant drink beer. And also if you ate your best friend that would last you like a month!!! but then i would get lonely :'''(
i knew a girl who wanted to be a vegetarian then she found out that she couldn't eat bacon so she quit
I did your mom.....a favor by making u....a sandwich
1.YES 2.150 and we gotta deal.. 3.yes 4.bacon!
I love your cat it looks like mine
1. Yes 2. Hell yeah! 3. Yes 4. B or c(even though I'm under 21)
1. Like 2. HELL NAW 3. sadly no 4. Best friend!
i thought i was the only one that knew about nikki
1. I likes eating bacon! Yum! 2. HELL NO! 3. No. 4. If it is a bunch of bacon then bacon, if like only one piece of bacon, best friend.
they deserve more subs!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3 they're the people who turned me into a YouTube nerd :3
1.) LIKE YO. 2.) I'll try anything once. ... Anything. /licks lips 3.) Used to. xD 4.) B
1- like 2- naby 3- no 4- a best friend
1. Likes 2. I'd do it for free, so hell yeah! 3. no 4. A... I can munch on my bff for a week.
No , match has the worst pictures.
1 i eat whole packs of baco 2 no 3 no 4 c bacon
1) meh 2) hell no 3) yes =D 4) best friend
1. Yes 2.YES 😁😄😃😏👅
lol itv happend to me to i called it
1. yes 2. no 3. no 4. agree with Garett
must find a girl like MARI (º-º)
Rhett and Link are awesome xD 1. Likes 2. No... For 1 million, maybe. 3. It made me snicker a little. 4. Best friend who has bacon. :D
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