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10,000fps!? - The Slow Mo Guys

by The Slow Mo Guys • 5,906,523 views

Gav smashes mugs in slow motion. But like.... SLOOOWWWWW motion. Follow on twitter!/gavinfree 10,000fps!? - The Slow Mo Guys

"But the human eye can't see past 30 FPS!" - Ubisoft
+R Talks Lol ofcourse theres no logic or sense in what he said :P Its like saying "youre retarded" or "immature fagget", it doesnt lead anywhere xD
How can you film at 10,000 fps when the world only works at 60fps?
i thought it was faps per second?
+dfed324 No. Dan was there in the first video. It's just Gav will sometimes do slow mo vids by himself.
Imagine if you were able to perceive real time as 1000, 2500, 5000 or 10000 frames per second. Knowing what it looks like, and being able to move what we consider "normal" speed, but time is moving as though it were slowed like this, you'd be able to catch every single piece as it breaks and lay them neatly in a pile before the human eye can register what happens. Basically, this is what the Flash sees. Sigh If only.
+Zinneps You didn't even properly read the comment.
I'd kill myself. I like my normal speed
Destruction makes for a beautiful sound.
+Nathan Kramer I never thought of it like that actually. That's a great point. Puts a different spin on it.
What camera did he use?
you know it's expensive when a $125 million-budget-movie asks if they can borrow it for filming xD
I guess I insult humanity for being a tree spirit..
Gav, did something blow up in your hair? Because it looks ON POINT. HAHAHAHAHA. Laugh, bitch.
You know. Can somebody give me a track which started from 3:17?
I fuckin love his hair, he is the only one who can pull that off
Starving children in africa could have eaten those mugs.
1:10 have you noticed the cat?
Theres a camera that can see the speed of light
it was accually a simulation, they used multiple extreamly high speed cameras and filmed the same thing multiple times, then patched it together to simulate 1 trillion fps 
Kids in Africa could of eaten that Mug!
Dude, the slow mo in sherlock holmes was freaking awesome
WAAA but why can i only get 30-60 in my fps games
Who would have thought that music played when you slow real life down 400 times
what song in the backgrund (and i like darude sandstorm :P)
Various Artists - Feat.
The camera is good, the price is not be enough.
But...if I'm playing a game and am getting 500 frames per second, it doesn't look slow. Explain this to me please.
+Snipy LP Furthermore, video games aren't real life; the different elements in a 3D environment have limited animation cycles designed to look natural only in real time at a certain framerate.
Play this at 0.25 speed. 
it must've been hell to clean all that up
What about howtobasic?
SCIENCE QUESTION.  Even going this slowly, it is impossible to see a crack "form". I expected to maybe see a crack "grow" from one edge to another, but instead seems to appear instantaneous.  When breaks like these occur, do the cracks spread in a line (like ripping paper) or the points of a line all break at the same time? 
The mugs are ceramics. The material has purely BRITTLE fracture, leaving the crack face clean and featureless. The crack propogates from one point of weakness, this point of weakness is cause by one of many defects within the ceramic, most commonly porosity within the ceramic (holes in the atomic structure) when the mug hits the ground at the right spot, energy travels through this point and makes a localised stress point ( HUGE concentration of stress) hence the crack propogates from that point. Imagine this can happen more than once/at different positions and that is where the illusion of cracks forming instaenously comes from. In reality they grow or propogate. Source: Materials engineer
+vexthebesk I was about to say something similar, although less technical. Also, all materials should have this propagation, even if they have theoretically no cracks or imperfections, because there are zones in the material which geometrically make it more susceptible to stress concentration (for example, the union between handle and mug). Also if i'm not mistaken, since no material is perfectly inelastic (or 100% brittle) there should always be some elastic behavior before the cracking, so different parts of the mug will behave differently when hit, since the elasticity makes the propagation not instantaneous.
The music made me think wtf am I doing with my life.
The background sound makes me remember the climaxes of hitman game! Great work!
Call yourself British?! All the fucking tea, wasted. Well done.
So the higher the FPS the less likely the mug to break?
The cup smashing at 1000fps sounded like church bells!
Gavin, you just invented a white noise app with water sounds and random pitched wind chimes. highly meditative.
why dont you make a slow mo video and then record that in slow mo
Grats on getting your Visa!
Guys it takes up to 350,000 frames a sec to catch glass breaking
No it cant, i have it and it goes up to 240
You got those mugs of of spread shirt didn't you?
No fair,. you stole that camera from the movie studio so you could break mugs on video, then quietly return said camera and no one would notice it missing.
This makes me want to watch Dredd.
I want more vids with that pretty kitty!  So cute <3
Hahahahahahahahha!!!!! the last part (the fails one) was awesome!!!!
1:53 COFFEE RAIN! or is it hot chocolate... CHOCOLATE RAIN! I'm sorry.
You should blow up a Molotov cocktail
They already did that ...
It's weird hearing them shatter :o it sounds like chimes.
looks like Flint Lockwood hahaha
I just wondering what is the highest fps this world can have 
The highest they had was 1 trillion fps.  They were able to watch a beam of light at slow mo.  YouTube it.
