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by TheReplyZone • 86,053 views

Loving the yogscast

Mocking "replygirls" :3 Nice
Thereplyzone girls: -Diva -Rynaa -Shroedy -Bradie ???
are you gay? they are from london
Nah, I could go for a handfull of hairy titties.
Davis looks hot with boobs. Good job thewarpzone.
weirdest boner. i has one right now
.... You clearly dont know what a joke is do you?
I was just thinking the same thing. Original content, funny, damn. Bad impersonation.
YOU ARE NOT BEING SERIOUS RIGHT!?!?!?! Because if you are I am okay with it.
mm. Thats a real nice everything, mostly boobs, you got there.
"You sound like you're from London!" Paul Rudd quote? Hahah
so...many...conflicting feelings.... you will not win this round boobs!!!
Yeah it's funny that people are mocking her but it's still spamming YouTube with these videos
What's wrong with being from london? Racist much?
they r from England i have met them and spoke to them ok m8 and thanks 4 getting back 2 me
Dude he isn't being serious. He's mocking ''the reply girls'' that spam the yogscasts' channel.
Holy god that's a man!!!!! Well,I knew that already,but that was a horrible video.but the yogscast is awesome!!!! Subscribe to me pls!
The weird thi g is I know girls with even more chest hair than Davis
._. I didnt notice the beard in the picture
suprising ages ago ;) i can honestly say i typically don't stalk peoples subscriber count aha
thumbs (y) up if you know who they're mocking and are currently laughing at how perfect this is
they need it lol they just got 5 mil subs
hahahah XD fucking reply bitches
Its still far too creative and well written to be mocking them
wtf is this its a mandude gasp dun dun dun and they sound like their from london lol
I posted that same comment months ago...I didn't get ANY likes
He's not gay he's making fun of all the reply girls out there
now..thats what im talkin bout..Snap! (slow claP)
Hes prettier than the reply girls themselves.
"they...they sound like they're from London" LOL!
Are you implying that you need to stalk someone's subscriber count to at least have a close estimate of it? No I don't think so. Myself I try to stick to facts and I also try to be at least reasonable when I make estimates and guesses. Furthermore it's not exactly difficult to realize they have been above 1 million for quite some time now seeing as their 1 million subscriber video was very popular here on Youtube. If you're not a subscriber though I guess it makes sense to not know ;)
you came here for the boobs didnt you
the tits fit in a very strange way...
nope i wasn't implying anything i was just saying that typically i just watch loads of videos and havent been to their channel in ages, So i wouldn't possibly know what subscriber count they are at =)
Yes, because in the video they were obviously hating on the yogscast so much. I would like to thank you for seeing that most obvious part of the video where they hate on the yogscast. Anyway, it's not the yogscast part your meant to be listening to. Watch video again and search up "Spoof" -_-
This just brightened up my day...
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