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Lower Abs Exercises: 4 Times Abs

by Passion4Profession • 2,942,526 views

4 times exercise is the best way to get a great six pack abs. With this exercise you can have a flat stomach quick and easy. Add this lower abs exercise in your ab workout and see the result on...

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feriel trie Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Good cardio exercise (running, swimming, bike...) 3-4 times a week ~30-60min. That should do if that cardio exhaust you :) Remember, for the men that fat around lower abs is the hardest to get rid of so be patient.
Thank you so much for the vid. Youtube is great for this sort of info.My homeboy was formerly bullied. He stated he was gonna get bigger. I did not believe him. Then out of the blue he gained 40lbs of genuine lean muscle mass. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible - Google it. He does not get bullied anymore. :) I actually registered earlier this week. See exactly what goes on. And the guys emails are interesting!!!
No such thing as lower abdominals. It's superficial and deep abs...(superficial being the noticeable abs and deep being underneath the surface) I should know, I'm a studying personal trainer.
I first thought you typed a KFC good diet! LOL =D
When I do this my back always curves :P
Running, cycling, swimming, jump rope, or you can go and order Insanity. I'm on my second week and im really seeing a difference
I'm here so I don't end up looking like my step dad when I'm his age.
1 day and it's ok. :D Oh, w8, I think I had my 6 pack before i started..
Sevalson, I need to change my life around. I lost my job and just got fat. No other way to put it. So this works eh? U think i will burn out if I go hard?
I have to do the steps because I want a flat tummy :(
@MysteriousStranger08 exactly another way to get your body in shape and the fastest way to get a six pack in around 2-3 weeks is just punch your body
Abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym or youtube..
Hi there, have you heard of ? Just head over to their website on There you will find a useful free video demonstrating the way to start building visible lean muscle easily. This made it easier for Brandon to break through his body building plateau and therefore pack on ripped lean muscle without fat very quickly. I hope it will help you as well.
@vorschurchreram1975 fel mmonths ? dude from Passion4Profession i got awesome abs for 3 weeks, train HARD!!! if you start to feel hard pain, then you're making progress ;)
@vintedoisif exactly I got 4 packs...but those lower abs are killing me--_--
slow cardio look up heart rate training somee cardio buns fat some burns carb reserves (glycogen) or muscle when thats ran out and afterburn effect search sixpackshortcuts and ketosis or something a state yoour body goes into to burn fat THUMBS UP TO HELP PEOPLE!!
all of you are fat asses, lol. I feel so lonely being a skinny guy thats trying to get a six pack, almost there though
so for how long should you do this?
I was wondering if the workout was effective for the girls' lower stomach too?
@MysteriousStranger08 well im 14, and i wanna get good abs, on average when you first started... how many could you average, and how many can you average now?
Nice demonstrations, may I ask the program used to make them? Great work.
Cardio my dear, jogging, swimming, skipping rope... and watch you're food :)
hate this, fucking 4 pack and then it's only the lower left... fml
DAMN! Why nobody can invent an exercise with jerking off to get 6pack? :D
I recommend the movie. Youtube is made for this type of info.My step brother had been bullied. He said he was about to get bigger. I chuckled at him because I didn't think he would.... Til out of nowhere he gained 40 pounds of natural lean muscle mass. He tried the Muscle Building Bible (look for it in Google). He doesn't get bullied these days. :-) I actually subscribed a few days ago. See what goes on. And this mans emails are fucking fascinating!
Run, intervals, intense workouts... Just do cardio, eat healty and shit.
im here to learn more about fitness and be proud on the results.. i also had girls when i was afat actually..its all about charm you loser
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I'm here to make myself stronger for boxing.
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Lower abs fat burns at last, you first need to burn all the other fat.
@n111tro same im 14 (no joke) and for fitness for P.E and at home i could do more than 60 fo this exercise now only about now only 20-30 with 30
asked the same question for myself, but this workouts dont help you burn fat directly. To let loose all your fat u must do high intensity but short cardio sessions, it has worked out for me. in the past 3 months i was with a body fat index of 29, now im 21; but my goal is ten, and at this rate doing those ty pe of cardios and developing large muscle sections like pecs can really help out
No I m doing this for myself ;))!! But yea I m a Girl hehe
do planks for 3-5 minutes, rest on ur forearms and in push-up position, keep ur body straight and stiff and keep going even if it burns until u reach 3-5 minutes :)
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@Stg1304 ye u might a have skinny pack which doesnt count as a six pack :) its like man boobs on a fat guy you cant prevent it from happenin so all you are is a skinny cunt brah to get a proper 6 pack it takes at least 3 months no matter what you eat or even take steroids so yeah all you are is a keyboard gangster why dont ya upload a video of yourself showing off your transformation ? exacly your afraid to show your flab pack to every1 you mad brah ?
Hey if you're still wanting to know about burning fat from your lower abs then all i can say is exercise regularly, especially cardio. because you cannot "spot" train specific parts of the body. for example you can't do crunches and expect to lose stomach fat. exercise pulls fat reserves from all over the body. however toning your lower abs consistently would increase their definition and therefore you may develop a more defined lower ab area. Hope i Helped :)
@stephhh8 this workout is definitely effective for you guys too...but sadly for you ladies its a lil more difficult to get toned and firmed because you guys store more fat around the stomach...more estrogen is what causes it
This is the hardest one for me, :/
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@Cervinskas i am 13 son of a bitch, go to fuck your mother
@Stg1304 haha 4 pack ? i have a fully ripped 8 pack u shit cunt and am nly 17 come at me brah ! you mad ?
but it builds muscle?? to make muscles bigger and more visible?? hence the point of the clip and everyones reason for being here
Hey, have you considered this program called the Max Muscle Method? (look for it on google). My mom says it gets people ripped fast.
@reyadur theers no such thing as fast magic abs burning the stomach fat through proper diet is the only way to make your abs show.
cardio and diet, these vids are bullshit. everyone has abs, you just cant see them under the fat. you wanna see em, burn fat and dont eat fat. this is anaerobic exercise, it wont burn fat.
Nice video! Has anyone read the diet plan taught in Sweet Weight Shredder? Just search for it on Google. I read about a lot of people who've removed excess fat by using it. Search for it on Google.
@AbelR91 yeah I'm not fat or skinny I'm looking for ways to get my 8 pack lol
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Lets be honest, most of the girls out there date mediocre men with dozen layers of fat...
you need a 6 pack for gymnastics but you want a 6 pack for the girls ;)
@Cervinskas and guess what? i have been doing this shit for only 7 days eating what ever i fucking want and you? haha in 2 weeks i will have 6 pack abs and i am only 13 dumb shit
bro, you can't target where to burn fat! You can't target a point, you need to burn bodyfat all around and in the end it will start burn on your stomach. But first you burn off fat on your arms and shit and last the stomach.
I'm not mad..I'm here to get fit, not to get girls.
One of the last areas of the body to resiliently hold fat. I suggest a strict workout and diet regimen that incorporated HIIT (high intensity interval training) and a low carb, no sugar, only healthy fat diet such as Paleo.
@ilikessubway I'm here to be stronger but I guess thats another reason
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