~10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 FPS or 10^43 fps.  this is based off of planck time. 
thats so cool that you worked on sherlock!
Oi cunt, you throw like a pansy.
Are there any high speed camera enthusiasts that can tell me what the best high speed camera I can get for around $1000 or 700 pounds-ish is? I'm more concerned about frames per second than resolution but am a little concerned about both. Keep in mind that I know nothing about this kind of thing. 
Mac Langford, the iPhone can shoot 240fps but it's pretty bad quality considering that you don't have much control over it like exposure so that you don't get motion blur
A decent camera is the fps1000. This camera can shoot 840fps at VGA resolution or 480p I think and the higher models can shoot 1500fps at VGA. If you are willin to spend a couple thousand more then the edgertronic is also a great deal
A british person's nightmare.
Who saw the cat at the right at 1:12
But now we have 18,000 in 720p and it's not that big of a deal.
The title maybe a lie but it's pretty decent for frame rate. Oh wait a minute now I see what he's doing, the frame rates are right but the problem is the fps in youtube are 30 at your settings plus slow down time fits each mug # right.
what's wrong with the title? 10000fps is the speed he's filming it not the playback speed 
I don't get it. I thought the higher the frames the faster it is. Like say you're playing a Game like Cod, you see the game is running faster on 60FPS than on 30fps. Help?
That is an easy awnser, higher frames does not make a it look faster it makes it look slower (If the frames is higher than the amount off pixels in the picture). But if a game like CoD runs at 30 fps, it looks less smooth and will look laggy because, 30 FPS is not all the pixels in the picture there is about 90 FPS (Human eye max) in a video game.  So if ex, CoD is 30 fps and then you change it to 60 fps, the game will look more smooth, because the pixels are generatet at a faster rate, but the game does not go faster.  It is really just smoothness, when you get pass the point of 90 FPS it will go slower for the human eye but infact, games are capped at a limit so if you go over that cap, the game will not generate more pixels (because there is no more pixels to generate) 
Computer video is traditionally 30 fps because it's around the limit where a slideshow becomes a movie (for humans). If you film something at 5000 fps for a second you have 5000 frames. If you play those 5000 frames at 30 fps, it will take longer than one second. So it looks slower than when it happened. For slow action, you don't need more than 30 fps. Higher fps is useful in fast moving scenes (CoD) because each frame represents a smaller time increment and there is less things happening in between. It is then "smoother". For example, a fast ball would look like it teleports itself between two positions but you can actually see the full motion more clearly in 60 fps.
If you could do this in real life and slow everything down if there a bus crash you can get everybody's money
What is the music you guys use for your slow-mo sequences? The odd whale-sound-esque music? And not Darude Sandstorm.
You make the best videos ever.
the music reminds me of that scene at the end of the first half in Full Metal Jacket. It's alienating
Try 50'000 fps smashing a lightbulb while it's turned on
those are some sturdy ass mugs
How do you get the audio in the slow mo videos, does the phantom have a built in mic?
like if you are watching in 2015!
can someone please help me ? id like to know if there are cameras which record like maybe 500-1000fps which arent that expensive. 
+banj0 i hope this will cchange in the coming years
I want them to slow down a video of him sticking his finger in an electrical socket, That's the only explanation I have for his hairdo.
Is that the guy from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs?
Is that Gavin from rooster teeth
Fps means faps per second
This is a really interesting episode
Play river flows in you while watching
Wish I could play fps games with atleast 30
The world is like 150 fps
I've seen it it's great!
anybody else notice the cats at 1:13 and 1:24
3:37 edit some creepy child giggles in there and BAM horror music
we cannot see 10000 frames per second, not only becuz of our eyes, but because a moniter refresh rate can only go up to 144hz, so wither way we still see only 144 fps, any extra is a waste of resources on ur computer w
I did not know they wud slow it down that much, im stupid, don't hate me, im wrong
Schöne Grüße von Hannah! :D 
Watching this was so satisfing.
Why would I watch it I'm sick of Sherlock Holmes
He's not forcing you he's just suggetsing
However Ubisoft still record slow motion at 30 FPS for that Cinematic feel.
30FPS in slow motion is slow mo hell
+Gamerado34 Imagine a 50x Slowed fight scene shot at 24FPS shivers
What software are you using to slow down the footage?
+Arunim Bhattacharya Except that that is exactly slowing down the video... He slowed the speed from 5000fps to 30fps.
+Arunim Bhattacharya Of course, most computers CAN'T play something back at 10000 frames per second.
Did you know one-trillion frames per second has been reach!
+Raul Zepeda facepalm*, no but we are able to see photons with it.
It would be interesting to see light un mid-travel.
it stands for faps per second
if you ask me is a little bit over rated this slo-mo.. however great gear.. thanks..
Doesn't YouTube cut every video down to 30fps?
Not if he renders it slower :p
They take the 10,000fps video and render it to a 25fps video. If you do it right, you will get a 400times slower video, means it is 400 times longer.
No hay link para descargar?
camera price 100000000000000
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