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Gimmie Dat Butt Crawl

by UberHaxorNova • 523,228 views

A preview of things to come. Its sp00n....not Seamus lol

has been so long ago and still its funny
Ya gotta stop gettin' high around your Granny, causes weird shit to happen.
Now it's how the fuck is this a top comment.
click show comment to see how many people did a butt crawl
214 people dont like tat butt crawl
i thinks that was resistance 2 i guess but it wasnt that good ( games always seem a lot better when the creatures play them ;D)
Now there should be a Gimme dat Slow mo voice.. haha
that was a month ago & kids r stil telling me " now its 217 " :l
213 now ... More and more trolls are creating youtube accounts ... Its our duty to stop em all !
Pause Video. Turn on Captions. Enjoy :D.
yeah he's actually meaby 5 look hes videos :l
0:23 to 0:45 i laughed so hard
Lmfao Nova's slow-mo voice is hilarious
Now it's - lol jokes with that name you're unworthy to talk to.
right click video+press stop download=BUTT CRAWL DOG
I laugh because of the slow-mo. it's always fun when he talk.
Day 34 - Running out of water and have not yet found the first comment
o wait im an idiot its resistamce 3 lol
I died through the slow mo part xD
Nova's slow-mo voice killed me more than the demon butt crawl
It also takes a no-life to look at a comment from 7 months ago.
Half of the comments are replying to you with the amount of dislikes they see. The internet never fails to amuse me.
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