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TFS DragonBall Z Abridged: Episode 30 (Part 2 of 3)

by TeamFourStar • 4,441,916 views

Episode 30: Freeza: The Final Cut (Part 2) Visit our website at: Our Facebook:!/teamfourstar Cast: MasakoX - Goku, Gohan...

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I just realized something. If Shenron brought back all of the people killed by Freeza and his men, wouldn't it have brought back some of Freeza's minions considering how Freeza killed some?
+Izaiah Reed I meant balls not basis autocorrect caught me slipping
+Izaiah Reed that's why i meantioned dragon ball logic in the last post :p
Four billionth viewing and it occurs to me... why didn't Shenron bring Krillin back to life? Had he already been rez'd once in Dragon Ball?
+TheLastCoolGuyOnEarth you missing out dragon ball was great
He was and that doesn't make any sense as they were two different wishes. One was wishing someone specifically back and the other was undoing a person's actions. To be honest, the resurrection rules all seemed to be arbitrary and didn't make much sense. Like the natural causes wish, why would that be a limit especially when Goku died of the heart virus since dying of a viral and/or bacterial infection isn't actually natural. Just like being murdered or an accident, you die from outside issues. Also the year time limit makes no sense. Is it a year on the plane the wish is being made on or is there some type of "universal year?" Is it a year for the person that died because time isn't he same in other world and year for them could be 10 for the living.  
To answer fans who haven't seen the original series or don't remember: Revivals can only be made within a year of death Porunga grants three wishes, Dende used one to bring everyone to Earth Krillin wasn't revived because he was already revived in Dragon Ball after being killed by one of King Piccolo's sons. (Timpani I think) The Sayians (English spelling) weren't brought back because they were wiped thirty something years before the wish was made Piccolo's regenerative abilities don't fix death
+Gootothesecond As far as the Goku and Cell thing, Goku also arguably caused his own death by holding Raditz in place while Piccolo shot them both. Just because he could've prevented his own death does not necessarily mean it is his responsibility that it happened. And that was just Goku falling under the "can't come back more than once" area. It's made a point I recall that they could use the Namekian Dragon balls, but Goku doesn't want to come back because he's the thing that keeps attracting the dangerous fighters. Guru I'll admit was a long shot, but I believe the explanation was that his grief over everyone dying (including Nail) gave him a heart attack before he died of old age, so the balls gave him those couple of minutes back. I believe in the original during this wish, Shenron says he wasn't sure if he could grant this wish, but he would try. Even the Dragon doesn't seem consistently aware of what's within his power.
+papershadow69 If the Dragons themselves aren't sure what they can't do then there's really no hard rule to any of this. The point of Goku isn't that he could just as well have been wished back by Porunga, it's how the manner in which he died affects the wish.
7:38 "oh my god you can grind meat on it" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Wait at 4:20 did that actually happen in the anime 
Frieza: Now your super saiyan soup! High in vitamin dumbass!
+Crystal LunaWolf frieza hope your ready to party cause it's vegeta clock poof 😂😂
7:37 funniest part in the whole series.
I almost died laughing xD
the guru shouldn't have come back he did not get killed by frezas men.
+AdicusDeath reaper not just bail but his entire race. so yes this was caused by frieza which is why he was brought back. krillen was not brought back since he died in dragonball and shenron only bring a person back ONCE. so yes even though he was killed by freiza he already died and could not be wished back. (side note this is also part of the reason goku transformed since it was not just the loss of his best friend but the fact that he was truely unable to return). but purunga can bring anyone back for as many times as he sees fit. dendas version of the dragon could have done the same if he made his own and did not use kamis old one.
"Do you know what a minute is?" "What? Of course I do!" "I don't think you do." "I...but...I..." That awkward moment when Goku is smarter than you for a second.
what does it even mean coz i don't get it
+koolboy895 Frieza at 6:53 of episode 30 part 1: "Five minutes before this planet explodes!" Frieza at 1:28 of part 2, 4:35 later, so nearly five minutes later: "This planet really is about to blow. I give it, like, two minutes tops." Frieza at 7:53 of part 2, 6:23 after the second prediction, 10:58 after the first prediction: "Afraid knowing this planet only has one minute left before it explodes!" Namek eventually explodes at 3:20 of part 3, a full 16:37 after Frieza said five minutes, 12:08 after Frieza said two minutes, and 5:36 after Frieza said one minute. Even if we cut out the bits from Earth and King Kai's planet, he's still well off the mark every time. Hence, Frieza doesn't know what a second is.
Nooo the pizza was wasted
I prefer frieza's abridged voice actor over Kai's.  They're similar but this one is way better and I'd prefer funimation hire him over the hack they have there now.
+Jesse St. Peter Yeah they actually different are easily distinguishable from the funimation voice actors.
Guru: Oh warming??? NNAAAAAAAAAAAIILL!
