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Zelda - I CAN'T SING TO THIS - Part 44

by TobyGames • 112,633 views

Zelda Playlist: SIGNED POSTERS ARE HERE! (you gotta select signed in...

Fi is probably the first character from a Zelda game that I actually honestly disliked. I mean Navi was annoying, but at least it was funny.  Does anyone else feel this way about Fi?
ghirahim should've sounded like morgan freeman! XD
SHES WITH ANOTHER MAN.... o its a woman
toby's so random xD
One thing that's bothering me is he keeps saying the're ten or eleven , but in this game and many others they are about 17.
I lost it at Impa's voice.
That outro was beautiful. I felt like I was in church.
Hehe. The voices he gives all the characters in this series, is SO FUNNY! Lol! "DOOOONT GO INTO THE LIIIIGHHT!!!"
Greatest outro in the history of outros.
That ending was the best ending of ALL endings~
there's no ganondorf in this game, this game's about the creation of the master sword, before ganondorf was born
He didnt do the: If you sneezed during this video bless you. Thing D: BECAUSE THIS TIME I ACTUALLY DID SNEEZE o_o
they're probably related to duke nukem that,s why they are so awesome and can survive long distance falls
The ending was beautiful, especially when he sang the boop <3 lol
I scratched my self when toby said it was a good time to scratch your self
Much Better Thank Smosh Games
Am I the only one who noticed he said "bless your face", but didn't say "If you sneezed during this video, bless you."?
So Toby is the goddess huh? Well I disagree... Toby is a god... KING OF GODS in fact! Haha so ya
When that women in black ( I know her name but no spoilers) said that I was late and failed, I was like "WTF u talking about, I just killed a freaking fire demonfive times bigger than u and I was only late because u stopped me. Then when she went on about getting a shred of courage I was like " Fine, fight me u little crappy faced asshole, again I just took down a fire demon so if u wanna go then lets go!!!!!". she leaves Me: "mmhhmm that right run away."
"Now get the hell back in my hilt. For the love of God, she listened. Thank you--oh, GOOD LORD!"
5:34 to 6:06 was perfect. Hahaha :,D. I smell highlight.
Tobuscus does a on point russian accent.
I sneezed during this video but he did not bless me
So... Impa sounds like a guy and Girahim sounds like a girl/gay dude
When you read Impa's lines, you sound the same as when you talk like Ezio in revelations!
Toby does the best voices! They're all awesome XD
when i read the title i was also listening to like a boss so it was like this i can't sing this song like a boss
Toby: It's time to go to the adventurous planetarium! Me: That. Sounds. Amazing! O.O
toby,dont worry about Link,every time you get off your bird if you dont use the sailcloth in time Link do it himslef,trust me :)
Sorry Link. Your princess is leaving for another temple.
I love the voice for Fi and the way you hate her saying "No. no. No. get back in my sword lady. I don't want to hear you talk! Good Lord!" and nice song from Fi. lol
I love his reaction when Fi comes out of the sword all the time! "good lord, NO! Go back in there!"
GASP he forgot to say if you sneezed during this video bless you!
song of time! lovley! I approve of your musical skills!
Did anyone else pee their pants from laughing at the tall lady's voice? XD
Tobuscus... It would take him 3 levels to figure out what to do though xD Sorry, that was mean...
piece of pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...p xD
naw naw im good please, please, dont translate it. FROOOOOM THE EDGE OF TIIIIME
Yeeeessss!!!! I finally sneezed!!! Yyyes!!!
I always wondered why do I never sneeze in Tobys videos??
wassup baby? i aint seen u in so long, girl. U just as beautiful as da SECUN i lef ~ Tobuscus! lol
this was the first series i ever watched by toby and also this was the first episode that I understood when he said "click the anotation in the top right corner to see the next video"
Tobuscus, I think your being a little hard on Fi. I know she's annoying but just be patient and every once in a while, she'll say something you really need to know. She actually does so quite a bit, but every time she does, you ignore her, and you only pay attention to the unimportant things she says... D:
Holy shit, I just feel of my bed laughing when he started voicing Impa.
impa's russian pirate voice is my favorite!!!!!
Hmm... Fi's real voice reminds me of GLaDOS.
F stands for fffffffffffffffffffffff... Find
OMG I can't top laughing at 8:24! LMAO!
His name is pornawnst Grrr i her a hem not that anyone cares thats just how I say it P.S if it wernt for you I would not know how to do a guzzilion things
So who cares u probably wouldn't even pass the first stage O.o
This dialogue made me hate Impa.
Girl, i dont know whats goin on in your freaking vocal trachea reigon. Ahaha
Oh my god. He said Nevada wrong-_-
xaxaxaxaxa he says it is a girl the procceds to give her the manliest voice in the game
I can't believe Zelda is gone once AGIAN!That lady is sucky for saying that you can't protect her.
1:13 oh god shes with another man... oh no wait its a woman. speaking of it, why would that agent of the godess and fi have b00bs anyway?
o.o My inner elbow was itchy before he said it. Maybe my body is psychic?
Did you know the theme song of Skyward sword is the backward version of Zelda's Lullaby? Serious
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I gotta take a crap, Thanks for watching, click the annotation in the top right to watch the next video, Bless you face, If you sneezed during this video bless you, Peace off Booooooooooooop!
f stands for... ffffFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFind-
I hate it when my inner elbow itches!
Toby........that was great Toby = bard lv 80
I feel Impa's voice should sound like Zecora's voice.
5:34 is shaped exactly like manitoba!
in reality, link is late in every single zelda games. its kind of a fact of the bloodline of link
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