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Anti-Gay Hate Mail Sent to Presidential Candidate

by SourceFed • 237,200 views

Stay updated at: Order your SourceFed Posters here: Presidential candidate, Fred Karger, gets some venomous and misspelled hate mail....

Using the Bible to actively pursue your prejudices while ignoring the parts in the Bible that say it isn't up to you to judge and love people, is what her brand of conservatism is all about.
Adoption is heavily controlled one way or another, to ensure that any family is capable of attending the child's needs. They scrutinise every aspect of a persons life. Now I know gay couples can make fantastic parents but if a care worker decides a gay couple aren't suitable is that automatically discrimination? The same thing if my church turns away a gay couple when marriage is legal, is that discrimination? There has to be something, even New York has exemptions for religious institutions.
That bioch should get a visit from the frisby police and the grammar nanzis
The thing that bothers me the most about people who don't agree with gay marriage, is that their opinions are solely based on their personal feelings towards gays and what they believe is "the definition" of marriage-something that's constantly changing as the times themselves change. I suppose people could argue that my opinion is only based on MY bias feelings of all men being created equal and every human having the same rights, so I'm not sure my opinion has any merit either.
I thought the whole republicans were represented by being anti-gay... confused
i have a quite liberal view on things. do what u want gay people just stop stuffing it in peoples faces every 2 seconds, getting old now. we get it ur special.
thats what "you" would say. but feelings can easily be identified and classified as a chemical reaction in the corresponding part of the brain as science (which is observable and has a very good system to corrobarate evidence) has shown. It has been observed by fMRI. please do research and stop making yourself look stupid.
I guess that's what you believe? Maybe some medical research and actual evidential proof will make you think otherwise. Homosexuality is not a malfunction "in the brain's "hardware" or "software"." I guess you don't know much about the human biology either? I was born gay, with a mentally health brain, just like you were born straight with a mentally health brain, I hope.
"Cats smackers"??? Really, Badtreewater? That would almost be funny if you put cat in the singular as most all modifying nouns in adjectival position do in proper English. Sorry to have to break the news to you, but marriage equality is already a legal reality in 11 nations in the world and in over half a dozen US states and jurisdictions such as the capital city, Washington DC. It's gay marriage is even legal in Mexico City and the state of Quintana Roo.
but it has all the sourcefed on it so ya they do have one it just isnt listed as sourcefed app
why not a man an man or woman an a woman? theres nothing wrong is bad bout an hell it would help fix our economy.. more marriages an adoptions or babys being born an more divorces... if gay/lez marriages are as bad you people think why not let us fall into the misery of marriage an why not let us suffer like the rest do?
The point I meant (btw) by "you can believe whatever you want" is that marriage has been in hundreds of separate cultures with no connection to your specific religion, and has been for thousands of years. your 'god' didn't invent religion. It wasn't even something the church focused on more than as a way to keep records in the beginning. And before that it was something cultural. In some cultures it was a man trading his daughter into another family in exchange for goods. Like chattel. Cont
part 2 "In addition, the government's denial of legal statuses and protections available to different-sex couples brands lesbians and gay men as second class."
Also, animals have instincts, not choices. They can be trained, yes, like a dog being trained to sit when a ball goes flying, but most dogs will run after it. Animals don't have the mental capacities to make choices beyond their instincts so if some of them have the instinct to mate with members of their own sex, then there's no way it's not natural, I'm sorry, but just because you don't have the instinct to look at a man that way doesn't mean that it's a choice.
Sure, whatever. I don't need explanations and I know what the video was about. Just that I'm pretty sure there are people who are not above implementing such tests for real, so you never know.
Yes, but time are a-changin' and I know plenty of folks that have kids and don't want to get married anyway.
Misinformation. Ron Paul has NOT dropped out. WTF SourceFed?
According to the gospels, Jesus never commented on same-sex practices; that fact certainly bears repeating to anyone criticizing the gay community on Christian grounds. Largely, same-sex practice is a topic of little interest to the Biblical authors.
lol it looks like you are very touchy. well good luck with your misguided beliefs.
Personally, I think gays should be able to marry like everyone else. However, the Church should be able to maintain their right to follow their religious beliefs. Think of it like this: gays should be able to go to the court, sign a wedding license, and have the whole ceremony and rights like everyone else. But a Church has the right to refuse to host the wedding or have a priest officiate. Legal and respectful. marriage in the eyes of God is different then marriage in the eyes of the law.
