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13 Real Asian Horror Stories (Eng Sub)

by OgrePsycho • 3,408,008 views

Some Other Stuff!! and Also, Let's Drive Videos on my channel. Thanks for watching.

fuck that box. fuck that old man. fuck the thing who upstairs. i would have made a human sized hole in his front door. 
lol, it's okay.
If you guys think this is creepy you ain't seen proper Japanese scary films. Out of all the Asian countries Japan makes the best ones (sometimes Thailand has super scary movies too but Japan will never fail you - why else do you think Hollywood bought the scripts to the Grudge and the Ring?)
Korea has good ones too though
Still the best horror movies are: KWAIDAN and ONIBABA. If you didn't see these, you never seen any horror movie.
I enjoyed most of the films, they were creepy. But the one with boy and the succubus-like ghost really upset me. Boys are curious about sex, that's normal, but it's wrong for any child to be exploited, and yeah, that's what was happening, even if the abuser was a ghost! Come on, he couldn't have been any older than 11 or 12 at most. He still has a high school girl for a tutor. And his dad just said, 'I envy you'?! If this happened for real, then it's even sadder.  
the woman is like a symbol of fertility of something, she commited suicide with her lover 300 years ago, and she has a shrine where ppl/couples go to pray
SOMEONE explain number 7. Did she like invite the bloody ghost woman in and was then like "Bitch, don't you get any more blood on this floor! Stay in the damn closet!"
It's her period. Lol
41:34 that horror story kind gave me a boner also kinda funny when the dad just stand there talking to his son when the son is doing the ghost girl
damn a ghost who actually gave pleasure nice one..
Well...there goes my desire to visit Japan, no matter how nice it looks O_o
+strangehthefail hah, don't judge before knowing!
+NippePlayingOsu It WAS the only reason that you put on there, it makes sense that I'd assume that, you know that, right?
wtf is #9? haha. the only thing the dad forgot to tell was to use a condom hahahaha
That is epic lol
I'm WIDE AWAKE! 😱 I watch this in midnight and scare to go to sleep.....
I spent ages trying to remember all of the stories until eventually I gave up and watched it all again, then realised there's only 12...
Omg stooop I had trouble sleeping last night lol... The storm didn't make it better at all. And I haven't even finished watching the damn video haha
Lol, should've thought twice before going in fullscreen X.x
Funny rather than scary. I see a black person 😂
Yeah I was like "who's this jive turkey"
"Greeting" that episode was just useless and funny. There's nothing scary in that. All others were little spooky. Except the Greeting.
I was half erected the whole time watching this, Japanese girls are so hot!
I am starting to think that elevator operators do weird voices and stuff just to mess with people because I have seen so many stories about people being haunted in the elevator that it is almost becoming a trend. Meanwhile the operator is probably off somewhere laughing his/her nose off.
This was so fucking funny xD
Story 9 is a Horror story? Damn, that made me wish i was a little boy again LOL
Can someone explain #2 to me? Please and thanks!
+Laurentiusje Oh. Then Why try to attack her? Don`t get it 
it's a horror storie, nothing is logic XD they're just fun to see, hear or read~
lol, number 9 wasn't even horror anymore. "Don't forget to wear condoms son."
Story 7 man no matter how many times I watch it, as soon as I see the women covered in red, I'm like nope nope nope
Japaneses make creepier everything: toilets, copy machines, elevators. My favorite was the last one though we don't really know what happened to the other family. And the Tengu's too, I started to read after watching the film and I enjoyed those too. 
Exactly on 1:09:38 you will see a scary ghost face on the sun reflection of the closet door to the right. Rewind it and you will not see the face there, only on that exact time you will see it. I am assuming no other youtuber spotted this. I got spook haha. 
Saw your comment and went back to see it. Saw it. . . was not ready. Good eye there.
Ya, #13 was the best... but you really have to watch all of them to understand that last one. 
because of their nature, tha japos are cruel and heartless, just think about the atrocities theyve committed to their own kind during the medievel Japan and WW2. Japaos will be haunted all their lives by those innocents murdered by their ancestors. I have lived in Japan for a long time, its a very modern country but some places are really creepy. 
+OR0R0 Next to my fellow Native americans (both u.s &can.where im from) I always found Japanese women with their long black hair beautiful. I regret i may never be able to visit your lovely country and experience your culture.
never say never. maybe you will one day :)
well...the acting in these stories are a real horror alright....
mierda mucho  internet por hoy
This isn't really creepy
Ummmmm..... Because I do...
