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FALCON PUNCH! - Happy Wheels - Part 41

by PewDiePie • 2,166,092 views

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3 years ago now, still can't believe it.
That was funny!!!!!!!!!!!!PS that was sweet !! I'm your number 1fan
Acrobatic son killing ye
do you and your gf ever have sex just sayin
When you saw the random shoe Sam lost his shoe in one of them episodes....
i watched that one last night creepy.  
u suck and so do ur mudda fuckin bros
WTF why do you people take every thing so god damn serious it was a joke :)
No fighting! Make love, not war (if you know what I mean). wink
FREDDIE MERCURY AT 3:48 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
supernatural fans are called superfans are you a super fan 
I AM IN LOVE WITH SUPERNATURAL it's amazing you are wicked awesome
those blades tho...
will have a music called wrecking ball one day
they see me mowing, they ate it!
We both said I remember that episode too lol
We both said 'I remeber that episode' AT THE SAME TIME
+Avery Tomlinson *Grabs a cookie* Here you go. Be proud!
Now you f**king Pewds is a porno I want to see ;) :P
Congrats on 20 million!
pewdipie i want some  more happy wheels
Pewds can you come to australia QLD gladstone please i would love to meet you...just come to.gladston
Omg supernatural i love supernatural i remember every episode wtf is with them dying so much jeeezzzzz
hey it 3:02 am in Kentucky my brother keep me up all night and the meds i take to help me sleep wore off and i stupidly drank almost a bottle of tea so if anyone knows what happens after missing 1 night of sleep please tell me until then im watching videos
Is it just me or at 4:30 his laugh sounds like annoying orange
Supernatural, Hells yeah!
Your laugh at 7:28!😂😂😂
8:29 And isn't it awesome that he landed perfectly on that bike.
Thanks a lot I was watching this video but haven't took my hbtuutrtyy
We all know that Timmy (AKA Justin Bieber) loves harpoon runs and his father killing people!
I laugh so hard on these vids
its pronounced    (mee mee)   :3
It's pronounced "meem"...
These make me laugh so hard
pewdiepie is one  of my bros
they try to catch me mowing dirty-mud
holy shit he knows Supernatural :D this is so awesome xD
3:35 lol, big fist punched Timmy lol
I love u pewds when I was taking my dog out I thought I can't survive without pewdiepie!!! ;D
FALCON PAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNCHHHHH!!! Mm,, seems like I somehow know it... But I can't remember!
7:21 epic kill if one day i have a son and he likes justin bieber ill do the same ^_^
These make me laugh so hard
Pewds likes SPN!!! Victory for the SPN fandom!!
Does anyone also find it extremely cute when he says see you in a scone guys ? Haha
I wonder if ppl get turned on when pewds does all of his sexy scenes
Supernatural map was really cool. Love that show. <3
The torso landed on the bike X3
The link at the end is Happy Wheels - Part 40, but the video it plays looks like some PewDiePie song. But idk what it is, and it doesn't lead to it. Does anyone know what it is?
Funniest moments in this video:..... The hole video is funny like hell :D
He didnt play my game :((( too late
He was so lucky at death course
I love Supernatural!
If your real name is Amelia Pond, you are soooo lucky
I'm trying really hard not to laugh super loud because it's two in the morning but its really hard and I feel like I'm waking up my family. Oops
I love 'Supernatural'. I need to start watching it again. It's a show from 2007. On Netflix.
SO CLOSE TO 19,000,000 BROS!
SO CLOSE TO 28,000,000 BROS!
(from 8:51 to 8 58) EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP *splat*
I love you more knowing the fact that you watch supernatural
I'm trying really hard not to laugh super loud because it's two in the morning but its really hard and I feel like I'm waking up my family. Oops
Wtaching this episode of happy wheels with "oh yeah right in my butt" after watching the last episode of south park he made ... Oh god x)
acrobatic son killing
The fact that he likes Supernatural is a complete win.
nice face bro!      (pause at 00:25)
best timmy land EVER!
Man so funny i lought every time when i see this video
Almost 20 million bros
I dont get why he cant just play normally instead of doing the girly voice and jumping off his bike
Toilet racing. I never thought that I would love to see that. One more thing off my bucket list
acrobatic son killing XD
do call of duty black ops
No. He started out playing COD and he wasn't very popular.
8:20 he land on the bike nice one torso
You're not paying attention BITCH! Ya gotta take it slow ya stupid asshole   LOL
Because that's his thing Joshua
I love the supernatural series
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