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Watsky- Rich Girl

by WATSKY! • 2,262,647 views ^^NEW MIXTAPE AT LINK ABOVE! shot by Alan Gwizdowski...

I get drunk to feel happy but all i fell is more of the pain thnan i had before, i smoke weed so a brief few hours i can really truly be happy and laughing with you, i take the pills to numb the pain and make me feel like im floating yet when it all wears off there is still so much pain, i love her and i cant handle it
cant film on a public park next to a monument lmao. Look around man theres people taking pictures
+MEDiumInc Did I say that the guard knew that? No. I was informing you that you are wrong about Watsky making money from ads. I get that your role in life is to bother people on the internet because your life is empty, but you should try to get your facts straight before you start arguing with people.
+TheWorstWolf I am only trying to argue that the guard was doing his job, despite what people think they know. Weather or not the channel generates revenue, the guard did not know that. So how about you stop bothering me now? Get a life brother.
WHO TURNS DOWN A FLOWER FROM WATSKY?!!!! I'd probably start hyperventilating if Watsky walked up to me and handed me a flower. ALSO, am I the only one who thinks the guy singing in the hook sounds like Will Ferrell??
haha it does sound like Will Ferrell :D
She probably thought he was trying to sell her something
Still such a fresh tune
I don't consider myself a literary person, but I have had enough experience in the field to recognize an artist when I see one. Watsky is an artist. There can be no doubt in that statement. 
Bruh. At the end, when the guy was telling them to leave, he should've made an immigration joke. - via YtPak(.com)
thumbs up if when you heard the begging you thought of the down with webster song rich girl
+Danny Bouges Calm the hell down. Talking to him/her like that is immature. Grow the hell up man.
+isaiah1100ab the only immature part was "stupid" The rest was justified.
This video reminds me of how much I hate the world man
wop wop, grandma's glasses coming back in style. 
Ha I work in that shitty community :/ Watsky makes me feel good for not giving in
Anybody else notice the Bugatti and the area it's around looks like GTA V?
Why did Watsky never apologize to the girl he jumped onto from the roof breaking her arm? He apologized to another guy for minor injuries but he didn't include her in the apology
Apologize to who?! For What!? When?! Why?!? Where?!
He has an entire verse about apologizing to her in the song "Ink Don't Bleed"
Can you put this album on spotify please?
Buffie Buff Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Hall & Oates made a great song back in the day and with George Watsky's  Rap, Just listen.....This is more than just amazing....
Shout out to the blue Subaru. Under payed extras need more recognition. He can't keep exploiting this poor blue Subaru like that
Is it me or does Watsky look like Moriarty?
Omg I commented the EXACT SAME THING on another video before I saw this! XD
Thats What People Do! 😂😂 That must be why i like him so much. Love Watsky and Moriarity so adorable
This is the only song I haven't really heard from him, and I had no clue he used hall and Oates.. Good for him, he did good.
The first three seconds of the song you can tell it is Hall and Oates...
I mean I knew instantly hall and oats was playing- but before listening, when I knew of the songs existence, I didn't know he sampled from hall and Oates.
This beat is so fucking awesome? Anyone know where i can find this beat or any beat that sounds like this+
What harmonica tune is that at the middle/end of the song?
I hope Halls or Oates sues your ass off for this....
franchement j’apprécie
Released exactly when I turned 18...
+EpicPillum lol june 12th is my birthday as well 92 =P
Happy late birthday
Only white rapper that does not act black
The mixtape thingy is $7 again will someone let me know if the price goes down? Thanks
nice work. love from argentina
Rich Girl by Hall and Oates is a masterpiece
Hall and goddammit oats people. Hall and oats rich girl
1:46  are you wearing 2 pairs of sunglasses?
the light shining through the sunglasses made a dark reflection just under his eyes i think lawl
U can see the camera man reflected in his glasses but cant quite make em out. Keep up this awesomeness!!!
bro i love your subie
God if I knew him I'd be his friend
312 gold diggers watched this video
What exactly did you need a permit for?
Filming in a public area, most likely.
Such an amazing sample Watsky! Good work man. Keep it up, and definitely keep up that soul sampling. 
