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Perpetual Mobile - Capricorn || Perpetual Useless

by Perpetual Useless • 1,532,848 views

This model of the PerpetualMobile in 3D graphics and corresponds to the Zodiac sign Capricorn . Thanks for watching! Subscribe for new video every Friday! ► The most amazing...

данное фуфло собрал собственно ручно  посмотрел в действии красота не работает центровку делали на малышево в харькове я дядя в возрасте может умник скинет в чем секрет а или слабо  у коперфильда не такое работает
Да пожауйста, Виталий! Никакого секрета - серия создавалась как 3D иллюстрация к каждому знгаку Зодиака для "рассабления и медитации" в качестве некоторой шутки. Никто не настаивает, что такая штука работает в "живой" модели. )))
фуфло модельное оно работать не будет развод
Ну вооот, наконец-то, нас просветили, предыдущих >600 комментариев мало было... Видео сущестует, наверное, с тех пор, как Виталий сел за компютер (ну, чуть меньше, возможно). Зато, не разобравшись, откуда есть-пошли такие модельки, мы ба-бах! выложим своё ценное мнение ))))))))
lentera dunia Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
perpertual mobile
great video, terrible music, must be written by Yoko, 
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haven Wang Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Raul Costa Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
@MicroMediaInk ya well .. whats tthats saying.. all laes are meant to be broken... may come in to play here.. i think ebay sells some self running motoros .. but this is old news man suppression is still on if ya buy into the same old government liberal media song
@NW0arescum (Continued)And also,claiming that someone is using a BUSINESS name of all things is bullshit,one of your accounts is called"LuxcoNetworksREAL"which is obviously you responding to an account not your business which doesn't exist by the way,and finally,you bitch about topics that DON'T EVEN HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE VIDEO!!Sorry for yelling but seriously that is what you do and it pisses me off to no end I am sick of this what just because someone likes Linux they suck,
@tankman1962 - because your other comments were trying to make you out to be more of the type of person that does have some amount of clues about spiritual and evolved topics. however clearly you are just a waste of space & hard drive space too with nothing to say of any worth. k.y.
I'm watching this for 30 seconds, then !@#$ AM I DOING??? And watch the rest of the video
@Echoparticle - you don't even know anime i like. you kill yourself.
En el mejor de los casos la friccion no consume energia y la rueda gira indefinidamente, pero no se puede extraer una sola caloria del sistema porque colapsa. Compañeros no seamos ingenuos, piensen esto: "la energia que mueve estos aparatos de movimiento perpetuo proviene del Sol" analizelo y verá, se las dejo ahí.
@greenrolaids - your video upload proves how sick and perverted and evil you are. flagged for animal-abuse, My puppy gets Tea-Bagged watch?v=Qi7fJKPdPiA& kill yourself sick freakcunt
@jizburg friction in deep space? bwahahahhaha
Your knowledge of momentum is wrong. You forgot about the horizontal distance between the rotating center and the source of momentum. If you have a ball one kilogram, at one meter right from the center, you got a momentum of 1 to the right. If the same ball is at half a meter, the momentum is 0,5 Do count de the balls, don't forget the horizontal distance from the vertical axis, sum the momentums, it's not null. Period.
"Every action has an equal and opposite reaction." In other words, my dear time all energy time....cancel out and return to its resting state =)
@NWOareScum I wish you well man. Peace be with you.
Without resistance, we can make ANYTHING move forever.
Oh the DaVinci unbalanced wheel concept once again. You know it doesn't work right, well other than in a computer simulation, and a badly designed one at that. The weight of the balls are equal at all points of the wheel. The wheel won't spin for long and won't spin of it's own accord. To lift the balls up on the one side of the wheel takes a certain amount of force. The falling balls are not able to overcome that force. The kinetic energy is not enough to lift the other side up.
@NWOareScum I have one channel. You are a fat, paranoid, schizophrenic cunt on the internet who thinks everything is against you. It is possible to be a worse person than I am. Case in point, you exist. There really is no point in trying to convince you, because you're so backwards-minded that you believe in conspiracy theories. Best regards in your next endeavor to break the world record for shoving dildos in your anus, Echoparticle P.S. Home Depot sells rope. Use it to hang yourself.
ничего вечного не бывает ! а тут может быть этож 3д видео на компе монтированно
Only way to make eternally working "Perpetuum Mobile" is CGI
but if the weight and angle of the wheel spokes maybe the force of both balls dropping will keep it going?
I think so, you are right , corporations research into that
The only perpetually moving object that we know of nowadays is superfluids, but those take a CRAPLOAD of energy in order to cool 'em down that much.
I think my computer is powered by this type of engine
It's Against Newton's law, it couldn't be possible because all force at the lower part of the wheel are equilibrates
It is ok .DO exist better way of free energy . but corporation are hide thems . sorry i am speak very little
@BlingsFashion i did not say anything about THIS "Perpetuum Mobile" i said that the SIMPLEST Perpetuum Mobile is a wheel.. or for that matter.. a spinning thing in deep space. witch even that eventualy stopps.. beacause of... FRICTION
@hwdp89 well i mean Thermodynamics laws prevent it from happening true but then how the hell does this work? /watch?v=us7YB7eiOeQ
If anyone is stupid to think that such a machine would work, please make one.
@weewex yes. even in deep space there is a few particles here and there that it will hit and cause friction and eventualy stop. YES it will take a fuckton of years before that happends but it is till not an ETERNAL movement. so it is not a Perpetuum Mobile
