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FRIENDS 4 EVER - Official Full Movie (Short Film by Shane Dawson)

by Shane Dawson TV • 347,861 views

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Isn't one of those girls on good luck Charlie as vonnie now?!
Ummmnoooooo that show ended
That's where I recognized her from! That's been bothering me since the beginning of the video!
How come the pretty chick died first
Is it bad that I think Danny is hot?
Yeah he was kinda attractive....
Hi im 11 yeard old and that "fat" girl is the same weight as me1!!!!!!!!
you shouldn't be on you tube also your too young to watch his videos :L
+gemma micaleff that's not really for you to say people can do what they want
how do u make the effect lf a knife going into you
I got so fucken scared i hate you now i may unsubscribe from you!
+SofiaGracexox Msp Shut up I bet you're writing teacher gives you f's. :)
Nahh she doesn't actually...I get A's so please, hun, shut up thanks :)now good bye.
clap clap clap clap clap clap light breaks Damnit you peice of shit!
This isn't Shane Dawson's channel. This person is stealing his vids and made his name to "Shane Dawson TV" for subs and views. This account only has 7k subs for a reason. The real Shane has 6.2millions subs.
its bonnie from good luck charlie
I know I even thought man that girl loos firmiliar
So 'A' got a new mask
love pll  but NO SPOILERS please
This is Hella creepy but why did the nice girl get killed first ?!?
Is the girl with the black hear from good luck charlie?
Lol I remember watching this wen I was 9 or 10
I love how the fat one slits herself in the throat with a computer chip and she is fine, but when he flicks a condom at her she falls and dies
What about the pizza guy?
based on a true fucking story?! How fucked up is this world ;D Hahaha xD 
I always wonder what happened to the pizza guy... Lol
I was watching this at 12:30am in the dark and up until the end I was pretty scared lmao
this actually scared me
Is your profile pic onision?
I think the owner of the house should have died first
Shane has come such a long way
Hmmmm why does this remind me of Pretty little liars episode 1
Nash wasn't even in it but I'm not mad because it was such a good movie I watched it 4 times
Nash greir a famous viner
Now my new favorite horror movie :)
Why would tht girl go back to save her friend there is an 99% chance she is dead. I'd be like "Bye bitch. i'm gone!"
I really like this video it makes a statment that if you only care about yourself you will be all alone in the outcome
This was funny and amazing!!!!
I know its messed up but I kinda laughed through the whole entire thing.My favorite part was when the girl said "You'll probably die from a heart attack before he even kills you." ha ha.
No wonder they are scared there is a Justin B poster
Holy shit the end I love it!
I want one of those masks
Hahaha "Who are you?! Jacky fucking Chan?" Made me laugh :')
Who cares what age you are I am 11 and I watch his videos and I didn't think that there was a law to watch his videos on So ya
This reminds me of pretty little liars
Loved it. I really really really love Brenda. Who plays her? and please make more like this 
Thats vonnie from Good Luck Charlie
the pizza guy is pennsatucky? *Sm*
was the first bit based on pll? I hope it is because the best form of complement is imitation!
omg this made me laugh so much 
Why did I watch this and more importantly why did I love it
Wait.... what happened to the pizza guy...
I like not cool better
If I got out of the house I would run like hell to get help or something
Isn't one of those girls with short black hair from leagaly blonde
What the..... so disturbing that I almost picked what I was eating
Omg this was scary v but good
i love how he can scream like a girl
14:40 I thought he was going to rape her..........SAFELY
Swear to non-existent god the guy playing Danny looks like bo burnham with shorter hair and glasses speaking of bo burnham I'm rewatching a bunch of thing including this and his awesome show "What."
I would've crawled out the window and walk my ass back home. Dumb girls. :(
I dont think i can look a shane the same nomore...
"A ninja star? What are you, Jackie-fuckin-Chan?" LOL
this Scaerd They Crap out of Me 
your not the one 4 me ur just the one 4 my pee pee lol
best halloween movie ever!
Is it really a true story
Tyipical horror movies girls :/ LOL
This remind me of scream....omg ahahah. Love it.
The one with the foooty pjs is so cute
I've Been looking for this foreverrrrr
this is actually very good lol 
No the girl in the silk is on liv and maddie
Look up good luck charlie vonnie
Who are you Jackie fucking chan
This guy is fake he is not the real Shane Dawson
I would love to die by iPhone
This movie is good but scary the fake blood the knife all those stuff
uhm, notice that it's required to be older than 13 or you cant make an account, must have faked your age huh? 
'Amyy....' 'Fuck that'
When I saw that killer dude for the first time I was like :'' Damn, nice mask''
It says vid not availablr
This is pretty funny,ill admit
whats the song at the beggining csalled
I kissed a girl by Katy perry. I use to listen to her but now I prefer black veil brides, my chemical romance, sleeping with sirens, ect.
Oh lawd the killer is funny XD
Am I the only one that thinks Amy is actually really pretty? XD (PS I know its Shane, I'm not fucking dumb)
I know it's strange but I cried the whole time because it is really sad it just bullying 😥
it came out on my birthday
Why did i watch dis at mid night
amy Johnson is a big wich take the w and add a b
the girl with the black short hair looks like vonnie from good luck charlie 
she IS vonnie from good luck charlie XD
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