Malibu's most wanted?
this is sips big girl or the other way round
sips made a parody of "Rich Girl", by Hall and Oates. Watsky used the same song in this mixtape. The original is by Hall and Oates.
You can't be serious. 
New song by watsky "rich girl" Featuring-subaru, subaru and a special appearance by subaru Directed by subaru
why has it taken me 2 years since this song to find WATSKY i am dissapointed in myself ha brilliant artist 
Best $15 I'm ever gonna spend :)
The Copper at the end is a real asshole...
+str3ngth0nly1 Eh, not really a fair comparison there though is it?
+Mr. Blue Sky Godwin's Law - On the internet, nothing is sacred ;)
wow the cops had to came right
rolling hard in that OBS!
watsky youre truley amazing... im not fan girling here i just admire your realness... i saw you in mesa yesterday at warped tour i think i enjoyed watching you the best becasue i felt like i could relate to you the most. youre just so real. 
And now he throws wanna-be illuminati symbols. Funny how shit changes
+Alex Xela No Flex Zone Remix. About a minute in..
Timeline: Rich Girl > Sloppy Seconds > Cardboard Castles
u think it was a wise idea taking coins out of the fountain? makes you fit the stereotype of a typical jew
I think it just could of been his own money and he put it in and took it out. 
+Patrick Buddy Stereotype is the key word, asshole.
how much is that permit ROFL XD
omg he'd be the best damn boyfriend
Why isn't this on Spotify :(
Watsky, I love your car. Does it have a name? 
+Spencer Richardson Betsy is a name for a child, not a car, you gotta name it like Rhonda, or some shit. Come bro, I'm a girl and I know this!
It's a Subaru named Subaru.
I went to ur site to DL those 15 songs. But they aren't free DL Post Script. . I paid for it tho.( I haven't bought music in over 12 yrs).
It's pay what you want, so you can type in "0" and get the songs for free.
He's good so I paid a little for support, And yep it is true that you can type in "0" and get it for free.
At least the cop at the end wasn't a dick about it.
Who else thought of "Big Girl" By Sips
You the man. Thank you.
That LEO was very nice and helpful. I like him.
I just wish he didn't speak over the chorus sample Then it'd be a perfect song
Thomas Davis Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
this is how i want a girl whoever thinks they can message me
that's right officer he does look like a terrorists!
omg it will be so awesome too meet watsky in person 
Lol now that I think of it, Watsky was lucky to not get beat by that cop/ranger/sheriff :P
Did girls actually reject the flowers? :o
Well .... atleast we can see your camera man
I like how you can see the camera guy in his sunglasses reflection 
Did you ever get the permit you needed or did you go all bandit Reynolds style
what does he need a permit for?
being awsome i think, but he dont give a fuck he still being awsome
omg i love this and then i found out watsky wrote i freaked out this is my dads favoate song
Wow now I know how girl are millennial fuckwads some girls are
good sound =p  Love watsky keep it up man.
I'm a french fan, i love your song man !
Moi aussi j aime bien mais parcontre je suis pas fan
gotta love the cop at the end
why oh why am I  so in love !
good song but the , the quality of the video looking at how they did it is kind of bad unless they ment for you to be able to see camera man and subaru in front of a benz store haha 
that subaru is his actual car, it's in a lot of videos
this song reminded me of girl i like
if you look in his shades u see the camera guy
Daryl's house brought me here. Check it out! Dirty Heads!
What did you need a permit for? (in the end)
I could give a fuck about your Rollies price
i got your free download a long time ago because i have followed you for a long long time.  i have recently restored windows and lost the hole album and nee it agian.  please message me on how tho redownload it for free.
Just follow the link in the description and type "0" in the price option.
Does anyone know who sings in the beggining?
Pretty Sure its Darude - Sandstorm c; 
It's Hall and Oats.
I can see the camera mans reflection of your glasses
ya t-il des fan français ?
This is true you really cant film in some parks and I find it dumb I thought this was a free country I mean really and hello, I am BoilHop Bean subscribe to m channel once I get 25 subscribers I am putting out alot of covers for all kinds of rap songs
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