You don't know me. All you know is that I am a Christian and I don't agree with you. You have every right to believe the way you do , as do I. I am not a bigot nor do I hate. I have 2 wonderful family member's whom are gay , and they are both like brother's to me. But they know I don't agree with the lifestyle they have chosen , and they are okay with it. They still love me and we have a great relationship. As do I love them. Yes I disagree with you , No I am not a bigot or do I hate.
Obviously you weren't around when race equality and mixed race marriage was in dispute. Same exact thing.
Some people are very hateful towards homosexuals, and they give other conservatives a bad reputation. I don't agree with the homosexual lifestyle, but I would never be mean to someone who is homosexual. However, those who advocate gay rights should realize that there is a difference between disagreeing and hating. Not everyone who disagrees with the homosexual lifestyle is a hateful person.
I believe adoption should always be very carefully handled and all parties adopting should be well vetted, what I was disagreeing with was your statement that "a separate adoption act" should be implemented to "prevent abuse." A homosexual person is no more likely to molest a child than a straight person is.
Hahaha We all make mistakes 8'D I did by eating that second piece of cake today
3:34 the poles who made the original Max Payne games would disagree.
You aren't a happy person are you? my religion says all can be saved from death, why do you hate us for that. the bible doesn't say that the world is only that old and many people believe that the period between the days (because God is not governed by time) could be thousands of years. my religion is about hope and i have hope that i will see my loved ones that have passed again, why do you hate on something like that?
Because, not just your religion, but most religions have hurt or killed people. Because, like I said in the very begining of this comment thread, it's not people who are good and don't hate and have true religion that bug me, but people who follow blindly. Because I know a bisexual catholic who's father has condemned her to hell, and a teen mom who believed her god would save her and help when her family practically disowned her for having premarital sex and she wasn't taught about safe sex cont
Here's the thing, you keep on bringing religion in to it. People were getting married before any stupid religious "rules" came in to existence. I don't really care about religion but it should NOT have a place in politics and equality rights. I can't stand civil unions, you can't say your married when your not. You put yourself in my place, seeing others around you get married when I can't.
ron paul is still running for president
There are a plethora of animals in NATURE that exhibit homosexual or even pansexual tendencies. And hating on someone for something they CAN'T control is a lot different than hating on someone who has a choice. You have a choice to be christian. Ask any gay person if they chose to be gay. To quote the Gentelmen's Rant:"You know what sounds great? If everything was harder for the rest of my life" It's a harder life full of prejudice and hate. Who would chose that? Did you chose to be straight?
you ARE making yourself look stupid. I'm catholic and I can tell you that.
If a christian is living their life right, they won't judge homosexuals or keep them from marrying. The bible does say homosexuality is a sin, but it's no different than anger, etc.
shut the fuck up like im gonna take my time makin all the correct grammar on youtube u fuckin square
Do you see all the people that don't want marriage between two men/women to be legal? Do you see all the people that like me have said civil union/domestic partnership are perfectly fine because they are at least distinct from the religiously influenced practice of marriage? And in fact I I do have a choice, at least where I come from I can vote to encourage what I agree with in a civil union/domestic partnership and prevent any amendment to the existing legislation.
What I meant by "stupid religious "rules"", I was referring to Christianity because they're they ones making the most fuss. Anyway, early Homo Sapiens, maybe Neanderthals, were getting married, or by their definition, which could be different to ours.
I don't believe that's what they meant, you silly person you
The problem with drawing distinctions is that it inevitably creates differences in rights that shouldn't be there. You'll never be able to stop anyone from calling themselves "married" or from having a ceremony. The argument at hand concerns government rights, which should be across the board. Also, while I understand the knee-jerk reaction to a gay couple adopting a child needing to be handled differently to prevent abuse it's wrong. There is a huge difference between a gay man and a pedophile.
Why do you keep referring to New York, I'm Scottish? Here in Scotland, they have passed the right for equal marriage but the first legal marriage will not be until 2014.
I believe in the Bible because that is the way I chose to live my life. The way my creator wanted me to live it. And don't get it twisted, I never once said that I had anything against gays. I simply do not agree with it. All I did is state my views on why I don't think they should get married in a church. See the whole conversation before you get upset....
