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Memorable Moment: Zac Efron Plays Zac or Smack

by TheEllenShow • 1,351,677 views

In his first appearance on the show, Zac Efron played a game with Ellen and her audience, in which he revealed some personal trivia. It's time for Zac or Smack!

what an annoying lucky girl!
I want to smack her im the face
Ellen is the coolest lesbian
dont really see what sexuality has to do with it
jesus christ he is perfect! he is just so good looking and he is so humble like holy crap i want him!!!!!!!!!
The contestant looks like a fat Taylor Swift.
Zac is such a babe...
Zac is the coolest lesbian.
he's extremely UNCOMFORTABLE! 
yeah look how he react after that girl jumped!
Oh I think he is still! I just watched a not that old interview with him and he was kinda shy. But I think it suits him :) cute and hot at the same time :D
lol his reaction when Ellen called the girls name and she started to jump up and down! 0:11
she has shorter hair than him.
Wow! Good observation 👏👏
at 0:20 with his head turned to the side. He looked just like Kevin Zegers.
oh my god ur right :O
He is very polite, but I think he thought that girl was annoying , just by his reaction aiming at his face haha
he's so awkward :) so cute!
fuck nigger ass bitch cunt shit hell
sac and ellen look the same age :ο
How do you accidentally cut off your eyebrow?
he was shaving his pubes and then bam
He looks like an older Justin bieber.
poor guy that chick was such a fan girl
he's so boney ....=\
I so love Ellen I would love to be on the Ellen show
awww shit he's smile turns me on 
Maybe he had a long day or got up really early to rehearse for the show...the life of a celeb can be tiresome. He might not have been annoyed but probably just tired.
I know right? I prefer his hair all shaggy like it was in HSM3
i shaved off my sister's eyebrow before. half of it wont grow back
zac claps, until everybody else starts clapping, then he stops
Did she keep the board? I would've kept the board :)
Really Zach really how can you not tell us
The hair flip! :) Haha I miss when Justin used to do it.. :/
lol i love zac lol i love when hes shy about stuff lol its so cute
How did you do it. i need to find out how Zac did it lol
@joraph99 i love them she should thatd be awesome!!!!!!!!!
Hes hot but i fell like not in love with miles fishe after i see him then i see miels fisher and im Wooh
he looks kinda like Garrett Clayton=)
You could tell Zac gets a little scared by the screaming of the first contestant. :P
@TheBlondeGirl100 omg I love your music! Sorry random :p
My sis says he looks like Justin bieber but I say no he's not at cute as Zack. Luv the movie 17 again with zacegron ;)
HAHAHAHAHAHA This is laughing hard because of your joke. I explain it to you because otherwise you would maybe see this as some kind of a depression.
he just does it soooo much better :D zac i mean...
oh dear lord! I thought the ads were gone!!!!!
Hey Ellen ! I just met One Direction :)
I would die if I ever hugged Zac ♥
First? The. There was only one. lol it was funny.
Me AND my sister both shaves off one of our eyebrows accidentally
Scream that girl scary me |:
did anyone else notice Zac's face when the first girl stood up??
The whole video... me with a smile! <3
Lol I thought they were going to Smack him XD
Weird That They Were Standing Right Next To Her O.o
I THINK he's saying that he would go straight so that, um, I don't know, it's hard to explain but I understand. Like, Zac could turn a gay man straight...
Omd i wish i was insted of Christen!
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Zac was so sexy here idk wat happend
i want to know how the hell you ACCIDENTALLY cut off an eyebrow??
No shit sherlock, shall i fold you a paper hat that says mr. awesome?! Anyway, it just seems like she's only putting up memorable moments now, and i've heard some rumors about her quitting?!
hes gorgeous.....after about the 40th time watching i noticed ellen was there.....
hahaha he was like yeah.. yeah .^^ 1:52
hes so cute 'hows it going?' lolll
I accidentally did that too :S i feel his pain
I wish I could meet Zac for my 18th birthday in 2 days. He's my idol and I look up to him. I mean he's hot, sexy, funny, sweet, and nice. I even have a Zac Efron website.
i want to hear the eyebrow story Zac!
i love the hairstyle of zac at high school musical time. it's sunshine n young which looks more attractive:)
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