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Girlfriend Pt.5

by CollegeHumor • 1,129,255 views

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1:06 makes me so nervous because I'm so close to close.
What's the name of the girlfriend. For Research purposes of course..
God damn, watching this stings more than soap in the tip.
This little mini-series is great. It's actually well-written from a sort of emotional, character-based perspective, in addition to being hilarious.
im the 3,000 comment bitch!
chicken nuggets in fucking cookies!? oh wait they're for Amir nvm.
... I knew what was up from the start, but "chicken nuggets" just made me crack up. Not subtle at all. 
she looks like rachel from friends wtf?
is it just me or did amir come out of a closet, and not the front door? lol
Again... I was right the first time. You have serious issues kid.
Holy fucking shit she is fucking hot
How did my comment affect you in anyway?... 32 other people seemed to agree with me, i didn't know i'd have to translate what everyone already understood to some buzz-kill but here it goes. I was referring to the fact the "jerks" always get the good girls,,,
He is. I ask my English teacher this question, and she said you're supposed to put the commas in there.
bwaawwwhhhhwwwooo ffuck me! Lol best part
amen. But apparently, in some strange land, there are actually hot girls who don't like dating douchebags. I just haven't seen one yet :)
"..It is a many people misuse commas.." isn't the best example of English either, pal. Honestly, you should just let people learn off of their... 'mistakes.' Or, at least that's what you consider them to be. The only advice I can give you at this point is, don't criticize unless you can justify yourself to it, which you didn't.
Hey, I just wanted to congratulate you on your profile pic.You scared the shit out of me.
You might want to leave, retaining a small shard of your dignity. You've been bested multiple times, and you still think that you're correct. I had such a laugh from reading your comments. :)
Hate it when gorgeous girls in relationships talks like that. How do they not know that's torcher?!
poor jake with the blueballs
but... it also says that us single dudes may just get insanely lucky someday :)
God damn all you f***n grammar snobs and your shitty pretentious snide comments. Instead of stripping people down, why don't you just get allong and watch a funny vid and laugh for once in your humor free life.
Dude dont freak out, there's a freaking spider on your face dude.
Again you prove yourself to be an idiot. A Christian could easily say they know God exists. Just because THEY know it doesn't mean its a fact. My point is. You're an idiot. So what you claim you "know" doesn't mean shit. Now piss off im working.
Oh my godddd lmfaooo XD i do feel a bit sorry for Jake though...
She didn't question the chicken nuggets because she knows that Amir loves chicken nuggets.
I appologize in advance. I hate you. I've recently had trouble with spiders biting me in my sleep and I've finaly gotten rid of them for a while. Your pic made me think they were back, and I almost shit my pants.
187 people knew i was joking... and people like you are way to literal.
that's irreverent, she would never want to suck your dick in the first place. fucking loser.
Whoa bro chill. But suppose that not possible due to that major burn you just got, dude!
Don't listen to them, they have probably got nothing better than to roam the internet and correct peoples comments to feel better about them self.
'It is a many people misuse commas...' Why is it that I am having a hard time believing you're the smart one?
Nope. I'm an alien. We have three genders in our species. Its kind of like being Catholic. Male, Female, Pedophile.
JAKES FACE AT 2:24 priceless...
Haha. First page I've seen where a Grammar Nazi is the top comment.
she is seriously a 1 in 7 billion catch personality and everything!
Jake sees the female amir in her. lol
Yes. Read the above comments with your common sense hat on and you'll see. But judging by your previous comments I think it's okay to assume you're a retard.
So two people are both siding against you, and yet you still insist that you are right.
Actually, he may not want a comma there, it may be a fluid sentence, I personally would add a comma though.
Who is this actress? She looks like Jennifer Aniston's younger sister.
You guys are all retards. It's just a fucking comma, this is college humor, not real college. Grammar doesn't mean shit here LOL
Well, actually i don't see the need for a comma after a simple "no" or "god". Nut anyway they're both acceptable, there's no debate here. And you probably should'nt say grammatically "smarter"... competent perhaps? Dunno. Just my 2 cents
Is that Paula from jersey shore?
*You really need to take an English class if you think that's how commas aren't used.*
You're boring me now so I'm not going to bother reading that comment.
Is your life a little fuller now that you've left that useless comment? Do you feel like you've achieved something?
So in other words, you read my comment, couldn't think of anything to say in return, so you pretended to lack the attention span to read 4 lines of text.
That's a wardrobe (closet) not a door
Well actually, the comment is quite useful. It let's me know that people on YouTube can believe that they're right, and use slander on other people, and then turn out to be completely wrong. I feel like I've achieved a lot. Thanks for the consideration!
2:40 sorry Im afraid she doesnt hear you anymore, TOO LATE GODDAMNIT
So why is it a big "fuck you", it wouldn't happen in real life. Things are fictional for reasons.
I know why the cookies tasted so bad...... he didn't watch the tutorial /watch?v=YyJycsyhufY
this is typical if ure a good friend... never get what u deserve..^^
I was hoping for her to say "'Twas A Dream!!" after the oh sheesh y'all
Is it just me or does she get more attractive each episode?
What is it with idiots and the misuse of commas? You really need to do some research to see how they are really used before you go humiliating yourself. Pathetic little child.
I'm supposed to be doing an art project...It's 2:52 am...I'm screwed and it's all Jake and Amir's fault! XD
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