Marriage is a contract, so there aren't any religious underpinnings. It's a contract and a contract all legal couples require the opportunity to receive. Religion may be constitutionally protected, yet that has absolutely zero to do with this debate. Keep your religion TO YOURSELF. And there won't be a problem. Same-sex couples marry in several states and could be in the double digits within the next year. It's happening, now and forever more. Time to deal.
how is it bieng ignorant to hold certian standards?
dude seriously, homosexual activity is pointless, its like two screw drivers trying to open eacho other, or two screws trying to turn each other. I mean, logic, seriously??? Proof of evidence, LOOK IT UP. My point is that homosexual activity is as unlogical as two tools of the same nature trying to do what they do to each other. Like sand bags to be put somewhere to stop a flood of sandbags, or a pen made to wite on another pen. or better yet paper trying to write/get wrote on by another paper.
cont I am a very happy person becasue I dictate for myself what is good and bad, I didn't need a book to tell me that. I don't need rules that say "Don't kill Don't steal Don't cheat on your lover" I can figure those things out on my own. Because I don't want to be killed, I don't want to be stolen from, I don't want to be cheated on. I don't want those things for myself so I won't impose those on others. And I don't want to be hated, so >unless I'm given a reason<, I don't hate.
explain why you don't believe in gay marriage. why is a lack of fertility a bad thing? why is homosexuality a bad thing?
so then when a man and women get this test done and fail they can't get married?
Perception can affect a local reality, but on a global scale, only truth is reality. From what I've seen among many of my conservative friends, and also heard when I care to listen to conservative media to see what their perception on an issue is, most conservative factions want civility and do not wish to go down the crazy path. Civil disagreement is the name of the game here, and I wish the media would emphasize that more.
I ain't no politition but I... Dang can't think of anything to finish the sentence.
I think the biggest factor is that marriage is mostly regarded from a religious stand point, which is fine, but the legal view of marriage can't have religious aspects to it. Hence the whole separation of church and state thing. The US is a country that is supposed to be a melting pot.
It proves that you can't support your argument with facts. I've heard nothing to say a civil partnership bill is unsatisfactory, I've heard nothing to assuage my concerns. If I am ignorant please enlighten me as to how I am wrong. You've said I'm wrong so now support that statement with fact.
If you'd vote for Hayden, vote Bereta 2012, if not..YOUR EVIL.
you can't be a christian and support gay marriage
There are tax benefits available to recently married couples intended to act as an incentive to start a family. There is a suggestion then that gay couples would be able to abuse that benefit given that they would never have any intention of naturally having children... The problem is you may see it as an entirely legal agreement, which is what a civil union caters to and most reasonable people aren't opposed to this nevertheless a lot of church members will protect the SACRAMENT of marriage.
Cont Just because you say "I believe... " Doesn't make something true. Just like for thousands of years people believed the sun moved around the earth and that the earth was flat. Didn't make it true, but that's what they believed.
But we do have the right to change something that isn't yours, marriage. No-one owns marriage, not religion, man or woman. In my belief, marriage is the binding love of two people, be it opposite or same-sex.
If you're going to call someone stupid at least use correct grammar. The hypocrisy is unbearable.
YES! The first time I have heard the other side. This stuff is better than Fox... actually its insulting to compare them.
If you don't even see the point in getting married then you're hardly in a position to appreciate my concerns. That "old asshole" is responsible for maintaining the holy sacrament of marriage, he is not a legal clerk. He does not get paid for the service... I've already explained, two people that want their relationship recognised under law isn't a problem. Still it clearly crosses a line if they seek to identify that as marriage without affording some exemption to religious institutions...
Part 2. So to clarify for you, I agree that gay couples should be allowed the same rights as straight people. Yet implementation is critical, obviously I would prefer something that's clearly distinct like a civil union/domestic partnership bill. Nevertheless I would be satisfied with a marriage equality bill that at least protects religious institutions through an exemption. I'm not hating on gay couples I haven't been rude, I'm merely offering that there are issues that need to be discussed.
I hate to be "that guy" but unless he's freakishly young looking I don't think Joe is 35 yet; which is a requirement to be president. Although, I'm not 100% on the requirement to just be a candidate.
Indeed, I realise it's probably impossible to filter through all my comments but if you read my later explanations this is why I said a civil partnership bill that accommodates for the majority of same sex couples' needs while preserving the right to religious marriage would be fair. Even if it is imperfect, as you said gay couples may choose to adopt etc, then they should extend additional rights through the adoption act... And really I'm just saying it's not all bible nonsense, and hatred.
