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Pachelbel's Canon

by lpfilholuizinho • 3,456,665 views

Versão Original da Música Clássica Pachelbel's Canon de Johann Sebastian Bach

Johan Pachelbel, Sebastian Bach (pictured) and Amadeus Mozart would be turning in their graves if they knew 250 years of advancement in music lead to the radio music that is listened to globally today.
+SanityIsForTheWeak0  I agree.  And they could not have imagined during their lives how many millions of people around the world would be playing and listening to their music.  They would be astounded and overjoyed. 
To the guy that commented "Johan Pachelbel, Sebastian Bach (pictured) and Amadeus Mozart would be turning in their graves if they knew 250 years of advancement in music lead to the radio music that is listened to globally today." Your fedora seems to be a bit too tight
omg someone who knows medabots <3
Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou XD
Isto não é de Bach
Leia a descrição, Obi Wan. Ele não colocou no título que seria de Bach.
Quantos ignorantes irão dizer que não é de Bach? hahahaha
Ah, Taco Bell Canon. Of course.
These people who made the comments about Bach ... they don't get it ... do they?
"Pachelbel's Canon de Johann Sebastian Bach" (???) Really? Er... I have news: Pachelbel's Canon is, surprisingly, Pachelbel's.
I wonder if Packard Bell ever thought of using this in an advert?
This is NOT from Bach. It's from Pachelbel.
Was looking for this comment to make sure I wasn't crazy. Thank you.
I remember listening to this a few times before then watching an anime called kanon 2006 and then being obsessed with finding it and finally fucking found it ha! It's weird I'm 20 and I listen to classic rock and classical a lot
Its not that weird. Just be happy that you listen to both
Why is there a picture of Bach?
cause he's a nigger lover
+nimrod jones um amante da musica classica meu carro amigo
honestly ive listened to a lot of famous classical pieces and this is by far my favourite
a posłuchaj Requiem Mozarta:)
They don't make music like this anymore
+AwesomeDeadpool what's the name of the song on the OST?
+BradM73 But then again, I don't think any good composer will ever die
this music makes me feel so weird, in a good way
This is canon in what key?
Sa fait du bien de temps en temps merci pour ce partage
I'm learning to play this but seriously it sounds 100 times better when these people play it.... :(
it's not Back, it's from Pachelbel
If emotions had an orchestra, it would most likely play Pachelbel's Canon. The sound of a big burden off your back. The sound of the ability to fly without wings. The sound of dancing in the rain. The sounds of your wedding day The sounds of your soul being saved. The sounds of your child been born. The sounds of your heart when it falls in love. The sound of helping someone in need.
Let's relax with "Canon In D" ^~^
beautiful canon in d  major
they played this number at my friend's funeral.Someone was busy chopping onions around me,i was not crying... RIP Bro...
nao e uma musica funeral e uma musica classica. de john sebastian buch minha cara amiga
Its so beautiful! ^o^
Magnificent. Simply, magnificent
this music was composed by Johann Christoph Pachelbel, in 1680, not Bach...
Música que embala a alma........... Fascinante! Chrystiane Souza 
Na porta para o céu acho que toca essa música. Me traz uma paz... rs
R.I.P Paul and Carl.
Anyone come here because of Sayuri from Kanon (2006)?
linda melodia de john sebastian buch. tenho um vidio por de pachelbel-denesio, veja voce vai gostar
Game Grumps have lead me to something beautiful
ekhm...lemmings brought me here... xD
I didn't know Pachelbel looked suspiciously similar to Bach...
Lysten, "O teatro dos vampiros - Legião Urbana" contains this sound... you will enjoy!
It's not saying it's Bach's music, it's saying it's executed by bach and it's composed by Pachelbel, though I don't know if it's truly Bach playing.
re there the same person?? no... is it ..?
UÊÊÊÊIIII!!!! É Pachebell!!! Não é Bach!
At least you can change the description. This music does not belong to Bach.