The one with the "black woman" or "ash lady" was in one of the horror stories in the manga I read called Mimi no Kaidan that had collection of several stories that are base on true stories, but that one story was in more detail then on this video.
Gotta love Junji Ito
I agree, he's manga speaks horror. He's art work is good too plus the story line :) I have to read all of he's horror manga and watch the horror films by him :)
Wahhh?? What is 7 meant to be about? I'm so confused >.< But most of them were really interesting!
lesson in the first story: never trust a black person xD
+Hiskarasu  true the media does, and if you didnt like the joke then why couldnt you simply ignore it?
+Jack Mehoff I had no problem with the joke. Don't make assumptions either love.
REPORTED THIS. HOLY FUCK. That kid looked 12. JESUS. Thanks too comment thought you were joking...nope!!
Cute stories..I envy that boy too
Can somebody explain #6? Maybe I'm just stupid, but I don't understand what happened at the end. Was it her ghost that was sleeping in the bed? Was it her dead body after her mother killed her? Was it all really just a dream? Ugh I'm so confused!
Junji Ito did a manga version of the first story. I was able to recognize the story since I read the manga first. The translator changed "black person" to "ash person" to prevent the unfortunate implications... He also made the story longer in which an exorcism took place. ^^;
wow that's freaky as fuck.......
36.07 is actually kinda funny like "what did i tell you about behaving when we have people over?" lol
51:30 made me laugh so hard rofl , especially i heard abt tengui from anime quite alot. had to replay that part and it gets me looooollllxDDDD 
Can someone explain the blue rain coat? Was the guy a bad person? Was the girl psychic? Was the ghost kid warning her about the guy?
Okay, not real, but one of the best Japanese horror movies for me is Audition. Scary as shit.
well to be honest.. the first 1 was creepy like a stalker o_o.. dayum, always trust a black person that is holding a bucket of fried chicken and cool aid.. throw cool aid to them also water melon ! it will do some effect
"She used to appear beside my bed every night" Damon she's a slut
The Blue Raincoat one, did the bf rape and kill that little girl? Is that why she's haunting the house. So no other unsuspecting school girls get raped and abused? I need the answer, give it to me.
The cold in the raincoat was actually the boy's inner self, I guess. That's why when she ran out of his apartment and the door opened again, it was his voice at first but then showed the child in the raincoat and then both of their voices spoke saying "give it to me". From what I got out of it, his inner self is childish and all he cares about is getting the ladies wet.. or he wants them to squirt on him.
There is always something watching me and following me.
OHHHHH SHIT !!!!! I SHOULDN`T WATCH AT NIGHT 0.0 !!!!! But OMG #13 'Behind You' !!!!! FUCK !!!!!! I was all alone in my room !!! And when I look behind I said FUCK YOU !!!!! And I almost pee myself and I thought I saw a ghost in my room O.O !!!!! But best Scary night EVER !!!! Now I can't sleep anymore !!!! Man !!!! My favorite 4 scary stories is #1 'Only Two Of Us' ! I feel bad Yuki's mother died ): and when she was fault of a fire and when she was burnt alive. And that's weird when that little girl say I see a black person XD ! She just a little girl and young ! But man, that ghost scared the shit out of me !!!! And 2# 'People Are Coming' ! Well I'm not going to elevators anymore ! FUCK THAT !! I don't wanna get stuck in the elevator like forever O.O !!! And I'm so fucking scared of GHOST !!!!! And #3 'Copy Machine' !!! That was scary !!! Holy fuck !! What just happen to Shiiko and she is dead !!!!???? OMG !!!! And what happen to the 2 girls 0.0 !!!! OMG, I think there dead !!!! That is one evil Copy Machine !!! That's scared the hell out of me !!!! And story #9 'The Ghost of Ohatsutenjin' !!!! OMG ! That kid is lucky he even gets laid a hot ghost LOL ! And that dad let them continue like keep going LOL ! This is why Japan is cool and scary based on true stories !!! I'm so scared to go to Japan !!! And Japanese females are HOT !!!!!!!
Ehh not really creepy at all
31:41 me cague con esa historia :s .....................xD 
I truly don't get the blue raincoat one
+Thegamingmultiagent Oh ok it was kinda weird how they showed it to us 
Some of the ghosts in this video remind me of the windego
These was cool stories but I doubt if they are the truth .Reminds me of shows like Darken Tales ,Twilight Zone and Haunted Stories and others I have seen .
