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Mandarin Time

by The YOMYOMF Network • 225,826 views

Thanks to everyone for making this week's launch of our YOMYOMF Network such an amazing experience. As a way of saying thanks, we wanted to post this special bonus video. Enjoy! "MANDARIN TIME" is...

wo yao ta de pi gu :D
lol, so i did learn stuff in my mandarin class! who knew! But man... this vid... no comment ^^:;;
PENDEJOSS HAHAHAHA that was so funny and yeah im colombian i hear that a lot hahahahah
I am Chinese but i don't know chinese, but i speak Cantonese!~
Pendejos means bitches not idiots.
This just ruined my childhood memories of Sesame street . LOL
Im a Chinese and...Your pronounciations ...BULLCRAP
I don't even think this should have been offensive to chinese people at all. If you were offended are you sure it wasn't over the sexism, not the racism?
I, a chinese, thinks this is a little wrong....
Damn... i've been speaking the language for since i knew how to talk & these dudes can't get it right half the time. but nonetheless, this is hilarious!!!!...
same here, I mean, I'm not offended by it buuuuut I think it'll be better if you guys stop trying to attempt mandarin
LOL i find this really funny yet somewhat offensive xD im half chinese and korean.
one of his/her parents is a korean while the other is a chinese?
I thought pendejo meant dick, actually... I had a friend who would say it all the time...
I find this offensive and funny But i am chinese so fuck u if u think this is racist if i dont
I'm a Chinese but I find it weird why they use the traditional words rather than the simplified version which more people use nowadays.
Manderin person eating manderin food while watching this.... 0_0
说漂亮,不美。 Say beautiful (piaoliang), not (mei)
this was offensive but i kinda want more...
So am I. I am mandrin and I thought we were talking about mandrin oranges, like the mini ones.
i hope this is real Mandarin. i wanna ask my chinese friend lol
Lmafo this is funny! make way more of this
dafuq. mandarin isnt like cantonese. mandarin doesnt have the long ass end. ai yaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
i wish this would be series :/
stop that ching chong thingy, a little offensive.
Is this like the dirty version of Sesame Street ? LOLOL
hey this video has to have more views
one of the tags is beautiful ass
Anyone who knows any of it would say it's racist/offensive/inaccurate. I am one of those people.
no matter how shit it is... still laughed... great stuff.
technically the chinese isn't actually gramatically correct. But its still entertaining all the same :)
how come the green one has a french accent when speaking english?
ils peuvent aspirer ma boule de mère putain ceux tas de mauvaises chiennes de Mandarin temps putain ils l'air si gai gars devrait se moi! chien
..I wouldn't mind having this kind of sesame street lol. XD Sesame street for older people. it wrong that i find the song very catchy and that i learned it from hearing it 3 times?????
Wow im part not black part not white part not asian part not eskimo part not european part not human part not alien part not stephen tyler part just kidding.
This is so funny since I speak's just so wrong.
It's like an adult, perverted version of Seseme Street that teaches you Mandarin instead of Spanish not a good or bad wow. just wow.
Im chinese and founf this video very funny and not offensive at all. Lol
The new Generations of Sesame Street!
PENDEJOS!! That's Spanish! XD
I couldn't watch the whole video...oh well. I guess..
Their accent in pronouncing the words are funny. haha. It's wrong when you pronounced it in a certain lingo or tone. but yet it is very hilarious~ (i'm not chinese though, just asian living in a multi racial country)
thx, totally forgot about the word "dialect" at the time xD and yeah, i should know, im Chinese
Lol!!! More of these guys plz xD
ni hao! I speak a lot of mandarin but its hard!
This isn't racist at all. I hate those dramatic people who hate. It's only a joke! Sheesh people!! What has happened to the world!!! I love this video btw :3
ahhhh pendejos that made my day es buenio ^) ('-') (^
PENDEJOS ! that's spanish (IDIOTS) .. hahaha .. i love it ;D
is that an orthodox jewish monster?
Please make another one of these this videos this video actually taught me some kind of mandarin that i will remember
This wasn't very funny at all.
this is the best video from yomyomf
Liked and favorited halfway through and at the end was still looking for more ways to show love for this video. Time to share!
Google translate sucks it means idiots....
We need more if this series haha xD
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