This is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard!!!  I'm just blown away!!
Josh Sabboth Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
Beautiful piece:
I was on telly playing this in a quintet once! +Camel O'Rama best tuba piece I ever heard - tuba smarties, from Sky's album "Sky 2".
I played this with my best friend
Why is JSB even mentioned here? 
Where can I Get Sheet Music?
Poor Pachelbel... has his name on it, still gets credited to Bach :P
Wonderful!! One of my favorites songs!! 
Why theres a photo of Bach ?
Bach did not write this, it's actually called A Canon In D by Pachelbel
Essa música não é de Johann Sebastian Bach, Pachelbel é o compositor da música: Johann Christoph Pachelbel.
Coolio - C u when u get there ;)
This music touches me very much
Se me enriza la piel cuando escucho esta pieza de Pachelbel´s me llena de emoción.
Moji ZapZaa Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
ลองดูวิดีโอนี้ใน YouTube:
Eu não poderia deixar de comentar o grande absurdo que acabei de ler. Primeiro de todos essa não é uma versão original uma vez que os instrumentos não estão afinados de acordo com a afinação da época. O segundo absurdo "Música clássica" ? talvez você tenha tentado referir-se a musica erudita, esse sim é o termo certo. O canon é uma musica do período barroco e não do período clássico. Em ultima observação Pachebel é o nome do compositor e não o nome da musica e J. S. Bach não tem nada com essa musica... O verdadeiro compositor é Bach. Por favor antes de publicar outras coisas faça pelo menos uma pesquisa para que outros não possam ver absurdos como este.  
But I can't help but think about the go suck a... vine. lol..
Why does "Baby" by Justin Bieber have more views than this?
sounds way better with x1.5 speed.
Favourite piece on music ever!!
lindo. abraços a voce
Absolutely fantastic music! Taken in a period in which the compositions were complex and where the art prioritized. Today we lost a lot of quality music that existed in the period of the composition of these beautiful masterpieces.
I just love this song, it is so relaxing. This one of my favorite songs.
Si je puis me permettre cette oeuvre s'intitule "Le canon" et le compositeur c'est Pachelbel pas J.S. BACH....
i saw this in a anime :P so i looked it up to see what it is :D
I saw it in daily lives of highschool boys lol (Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou). Anime is anime!
Les canons de Pachelbel est une musique écrite par Johann Pachelbel non pas Jean Sebastien Bach.
i love this song!!!!! <3
Pra mim a melhor das melhores, infinitamente, seria impossível negar a beleza desta musica, isso sim é musica de verdade!!!
God, I would hate to be the Cello player. 
This song was only made about 500 years before Bach did it but yeah of course it belongs to Bach (10000000 percent sarcasm
I always cry my eyes out listening to this, it's so beautiful
Why "Pachelbel's canon de Johann Sebastian Bach?
as relaxing as Hans Zimmers Time!
But pachelbel canon is a sound
Enrique Barriga Manrique: There is a big mistake. This work,  Canon, is from Johann Pachelbel.
I love forever song Canon
So sweet, music to chill with,de de dah
Ce n'est pas de Bach mais de johan pachebel. Veuillez corriger svp
Me emociona hasta el ultimo poro!!!!!!!!!!!! =)
Marilyne Chenuet Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
"Les Canons de Pachelbel" de Jean-Sébastien Bach... Certainement mon morceau préféré de cet autre génie (le 1er étant Mozart évidemment !). Une pure merveille, et plutôt courte (commentaire pour les profanes !).
sounds like scatman's world
Denise Campos Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
Um sentimento agradável  que nos conduz  ao  Divino.
Right! Now it's wrecking ball and all of that crap. This is real music.
This MAN did soothe  the savage beast in my wild young heart as child.  I did love his music so,  but ROCK &  ROLL was  my GOD, so I left my friend for the bright colors of  ROCK MUSIC. Now he has come to bring me back to his loving notes. & i do obey his musical spell. Take ME! 
Pensar que conocí esta melodía gracias al anime evangelion hace tanto tiempo 
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