Here's a question, why didn't they use the earth Dragonballs to wish back everyone killed by Frieza and Vegeta, yeah it would probably bring back Dordoria, Zarbon, the Ginyu Force, Nappa, and most of Frieza's men, but Piccolo alone would be able to take them all on since he fused with Nail
It wouldn't be one wish then I'm guessing. 
0:44 Zooombi--ooh wait that's Vegeta...Vegetaaaaa!
Wait if everyone who was killed by Freeza and his men shouldn't the saiyans be back because Freeza killed them
Super Kami Guru: ohhh God Global Warming NAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That moment you're trying to watch a video but you can't because the ad won't load.
8:20 - 8:33 the funniest part in my opinion
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+Mirage Of the Autobots a bunch of 9's and 5's that have a secret.  
4:06 How I feel about boobs
+Wayne Ekeh What? No! He wants them bigger! Bigger! BIGGER!
+lazylank i was making a joke,duh ;)
The part when Goku kept slapping freeza in the face repeatedly was hilarious 😂
Would someone please remind me why exactly Goku wasn't teleported back to earth? I fail to remember.
RIP English, Engrish and Ingrich
Am I the only one who thinks that Super Kami Guru sounds like Nicholas Cage if he got old and screamed more? Also I would hook him up with Ms. Wolowitz but then again he doesn't;t have a D*ck. Also that would be the worst pare-up ever!
Global warming?! NOOOOOOOOOO....
Been wondering, what is the time restraints on dragon ball resurrections? Because Frieza and his men have been killing alot of people for a long time now XD 
They should also be on earth if all of the people who were killed by Freeza and his men came back there
8:37-8:53 Kinect in a nutshell (at least from what I heard from most people)
4:33 Goku gives a guide on how to become gladiator as a combat rogue in WoD.
"COME AT ME BRO!" Best line I have ever heard XD
"An overgrown that thing Chi Chi keeps in her drawer!" lmao
+GBA Garchomp lol well he was referring to Chi Chi having a Dildo. The joke being women keep it in their drawer and TFS making Goku stupid making him not know what it was. But considering how Frieza looks that's the joke lol he basically just called Frieza a giant Dildo
If Dende made the wish of his own will, then why did he keep Goku on the planet with Frieza? He didn't even know who Goku was. Yes, that was part of the plan, but Dende wasn't in on it.
Yes, that frog is ginyu
8:37 lol poking fun at dbz Kinect I see.
after watching this i have to ask, How the hell was the ABRIDGED version of King Kai/Kaio-sama's plan supposed to work
Daddy I don't want to be on namek anymore.
Oh, I have become Error.
I can't tell is Super Kami Guru was yelling No or not... it would be absolutely hilarious if it was NNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIL
3:50 I just wanted to screw over frieza
So what if I did? Huh? Come at me bro!
Hey this came out on my birthday!!!
wait if popo brought back all the people who got killed by freeza's men then why didint nappa get brought back?
Actually he probably did but got killed by either cell or buu
"When there's no more room in hell, VEGETA SHALL WALK THE.... other hell, what the hell?
+Lajos Kelemen Good :) i'll delete my comments so no one will know. ;)
hell's bells plays in the background
I finally got it krillin wasn't brought back because they said bring back worthless people, but krillin is so worthless there is a different word for him XD
+Wayne Ekeh The only thing I really dislike about Kai is Gohans voice.
+Ianamis i can completely understand
8:15 Goku is normal 8:16 Goku is Super Saiyan 8:25 Goku is normal WTF
+XBL Zemratsu I'm not looking at his aura, his hair was golden as he was flying away directly after turning to his normal form.
+Zebraman R it was an animation error. In the original, Goku had normal hair, but indeed had that golden glowy affect on him. Just something they missed. Maybe Kaiserneko couldn't fix the problem and left it as it is.
Does anyone else think that Guru sounds like Daithi De Nogla?
8:50 - Power Glove reference.
Super Kami Guru's Confession was hell of Funny! At 6:20
Guru wasn't killed by Frieza... he died naturally... Yeah I red that "grief killed him, caused by Frieza" but come on............
This always bothered me. How many Namekians are there? How small is that planet?
The planet is huge! Namekian population is just Very low.
Hey monkey! you forgot your pizza!
Ok enough freezes death ball sent every sayian back in time therfore they're alive even if they were dead the dragon couldn't wish them back
No it didn't, only Bardock was sent back into time. As stated in the original dragon ball z, when you wish someone back to life they appear where they died, Meaning everyone that was wished back in the universe was wished back on their original planet, And as we know Planet plant was destroyed so every sayian that was brought back to life basicly sufficated to death in outer space.
If the dragon was told to bring back everyone that was killed by Friza and his men. Then why wasn't everyone From Planet Vegeta brought back... I mean Friza destroyed the planet and killed all the Saiyans.  So shouldn't they have been brought back as well..?