Can't I base my values on something beyond a book, personal experience or life? Isn't that the idea of your comment? I never passed judgment on gay people. I'm not saying they shouldn't be allowed marry either, personally I would prefer to see it identified differently but a marriage equality bill would satisfy my concerns provided it offers an exemption to religious institutions. That's not unreasonable? Even if we disagree, if I can tolerate your lifestyle why can't you tolerate my beliefs?
Oh, America. You be such a hypocrites...
In case you misunderstood I fully support gay couples having equal rights. What I can't comprehend is why that can't be achieved through a civil union/domestic partnership act? This protects the religious interpretation of marriage while affording equal status to gay couples. If you can offer a genuine reason why that is less than satisfactory, by all means I'm prepared to reconsider things but so far I've yet to read anything particularly informative.
I think that conservative people are absolute idiots. No exceptions. :v
Ah I understand, obviously it's much more difficult when your rights are actually being withheld. Hopefully you can channel that anger, wild statements can give the crazies ammunition. Whether right or wrong, religion is engrained in the political system, but most people are reasonably tolerant of other peoples lifestyles nevertheless... And I keep referring to New York because the SourceFed guys are from America and New York came up with a very clever compromise, plus you could be from anywhere
SourceFed needs to make an app. Make it have articles and videos of everything you covered. Please (if you make it) make it available for all the iPods iPhones and iPads. :) I love you guys!!!!
2:35 Thank you, Joe. I just disagree with the homosexual lifestyle, but I don't hate gay people or think they should all go to hell. Just like some people probably disagree that me mixing ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise and lemon into a hot dog is not the best way to go.
Theres nothing in the bible about it....the most referenced texts are Genesis 19; the holiness codes of Leviticus 17-26, and in the New Testament, Paul's First Letter to the Corinthians 6:9 and his Letter to the Romans 1:26-27. Not only does one have to "hunt" for references to same-sex practices, but there are no gospel texts that treat the matter. There is nothing attributed to Jesus of Nazareth that has anything to do with same-sex orientation.
what is sad is that the Rep. has and always will be against everything that is equal rights and is always for the rich so unless your a white rich straight guy forget about equality
the original writings from the bible exist. some versions are a little skewed but it is mostly people doing what they want and not what the bible says, God says judgment is for him so those who judge are wrong. revenge is mine sayeth the lord. religion is yours and you should not let the hateful stop you from listening unbiasedly. read with an open mind and see his promises and cares for you as well as his laws. the benefits are eternal. you are right, it is a great message for all.
To address everything in your comments about evolution, there are a few species of lizard that are born female. All of them are born female. If homosexuality is unnatural, then how do those lizards reproduce? Not by your model of nature, but by their own (see Teiidae) Homosexual behavior has been observed in 1,500 species in nature. Homophobia in only one and it's because of a book. What does that tell you about blindly following that book?
(cont...) Your idiocy is amazing. "stop bashing us christians..." Only when you stop bashing someone who is different, be it religion (if none), lifestyle choices, or sexuality.
okay but you have all these emotions dont you i know you do cuz u athiest bitches like to whine alot and what would you call that your ableness to feel happiniess, sadness, remorse, id say thats a soul dumbass
I'm a utahn, born and raised. That lovely women is being far more polite in her letter than you can expect any conservative here to be to you if you are not LDS, or lead any kind of "alternative" lifestyle.
I have read the bible. All of it, Not just little snippets that prove hatred and bigotry, but also ones that don't make sense. Don't get me wrong, Jesus was probably a great guy and all, but a lot of his followers centuries later got those messages mixed up. The bible has been re-written over and over again so that it conforms to the times. Unfortunately, what could have been a great message for future societies has been twisted into something dark and hateful.
Joe i can fly its called a plane
If we only had more republicans like you. Stay well.
There are far more important things to be concerned about like the education,drug problem, world hunger, murders,etc. Seriously people get a life! most of us just want to have the legal rights heterosexuals have. such as being able to provide health care to our loved one. Some of us have children through our partners.The religious part isn't that important. a lot of religious people swear like they are perfect. I'm sure there are far worse things people do. Thank u 2 those who support us.
it is nowhere in a lions instinct to adopt a baby impala, but it does. animals are led by instinct but go away from it too. google it. everything is choice in life according to me. your personality, everything. one might haves eyes for his sister, and they could think its love but the idea of it is the problem, they are not allowed to get married cause it is wrong cause they have the same parents (which i support btw). you stop yourself from being involved. my personal sexual preference is...
nomally i wouldn't reply this since i now look like a dumbass :P
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