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by SourceFed • 261,751 views

A graveyard of giant ancient wombats was found in Australia. Order your SourceFed Posters here: Our Sources: Go to for our 5 daily...

tiny baby elephant I'd call it Steve
PLEASE READ THIS! you are going to have the best fucking day EVER tomorrow!! IF YOU POST ANYTHING ON 6 OTHER VIDEOS IN AN HOUR AFTER READING THIS THEN IT WILL TURN OUT TO BE!... the worst day ever filled with bastards and fuck-tards... so yh NO POSTS FOR AN HR (hour)
Ssshhhhhh no one cares
mega wombats are fun but if they shit your fucked qq
Is a giant chinchilla an option?
that was the most painful video i have ever seen.
walter         );
Puppy sized elephants.
Tiny elephant, no question
guys... no... nonononono... wombats are vicious, you DO NOT MESS WITH WOMBATS, you hit a wombat with a ute and the ute will be smashed up, but the wombat will get up and walk away. They're like all Australian creatures, you don't mess with em unless you're steve irwin... sorry too soon
I would get the wormbat so I could ride it to school
Pigmy elephant because they would do work for me
OMG I'm australian and i love Megalania
So here's what I'm thinkin'. Both the elephant and the megawombat would either be super dangerous or super annoying to have and both extremely hard to train. Especially the elephant because of a little something I like to call the Lap Giraffe Theory. It's a thought experiment in which you imagine everyday life with a lap giraffe as a household pet with a personality somewhere between a dog and a cat ... also perhaps a pig (giraffes like to hit things with their heads sometimes).  Alright so picture yourself goin out for a night and you put that giraffe in the kitchen with the pet gate up so he won't break into your bedroom and chew up your vinyls (I've never owned vinyls but I imagine they can be nice... like a faberge egg or a bonsai bush. So anyway, you leave the house and the giraffe just watches you leave and you're like, "Bye geoffe! we'll be back soon." And since he doesn't understand English he just stares at you with those big dumb, cute giraffe eyes and maybe licks the air with that huge tongue. So you shut the door. It's not geoffe's fault. All giraffes are curious. so he unlatches the gate with a combination of his GIANT neck (in the case of a lap giraffe, the neck reaches the average lightswitch) and his amazing prehensile tongue. Easy. Plus he's smart and he's watched you so he knows how the mechanism works. He goes into your bedroom, throws your record on the player and cranks some Hendrix, grabs the phone, dials all the lady lap giraffes, drops your faberge egg while trying to impress the ladies, eats your bonsai bush, and the neighbors start to complain because the music is too loud. They bang on the door to get you to turn down the music and who greets them at the door but geoffe and a couple of the lap giraffe ladies. The neighbors ask politely but geoffe isn't havin none of it and he pulls out the remington .45 you keep in the coat closet and blows one of the neighbors away. The other runs screaming into the night and goes to call the cops but geoffe and a couple of his lap giraffe buddies follow him into their house and turn on the gas burner. Geoffe lights a stoge and throws the match into the house. The house explodes with a deafening roar as Geoffe walks in slow motion with his buddies beside him. Hendrix is still playing as the explosion sets off the alarms of every car within five blocks. The police arrive and find the house in splinters. By this time, all the lap giraffe ladies and Geoffe's buddies are gone. The police knock on your door with a warrant and no one answers so they break down the door and what do they find? Only Geoffe laying quietly behind the kitchen gate with his head resting on his butt all cute like. They search the house and find nothin. No guns, no people, no suspicious activity or items. Just a lap giraffe, sitting on a remington .45 handgun. But WHO'S going to suspect a LAP GIRAFFE? It's the perfect crime. Lap giraffes are by their very nature problematic.  Another example; you know how your dog stands by the dinner table and waits for scraps to fall? Sometimes people have dogs just big enough to stick their wet noses to the edge of your plate. Well a lap giraffe would just walk up to the table, look at you like, "sup," and never break eye contact as his tongue reaches over and slurps up your bratwurst. Don't believe me? My cat tried to eat a sandwich I had ALREADY PUT IN MY FREAKING MOUTH! Don't tell me the giraffe's going to respect the fact that it's your plate. The dog doesn't even respect it, He just has given up trying to get it because he knows he's going to cause a scene and dogs don't like causing scenes. And you know how cat's are always trying to interrupt anything you do so they can get attention from you? Like laying on your keyboard as you're typing? Well a giraffe would be a million times worse because they're way cuter! He'd give you a little love bump with his forehead then slide his head underneath your hand and force you to pet him with all the skill and articulation that an arm sized neck affords. Let's say you're doing the dishes, ironing a shirt, watching a movie, snogging, completing a jig-saw puzzle, it doesn't matter. The giraffe will always be there and he's gonna be like, "what's this about? What's that? WHATCHA DOOOOIN?" And not only will he have the curiosity but he also has the means to back it up (meaning the neck and tongue of course). So what does this have to do with the megawombat and the dog sized elephant? Well a dog sized elephant wouldn't exactly be worse than Geoffe due to the fact that he is an absolute terror but, the elephant would be about as bad as a lap giraffe. I mean, what can you possible do to a creature with a prehensile tongue? You can put a lap giraffe in a small room and force him to keep his head down to train him but how do you train a dog sized elephant? You just hit his nose whenever he steals your m&ms? That won't work. Besides you can't just hit an animal's nose. I can't think of what else to say about that but I stand by my statement. Anyway, you can't just tie it in a knot either. Elephants communicate and express themselves with their noses. It would be like tying up the hands of a deaf girl who only knew ASL.  