@Echoparticle - karous, another f-ing amazing one
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dieses bescheuerte rad wurde schon vor 30 jahren in joachim bublats sendung knoff hoff entlarvt. aber jetzt sind die bälle schön bunt.
This doesn't work IRL. Physics. Thermodynamics.
I say go for it, better to make them wheels then the music, the wheel will rotate looong before the music gets good.
@NWOareScum Hmm. If I were to take a stab in the dark, I'll go with some classics like Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis Evangelion, FLCL, Baccano, or Haruhi Suzumiya. Now if you were REALLY into anime, I'd hone in on some good stuff like Nichijou, Baby Kill Me, Cromartie High School, etc. Just a guess.
this ones censoring me too, see my channel for another comment to the scab scumfuck animal-abuser
Sure! That's the idea of the eternal movement! Though, to see the clip, you do beed some electricity... )))))))))
@tankman1962 - how very scientific. rlc is fake, even tho there is nothing even paranormal etc about it, but your computer runs on perpetual motion. sure it does.
What program did you use to create this 3D graphic model?
IT WOULDN'T WORK LIKE THAT BECAUSE FRICTION EXISTS. An object tends to continue its state of motion unless an outside force (like friction) is applied. So I guess if there was not friction ANYWHERE in that entire mechanism, you could push it once and it would go forever. Too bad even the slipperyest lubes and such have friction...
can i download this program from the internet and how? I need help please. thank you
Si en 3d funciona fenomeno, pero en la realidad???
LOL look at all the negitive votes.. they don't even wanna think it can be possible..hehehe poor souls stuck in the dark ages
@NWOareScum Paprika was fucking amazing, but like I said, Mechas just aren't my favorite genre.
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perpetual motion works, but only with no can be done with magnets to induce levitation in a vacuum pretty easily
@NWOareScum Miyazaki is nice, and I'm excited for his new movie. Neon Genesis and FLCL are mech, but aside from that it's not my favorite genre.
@NW0arescum @NW0arescum In what way does it prove that conspiracies actually exist though? You literally have no proof. You base all your anger on crazy theories with no actual proof. You're just generally an angry person. That must take a toll on your sex life. You're still a virgin, aren't you? You'll always be a virgin. You're also quite fat. And you run linux, which is for faggots.
This would not work. It would slow down due to friction and air resistance.
@Echoparticle - paprika, that was damn good. there's loads of them
kornkreise zeigen uns peputum mobiles !!!
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You sound just like an over-confident priest from the Dark Ages saying the Earth is flat... scientists nowadays think they know everything... Must forget that ALL their "laws" replaced other theories, who are now proven wrong...
@Echoparticle - you have 10000s of schizo child-abuser channels. you came here, posted off-topic to me - as you have done with 10000s of other faggot scum channels, trying to make me care about your pointless tastes in anime, then when you realised you couldn't bully me, again, you started posting the same abuse you post about me from those 10000s of other stalker serial-killer channels you have. it's not possible to be more evil and fucked up than you are. kill yourself scum.
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if you stop the video at the right spot you will see more balls AND higher on the up side than the down side. So this works only because it is computer generated.
I keep hearing Laws of Thermodynamics . How many of you out here know what those are . Every so often I go and review the different laws of physics .... I wonder now what law of Thermodynamics is violated in this . Not energy transfer .....I think the only law to be concerned with is entropy . But then you college grads already know everything . So there is no way a device like this will ever work ? Hmn .... I like when people say "never" . Usually means you have a fool in the making .
Watch your language, dude! And grammar. Nothing wrong with the title. Nobody's fussing about it - at least that much - accept you! :D :D Or did you really count on finding a "perpetuum mobile" here? Than sorry for disappointing you, guy...
@NW0arescum: Well, technically, it is possible to be more evil and fucked up than he is. At least he hasn't killed anybody, to my knowledge, anyways. Ignore the fucker and he'll go away. @Echoparticle: Same goes for you. Ignore this guy, and he'll leave. Also, telling people to kill themselves over the internet is the mark of the true basement-dweller. @both of you: If you're going to continue arguing, do it over PM. This video doesn't need, or want, any of your shit talking.
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Very nice of you! Have you felt relaxation and calmness? )))
since google is personalized, your first hit won't be other people's first hit
Then they're not perpetual motion machines ... they require an external energy input -- the electricity to run the computer! At least a motor-assisted machine would have some efficiency coefficient greater than zero, but with no work out on an animation, all they are is a perfect energy sink! Well, except for the fact that the slight increase in load on my processor helps heat the house.
@NW0arescum He was spoofing how you act in your comments dumbass and also,this sums up all of your comments,and they all SUCK,you claim that just because somebody disagrees with you,that they're apart of some evil conspiracy and saying that they should kill themselves over and over again and you claim that people like me are PrairleDogged when you have no evidence what so ever about it being true and another thing you're a hypocrite since you made FUCKLOADS of channels on YouTube,
@Echoparticle - paprika isn't mech. why should i care about any of your tastes anyway? i don't. you're just some online poster i don't know. i don't give a fuck what you are into.
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