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Girls are Like M&M's

by kevjumba • 5,877,032 views

I love M&Ms... and interracial babies... and my dad Twitter: Facebook: Music by (check him out!):...

Miss this Kevin so much
Me to its like snow not being when he doesn't post videos.
"Girls are like M&Ms. They're all different colors on the outside, but on the inside, they're all the same-- and they all taste good!" Best metaphor ever.
Ok we'll that is a thumps up because that is the truest thing that true has ever known.
I remember I was bored during the summer of 2009 and I came across this video and it had 20,000 views, now this video is in the millions omg
First video i came across during YouTube....ahhhh man does time pass by.
But I don't want to be eaten and now I'm fake crying!!!😣😆😖
Girls are yummy... Uhuh... Ya......... That's awkward bro.
you know it's old when there's a myspace link in the description
I miss kevjumba so much😭 what happened to him?!?
I think it's his second last video. He said he was retiring from youtube to focus on other things in his life. 
lol !!! your daddy is so funny
When he said m and m I heard it as Eminem
Like if you are watching this in 2015
I miss this KevJumba. I miss when youtube was just something cool people did for fun.
see real Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago (edited)
Girls are Like M&M's: Thats why im not gonna date a white or olive gaaal i thinks its racist thats why id only date someone of a different race so fo aw u white an olive skin ppl sorry not a chance lol. Asians get your hopes up hahahahaaaaa
2 comments : 1): It takes 24 muscles to frown and 4 to smile. 2): It may take 4 muscles to smile but only 2 to  hit the shit out of someone.  :) But I'm not agressive any more so I just smile. LOL
+David MORRIS lol well im still young so haha
Skittles: Look beautiful the outside and TASTE VERY JUICY NOT COOL SOUR INSIDE  Girls are mean in some ways. 
I miss these videos :(
So u want us to eat each other?
I'm Chinese and I understand what his dad says
Haha Really funny ~:)
dancing intros were your specialty:)))
I LOVE INTERRACIAL PEOPLE! I'm white and the only people I like more that black and Asian are those somewhere between two races. :D I wonder if there's anyone, who's combined all three and has ginger hair and green eyes. :D:D:D
On the opening you looked like you're drunk by eating too many m&m XD
As a white guy I'm more than happy to contribute to the population of mixed race babies ;)
"Why... Why you do that" "It was an accident.." XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
848 people are racist 
Another reason that girls are like m&ms: u want them, but u dont know why
Lol I know you're Chinese but I never knew you know Mandarin…it would be pretty cool if you know Taiwanese also lolz
I'm veitnamese and black so
you are HILARIOUS!   :)....will keep an eye open 4 green dragon! 
Haha I want a Junbao 😅
Not gonna lie. That asian baby at 1:02 is hella cute
That means that you should eat people.
You guys don't get it.... If a Asian has babies with a black or white girl... The kid will be Asian.. Because the Asian has a more dominate sex Gene. It is the same for Asian girls, so if Americans and blacks have sex with Asians... The whole world will have Asians. By the way I hate the chiniese
Im saying a fact, did I say I hate them??? Read my comment again.
YAY interracial babies
hahaha omg i remember this!
Every time I see this, I want to eat M & Ms .....
your dad speaks chinese
+Nightingale's Song gen shei is with who. when is shen me shi hou...... im Chinese... so... yeah
Im chinese too and gen shei means when. With who is tong bien go
"It was an accident" LOL!!
you know why? cause that's this guy
Lol Kev's way to end an argument: "Just say you love me!" xD
I'll never forget how this video started a mini addiction to m&ms omg. Power of advertising sheesh lool
yooo guys whats the song 4 the intro???
DJ Deckstream - This Is
+Chris P. omg thank you soo much i basically gave up on finding this song s oi appretiate
What is the song for the outro?
I wish I could make videos with you Kevin, you're funny!
when he said M & M's in 3.03 , it sounded like Eminem THUMB UP IS U HEARD THE SAME
Im gonna use this video as an argument
one of the best Kevjumba's videos...the best way to reduce racism is to have more interracial baby...!!!
i'm totally like, love, agree wit this vid!
"Um, it's with a black girl." "WHAT?!" xD CAN'T STOP REPLAYING!!!!
Hey kevjumba send me that phone or at least tell me where to get it thanks :D
Muslim and Hindu are not a race they are religions
People think im Chinese when I'm Filipino TT^TT
it's okay, those whities are just stupid. I'm white and honestly, most of my friends are Asian... though technically, only about 15% of my school are white and black people, but still!!! Asians rock!!
Kevin ain't funny he just makes good videos
there different colors on the out side but on the in side there the same black chocolate not being racist
dude this IS when Kevin posted sloppy and entertaining videos like these, which were exciting to watch as a matter of fact.
蛤!? 根谁呀!? its with a black girl... WHAT!? RACIST
I agree with u racsim is bad my sister won't even talm to me because I am dating an aisan
Papajumba: 蛤?! 甚麼?! 跟誰啊?!
hey guys i really like the intro song can someone please tell me what it is??
The translation/sub of the canto that Kev's Pa said wasn't quite accurate. 1:41 : Huh? 1:42 : What? 1:43 : When? He didn't say "With who"
i wonder how an interracial m&m would look like..
When I have too much M&Ms i get sick of them.... that explains a lot.
When people ask me I just say I'm puertorican. People from the Caribbean are like a super 'rainbow race'. Needless to say my grandpa and grandma were black (like really black) and I got a handfull of nephews and nieces that are more paler than the girl from the Ring.... LOL
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