4:10 that realy  Happen with me when i was young & mom .Dad told me to ignore it  and they knew that i was't a little liar but We are Muslims when we Read Quran Nothing of these out world Creatures stands in our way  thank god for Islam :D
I don't get it,these movies looks hilarious,I mean really terrific!Why does the last recent "scary" movies are like that?I mean like Anabelle etc,etc.Horror film making need to get some ideas by Asians for sure!They also make good games :)
got some chills.check out my VAMPIRE short film if you have the chance
It's three in the afternoon and I'm still freaked out and I won't be able to sleep. Story 2 really got to me...who killed her anyways? That was messed up
why cant all of these b movies
The Visitor was the scariest😱
that ghost one was.....epic.. you what i don't get...what is the deal with the rain coat story? i didn't get that one..
I didn't actually understand the final story? There is a wall behind me
What happened to the 13th story..."behind you"?... its just a black screen with somewhat creepy music.
Story 7 was so weird....
The story of the snapshot reminds me of back home in my hometown Malaysia, where there are horror stories from the Second World War
"Animal order" duh? I don't understand..... Help me?
Odor, the scent of the animals he killed still lingers.
That kid in number 9 is lucky atleast he even gets laid by a hot ghost
well she can succabus this dick any day
The first one really reminds me of 'Another'. 
Story 7 chick the one that goes crazy is super cute why she gotta go crazy. Lol
This is a movie called Tales of Terror
"I see a black person." Oh lawd, that had me rolling.
Wtf #9. Pedophile ghost. 
Yeah... this is not even scary ." I'm more scared of the living than the dead
OK. Stop. Stop. I'm just gonna leave this for now.......
try to watch by alone at night .. good luck :-))))))
Was the ghost lady sitting on tat kid?
+Z Wow ur late. Dumb thottie.
+That Bethesda Guy Can't put a time limit on the internet. >dumb thottie lel
I envy you, you're still young?ahahah like father like son
Can somebody please explain to me what the concept of Story#11,"The Music Box" was? What was the screaming man all about? And what could've happened to the two? o_O
I'm guessing the music box had a spirit or a demon trapped inside, and playing the music would release it. But only when the music was being played; the spirit could move. That's why when just the one note played, the foot stopped on the stairs because it is unable to move unless the music plays. I'm guessing they were attacked and killed by the spirit.
Can someone explain to me the blue coat story. Did that guy kill the kid or something so his lil spirit was trying to warn the girl?
Ohhh that makes a lot of sense, thanks!
+Anon ymous How is that a horror story then
what language is this in? 
that first kid is racist... just saying
Lol yeah because I'm black when I was watching and the little girl said that ahahahah I just bust out laughing ahahahahahahaha
why? that ghost was LITERALLY black, like charcoal from being burned. It's a different language and country, she didn't mean "black person" the same way we do when we say it.
I didn't really get the blue raincoat one?
It's also a metaphor.  In japanese mythology water is symbolic with death, and people seek to appease them by offering them sacrifices.  So the water spirit asking for an offering is symbolic of a man (her senpai aka superior) asking her for her virginity.
Someone tell me what happened in the fox one? Was the girl the fox or raccoon? Idk
I didn't get the girl in the blue raincoat one. Could someone please explain it?
The little girl represents the guy's 'real motives'. You see him act as if he actually loves the girl (Ai, I think her name was) while his real intent is to, uh, do the diddly dang with her. The raincoat girl is asking for something repeatedly, which represents the man constantly trying to get her to sleep with him. When the girl says ''I've saw what's inside of you'' (I think that was how she put it, anyway) she means she's realized that the man just wants to sleep with her and doesn't actually love her. I'm not so good at explaining, so, sorry if this doesn't make sense.
Holy shit... I've never been so frightened seeing horror videos more than when I saw those two wide eyes staring... daamn... and I play Silent Hill games a lot if that matters...
I just couldn't stand it and turn my head away...
Five minutes in and I'm already freaked xD
Number 7, I don't know why that freaked me out so much but it did.
Most girls in these movies are called Ai or they just calling out Oi ??
Yea its a girl named Ai and its the same girl in most of the stories.
Its like anime in real life... All the atmosphere is creepy just like those anime's.
I am fking 11 years old AND i watch this O_o.......
Same now im freaking scared o.ö
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