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Conor Maynard - Vegas Girl (Official Video)

by Conor Maynard • 21,242,686 views

Animal featuring Wiley OUT NOW buy it here: Click to buy Conor's album Contrast Mayniacs, make sure you subscribe to Conor's official channel...

Someone tell me why he's so perfect <3
Okay...would nobody be creeped out if some guy took your picture then spread it all over twitter? I wouldn't be pleased, I'd be creeped. Still love the song!
meh you ppl think way too hard.. you've prolly never met a famous person that was into you.. they don't need to know you to do what he did hes famous if you don't like it then say it to him .. you sitting here making assumptions of w/e or not its creepy doesn't really do much now does it?
+tsuiaga Corrections to your comment: "Meh you PEOPLE think way too've PROBABLY never met a famous person that was into you. They don't need to know you to do what he did HE'S famous if you don't like it then say it to him. You sitting here making assumptions of WHETHER or not its creepy doesn't really do much now does it?" Oh, so your saying that FAMOUS people or RICH people are more important than us NORMAL people? Just because he's famous, doesn't mean he's any better than us. Same goes for every celeb in the world.
This song is good but the beginning is so cringey! 
So this is actually cyberstalking with many people helping?
+Evie Fernyhough Sarcasm is the lowest form of comedy. Not intelligence. 
how did all that happen in less than a day?
no you can't have my number, but yes take a picture of me complete stranger?!?
yo that shit has worked for me no lie
I'm still in love with this song! 👌🎧
This is like Alex From Target except in girl form lolol
So when you accidentally bump into someone, you take a random photo of them?
Okay, still listening this in 2015 <33 cos.
Anyone else live in Vegas and think "that is so not me..."
Shut the fuck up you motherfucka gay +rebeccalynn dagenais 
This is my favourite of his songs. It's catchy. This kind of music matched him, his style and his voice.
I love him because hes so cute and he looks like my older brother
I love your songs I was on your concert and u was amazing
This is really creepy if you think about it.
This is like the girl version of Alex from target
This is just a modern day cinderella story really...he's just trying to figure out if the shoe fits (in a sense) :/ 
Love Maynard. This video is so weird. lol. And the way she keeps saying his name is weird too. I can't tell if she's interested or not.
How the fuck do expect to ever c or meet the girl with a number
He is better than Justin
srsly??? you are telling her that??? for what? for telling her opinion in someone?? you my friend are a sick person and i am sorry you had to hear this Nati....... some ppl are weird in this world. +Gabrysia Marczak 
I miss the old times with good artists such as Conor Maynard,the wanted,Sean Paul and others before all the crap now like,Nicki minaj I
guys its a music video i don't think it happened in real life.. this song is amazing though! found it from when the vamps did a cover of it x
When he asked for a pic with her I was expecting a pic of them together, but uh...
Looool true same here !
Tatia Hail Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago (edited)
#TatisPlaylist He's such a cutie and I love this song 
Tati. What are you doing to me? I can't even!
A lot of people going out there way for some girl they don't know 😂😂
Is this the garbage you teenage and twentysomething twats are listening to these days? What a bunch of useless taints. Let me introduce you to RUSH...
O m g . has she not watched taken before, ohh go ahead take a pic. -.-
Who the hell asks a random stranger for a picture . Creeeppppyyyy !!
That girl looks like Kendall Jenner
he can have my number any day
Can't believe it's been 3 years
Like if you watching in 2021
kinda another CENDERELLA STORY
I used to love this song and video but then im 19 now and i thought this video kinda awkward idk
Was my favorite song since the day it came out, and still is. Glad I've been supporting you all the way Conor! 💕
Like your famous girl hair back lead down like a Vegas girl#love this song
I mean with out a number
Conor Maynard music is so familir to Kpop boy groups. Love it! <3
what wrong in this japanese transelate
Lovely song❤️
Well, this is what I get for mixing up Maynard James Keenan and Conor Maynard. Not my cup of tea.
I'm I the only person who pictured somebody different singing the song lol
I wouldn't mind if Conor stalked me <3 Did anyone else hear her say, "Bye Conor"? 
but the girl is not that pretty tho
I dunno why your laughing your the one saying a beautiful girl is not pretty, that's the joke....
she is not that hot???!!!! I have seen 1000 girls more prettier than her! and I repeat!! she is not hot!! but not bad at the same time!!
of course you can take a picture od me, mr. random stranger
I this song so much lol is a good one of Connor Maynard by sides I can't stop signing his songs !!!!!
This is like how alex from target got famous. 
his accent is so cute ^^
why did he say i got ur # if he didnt get it 1:37
he ended up sleeping with someone else they brikeup 5 mn after meeting!!
Whats the real name of the Vegas Girl? She's.. well, beautiful.
nobody knows... all we got is pictures ;P
Best song by Conor...
Still makes me wanna get down low! !!!!!! Fuckin awesumz $$$$$$$
But did they kiss? :o
Daisy Logeot Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Conor Maynard - Vegas Girl (Official Video) :
Po mir mo ndonje kenge te re ke ndermend me nxjerr.laura
she is really amazing this VegasGirl :) 
Did anyone notice that the picture he took of her was not the picture posted all over the internet. 
Looks like twelf yeers olt
horrible acting haha really awkward
i mean the begin of the video
Harbi Vegas Kızı amk. 
The Vamps melhorou essa musica só no cover imagina <3
just half but but i like its becaus i lav C@C
came out on my birthday. 😘
Connor obviously likes brunettes lol
My best ever song. .........
How did she not get fangirled omg
yeah let me just tweet a picture of a girl lolzor not creepy at all!!!!!
This is so mainstream try-hard. But whoever produced this is "the shit".
I Thought Its Common In The US
What's the name of that girl
rithm from red first of red alert
😍😍😍 He can have my number anyday
John 117 Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
e cben nje cun per nje goce ....!!!
this song is perfect. 
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