And don't even get me started with the megawombat! All the things that Geoffe did because he's clever, the megawombat would do simply because no one could or has the balls to stop him. He could eat a child for goodness sakes! Supposing you could properly train him? Well then, that presents even more problems doesn't it? I'd rather had a megawombat that was feared and respected than a giant neurotic marsupial that nobody would let their kids near at the park. Soon he'll develop a complex about it and think everyone hates him then go all Frankenstein's Monster on everybody and be like, "If I cannot inspire love...I will instead cause FEAR!" Then he's going to steal a female elephant from the zoo because she's the only thing that's big enough to love him. Then the elephant will fall in love with him and they'll run away together causing nothing but destruction and misery in their wake.  In conclusion, both ideas sound completely bonkers but I'd have to go with the elephant. Cuteness overrides the whole riding on the back of a megawombat into battle with an axe raised high above your head, dressed in nothing but superman briefs, long flowing black hair trailing behind you, a terrifying war cry emanating from your massive lungs as you charge the frontlines, leap from your megawombat and begin to dispatch the enemy smartly, your wombat throwing people 40 ft into the air, stopping only to roar in approval in the midst of it's bloodlust. Although if you could hide dwarf ninjas in the pouch that might sweeten the deal. I still choose dog-sized elephants. You could tuck them into bed at night and when your feeling sad they'll grab your hand with their trunks and nuzzle your leg with their heads. Besides, I feel like a megawombat would more than likely be tucking YOU in. Not the most comforting fact. It would take a lot of training and getting to know the big guy before you're like, "Hey I'm going to crawl into your pouch so don't freak out ok?" And even then it'd be weird. Wouldn't that make it think you were it's child? Elephants ftw.
Why don't you fuck off you races mother fucks go to hell and no we didn't use ther skin FUCK YOU REPORT
mega wombat look at it it's huge i'll ride it into mexico then sleep in a pouch
Dog sized elephant and name it donphan.
A Mega Wambat! I would name it steve and take him on adventures to battle the pale orc and then live in the shire. then write a book about it AWESOME
I would want a mega wombat. It'd be cool to show off.
Lee's cute made a come back...
I want to get some Berthe’s mouse lemurs, and ring tailed lemurs. They're primates that are gonna be extinct sometime soon. Should start bringing them in for breeding away from Madagascar. They're distant primate cousins, let's keep 'em from dying out people =P
With selective breeding, it is possible. Might take a while, but it will be worth it :D
Puppy-Sized Elephant! I would call mine 'Ella'.... DFTBA
Wow Steve looks soo different here than he does now! Wow! Great job losing that weight bro :)
Shadow of the Colossus T-shirt FTW!
Any pet that will laugh at my jokes...
I saw the picture and was so exited and then for the first time ever i disliked a source fed video not cool guys I'm so disappointed.
A group of people come across a wombat ecosystem, what do they do? Native Americans: Take what they want, and use EVERY part of the body for some kind of use. -OR- English man: Kill a CRAP load of them, sell the fur and meat of some, use the rest for themselves, then throw away the bones. Native Americans for the WIN!!! >:D they let wombats live!
Little elephant, duh, cuz it can get you beer and shit with its trunk. What's a giant wombat gonna do for you? Nothing is what.
I think there was a super bad-ass war of animals going down in could've happened...
well i disliked your comment of you disliking my comment because you don't like me disliking the video because of me not liking wombats because i don't like you disliking my comment about me disliking wombats because i disliked the video about wombats
Tiny elephant! If I could afford to feed a regular elephant I would get one. I would want a mega wombat if I could afford to feed it, too though...
*gasp* Lee is cheating on Yuki with Walter!!! Someone call Opera!!!!
Tiny baby elephant. No competition.
I want the venomous lizard...
Guys, where do I find the wombazite
Walter the Wombat? What about the dolphin you're getting with Elliott, Lee? His name is also Walter!!
How about a dog that grows to elephant size?
I would rather have the 6 meter long venomous lizard called megalania
I want an elephant! I shall name it Steve!
I wouldn't mind staying warm with that blonde chick mmmmmm.
if the wombat is trained then ill go for the mega wombat
we need a heavy metal / indie folk band called megawombat. now.
500,000 years ago? God told me Earth is only 6000 years old....Ha creationism fail...put it on that huge pile of information...
Ajfhcvj bjjjkk Hfcjcbcbnn Jfbhhfj
i will teach mine to walk on two legs and i will call him chewwy
I looked for the kickstarter but I couldn't find it...
Lee has a thing for large animals. first Yuki now a Wombat
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