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cat and dog action

by k00zka • 2,938,863 views

incredible... :O lol xD

jajajajjajajjaajajajjaja no mas perro y gato junto no no
aww poor little cat it was just trynna walk off but tht dog had a tight grip on it
i wonder wat the baby will look like
why is a cat being raped by a dog funny? He should have kicked the dog away, instead of videotaping it. If that's not rape, then what it is?
and this is how catdog was made.
thank, GOD i didn't get a boner
hahahaha I have tears im laughing so hard. :D ahahahahahaha!!
so this is what the cool dudes at school mean with ''getting some pussy'' XD
They can't hav young together they are of different species
Cat was like "RAPE!! RAPE !!RAPE!!"
She's like "Oh,get it in already"
seriously, im still having nightmares. >_> ..
i was looking a video about thread synchronization and semaphores suddenly this strange video appeared
You're doing it wrong mate! Hahaha
Is it possible to have a cat/dog baby?
@avengedxsmurf98 I don't know, it depends on if the cat is female or not. If not then thumbs up infinity.
But my videos cant get past 500 views -.-
LOL Guess dats how CATDOG was created ^_^
add a mouse..... and it will be 3some.........
And they said cats and dogs hated each other!
@96crofty thanxx that really cheered me up that comment i was totally frraked out by this vid untill i read ur comment then i was on the floor hahaha thanxx mate xx
Cats trying to run away but cant becouse dog is on guard XD
What kind of baby's will they have
All alone in the world is a little catdog!
thats my dogg. get that pussy!!!!!!
Only way the dog would get some.
@ulises502ml speak for your self u horny fuck
Cag (cross between a cat and a dog)
XD so thats how my cat got pregnant XD
The cats all like '' you're sex is lame'' imo get bk with my boyfriend ( the elephant)
I think the dog is kinda blind and/or lonely :P
damn youtube, i came here in order to find some nice music... but ended watching dog banging a cat... that's just sad
Get one of them high on the nip, and you can do what you want.
This is Literally Fucking a Pussy !
@ 0:07 My bro: WHOA!! DID YOU SEE THE SIZE OF HIS DICK!! Me: You stupid! it's cat's tail!! (Actually I was the one who exclaimed..)
Baby will basically... Uhhhh... Hmm tough one eh?
we (men) are like dogs all we want is fuck no matter race,color,height ,weight , as long as it have a pussy .. lol
nasty aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
no waaay this would lead to offspring being that their species are too different. So they found a way to have recreational not procreational sex. Added bonus is that no pain to the female cat because when having sex w/ male cats, they get stabbed upon his exiting. if this cat were not enjoying it, she could easily attack him because cats can twist almost completely around & defend themselves..
Two videos ago I was watching sesame this.
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