Actually they can breathe in you see with bardock and in battle of the gods..but the earth dragon can't bring a person back more than once they could use the namek balls but they would have to wish them back once at a time but that would take forever
Actually they can't as frieza stated this in the show... Goku was fighting beerus in earths atmosphere and Bardock was within planet vegetas atmosphere,both of them hadn't fully entered outer space
din da made freeze pest that was so funny I laughed for 5 minutes
I like the way Nail said 'DO NOT TELL HIM I'M HERE'
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Why did the dragon bring Guru back?? He wasn't killed by Freeza and his men...he died naturally, right?
That was actually a point of contention in the original DBZ. King Kai asks Kami if people killed indirectly by Freeza would be brought back to life. Remember, Guru died again on Earth just a few minutes later. This is because Guru was going to die naturally of old age, but the stress and grief of Freeza killing all the other Namekians cut his life a little short. As far as Shenron's concerned, that counted as Freeza killing Guru, so he got brought back for the last few minutes he would have otherwise had.
Wait. I thought Porunga could only bring back one person at a time. How can he bring back everyone that was killed by Frieza and his men?
+Dean Jarrett Nevermind I'm dumb lol. I thought when Dende wished for everyone to leave Namek, I thought he also brought everyone back to life but I forgot about the Shenron and Mr. Popo scene lol
LOL, no worries! Looking through the comments at least it's one of the less asked questions on this video!
(and your just a over grown thing that chi chi keeps in her Dresser) goku WHA WHA WHAAt what do you mean by that!  
I fucking died laughing when Guru tried to die but was then killed by his own people. Now my ghost is typing this shit.
what if they wished back all those killed by frieza and his men, wouldn't the saiyans be alive
Shenron cannot revive someone who has been dead for more than a year
why isn't krillin alive?
shenron already wished him back once
" I think I peed a little."                   Lord Frieza,                                     June 2012. 
Hey im not sure if you guys do request and this is going to sound stupid but if the voice of nappa can sing the duck song I think that would be epic
and your just an over groan that thing chichi keeps in her
Wait, if the wish was "to bring back everyone freezer and his men have killed" how did Super Kami Guru come back?
+transfomer3000 in tfs he actually says he stopped his own heart for a few minutes.
+transfomer3000 oh, well that's one hell of a loop hole.
That's not a pizza(goes ssj)that's not a pizza at all
how many times has goku died in dragon ball z
Naaaailll, Naaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiillll,NNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIILLLLLLL Piccolo: I think he is looking for you. Nail: Do not tell him I'm here! Kami Guru: Nail, I can sense you. Nail: DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT!!!!!
frizza got slapped by goku 
7:23 what's that music called while goku and frieza are fighting
Even vegeta was surprised to see the murder of super kami guru
The Saiyans are renowned for and talk a lot about being the ultimate warrior race...and yet the universe knows no fury like a race of people who have collectively kept their emotions in check for so long.
So if the wish was to bring back everybody freeza killed why wasn't krillin brought back that time?
Guru is basically Hitler...
Wait.... Then by TFS logic, shouldn't planet Vegeta and all the previous generation saiyans all come back to life? Along with all the planets that Freeza blew up?... and.. you get the point....
+livingalife01 But only in tfs because they were like: yah you worked for Freeza back than ... :D (Also, it was less than a year ago ^^)
Are you questioning god?
Since they wished for all The people freezy killed then should all the saiyans be alive
They can't be brought back, the earths dragon balls can only bring you back within the year of your death, the Saiyans died over 20 years ago, even if they came back don't forget planet Vegeta was destroyed, their is no oxygen for them to breathe, they would just die again
+transfomer3000 you know what? I'm starting to think that that is total crap now... because of that new DBZ movie coming out.
Frieza kicks Goku in nuts and flies to parunga. Goku: OW my gontenks! (Dafuq, isn't it just goten lol.)
he said gotens and its spelt gotenks(im am not a grammer nazi :P)
Wait, why'd Guru comeback? He didn't die because of Freeza, directly.
He died because of a broken heart and whatnot
am I the only one who laughed when guru died? XD "Neeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllllllllll...!"
what happen to krillen he was killed by freza
Okay hold up did you guys draw some of this yourselves? Cause I kid you not I don't remember some of these scenes and i'm starting to wonder if I missed a lot XD
+Kid Kula personally I only know the german version but I guess that the US version has a l more censorship than the german. D: 
they usually pull scenes from other episodes
Krillin was killed by Freeza. Why didn't he come back to life?
+Jacob Coleman actually no, it's because the earth's Dragon can only bring a person back to life once, it had nothing to do with him getting blown up
Hey if the Nappa was brought back from the dragon balls why wasnt jiece and Gyniu and the green guy brought back to life
Oh ok thx now I understand :) 😃
Because ginu is the frog when he traded body's he is not dead
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