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by TobyTurner • 157,874 views

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No- it's Cambuscus- DUH! XDD I'm just kidding! It's Iphonebuscus
Your right, Toby. I'm Canadian.
well what i did is i watched the fire works
haha! Pyro Maniac! Thats my gamer tag on xbox live and steam XDD
You are so going down hill......
my b-day is 4.7.weeeeeeeeeeeee
Mare, is a female horse....or am I being stupid?
Jacket off. *Asian voice* I see what you did there.
nope england sucks that mutch... in most cases the little shits dont get caught.
He needs to make a "I just kicked a chair" song. Would be so much instant win.
Im still having trouble figuring this out. Is that Tobuscus' house or Mombuscus' house?
i like takeing my jackkkkettt off....
3:22 HE KICKED MR.CHAIRR!!!!!!!!!!
im gonna blow up my roof for fun rl
a hose exploded by my house cuz he was cooking meth
i'm going to pee on all of the fire works in such a way, that they will aim at the crowd!!!
Toby, a mare is a female horse lol
I kinda tuned out for a moment then caught only the part where he says he's a huge fan of underage girls... But I didn't find this awkward. Because it's Toby. |D
I wish I lived in Austin! So close Tobuscus!
A mare is a female adult horse.
John Wilkes Booth was from the U.S. not Britain.
i set my uncles bushes on fire.. did any one else
Awwwww they don't show annoying orange on tv in UK :((((
I'm so happy hat I'm grass allergic. I've been blessed so manny times.
my 4TH of july in MT fireworks are banned )":
This 4th I set off a big firework& it tipped over and almost hit my step dad lol
0:36 Jacket Off!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA
intro of redness then whiteness then blueness!
We hit about 2800 topics in this video.
did he just say roosterteeth omg
I celebrated my birthday on 4th july
What better way is there to celebrate our country than blowing up a tiny peice of it?
I watched someone's house catch on fire from across a river
xD I just love how you hate to work out
i was at an overnight camp during 4th of july
LOOOOOL it never gets dark here u guys are luckey.
i shot of so many fireworks & then i had a very patriotic cake and then partied then went 2 bed for approximately 10 hours. now give me a t-shirt!......... please.O_O
when he's old enough, we must vote for Toby as President, imagine the state of the Union adress, Hello Once again America, Intro of Darkness then Whiteness then Blueness
i saw good fireworks come from behind wallmart. it was weird cuz wallmart is so cheep.
am the only one conused by the reply videos? i see a naked lady and an electrician changing a compressorin th top 2.....
toby you and chimneyswift should do a lets play together
4th of is after my birthday my birthday is on 3rd of july
we have met mumbuscus...we need to meet dadbuscus properly.
i cam back from eroupe that day :)
Tobuscus do you watch doctor who?
nice house dude. where do you live en eeuu or canada? anyway. good stuff
It would be hilarious if he change the intro to a camera on a black guy then on a native american then on himself... Darkness redness whiteness
I was watching fireworks over Panama City Beach :)
I actually fought al queda on the 4th of July. sooo........
wow two videos at the same time i got the TOBUSCUS FOOTBALL video ad
i went to californa for the 4th and i blew up fireworks and i blew up a house and a truck 4 fun it went, BOOOOOOOOM then BOOOOOOM
@christhechronic how is he gay if he dated Justine.
i am not a child or a faggot, your just a racist fat cunt who thinks he's all high and mighty behind his computer but has no life outside it
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