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Explain It To Me: Gold

by CNN • 26,658 views

CNN's Ali Velshi talks about the complexities and misconceptions surrounding gold.

...and if the Federal Govt. wants to take it away from you in a "time of crisis", they can and will! Yay!
"Gold... steeped in legend and myth." - Ali Velshi
I think he doesn't realize that money is a traded commodity as well as gold. For example someone will only give a person so much bread for $20 depending on what they think the value is. The value of money is uncertain as well, because it depends upon amount of money available, population, etc. For quite some time, gold has retained it's value. I don't think you increase your wealth with gold, but its better than a savings account any day.
As long as it is official US (and world) policy to devalue paper currencies in order to relieve sovereign debt burdens, gold will go up (interim volatility ignored). Remember, it is not really gold going up, but the dollar going down. Ron Paul 2012
you cant eat gold and silver its a fools game
CNN SUUUUUCKS! Why do people watch this mind brainwashing crap?
your 20 dollars maybe always be worth 20 dollars, but how much it can buy changes!! so what's his point???
Thumbs up if you didn't know what gold was until you saw this video. :D
Who cares about gold? Aluminium is where it's at!
What a tool, there was absolutely no education in that video. I invite people interested in learning about gold to seek out true facts about gold and silver. Such as One thing I know is that gold has been money and the real store of wealth for thousands of years. Mr. Velshi did not even touch on the reasons why we are not on a gold standard anymore. Truth = Central banks and Nations are buying up gold physical gold in massive tonnes. Do you think they know something "we" don't?
Anbody watch this guy get Spanked By Ron Paul during the last CNN Interview.
Gold is money!!! Keep fooling the masses Ali. While Americans sell their gold jewelry the rest of the world is buying gold including Central Banks. Why? Cause fiat currencies are just paper backed by nothing but confidence in it. And the confidence is running out.
i have no idea who Ali Velshi is but i will never watch anything by him ever again. this guy is an idiot. who is he playing this up too?
LOL this dude is so dumb. He needs to study some Austrian Economics.
@CometLol i am not an american,even i can see Ron Paul is an amazingly and honest politician......yet all american news channels talk about him as if he is some lunatic.....he says what is right and truth,weather its good or bad, not what will get him votes....we don't have many such politician left like Sen.Ted Kennedy RIP...
Lie more Ali! All, Lies, Velshi...5%??????????? Oh because the rest of your portfolio should be in all those 'other secure choices' huh? If I could, I'd own gold, oil and food, that's it, otherwise investing in anything that's tied to wall street is a fraud. Did the banksters make you do this video? They're afraid more people are buying too much gold...
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? KEEP YOUR GOLD AND KEEP INVESTING IN IT! THE PRICE WILL ONLY GO UP. DON'T LET THESE PEOPLE FOOL YOU! FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES = COUPONS, GOLD = MONEY AUDIT THE FEDERAL RESERVE AND VOTE FOR RON PAUL. Please watch the film "The American Dream" -- it tells you the truth about the Federal Reserve and where this country is heading /watch?v=ZPWH5TlbloU
Wow this video amazed me. I mean $20 worth $20. Cool but how much can it buy? Oh wait you didn't tell people there purchasing power goes up and down. 100 trillion zimbabwe dollars are still worth 100 trill zimbabwe dollars right?
in 20 years paper will rot and dollar wont have any value......even if gold due to some miracle gold devalues down, it will never rot, it will always be there and it will definitely go up no matter what......and if some one cant buy gold buy silver its cheaper, and it will also always have value.....thanks god my mother invested in gold,my fathers money went down the drain, it was gold that save us financially....
RON PAUL 2012! and i am from Lithuania !!!
dude.....its not the value of gold going down or up....its your 20$ currency printed out of thin air that loses its value Cash is Trash
Either Mr. Velshi really doesn't understand what he's talking about, or he's just being plain deceitful. Keynesian economics has led to a 95% loss in the value of the dollar in 98 years. Ron Paul is the only candidate who would work to abolish the Fed and bring back the monetary system we had before the Federal Reserve was in charge. $1 in 1912 could buy what $21 buys today. Ron Paul 2012!
this is obviously an anti Ron Paul campaign. SUCK MY COCK CNN! RON PAUL 2012!
Targeted Individual philipnute com
what if The Creator was on Earth.
This guy's a retard. My parents invested in gold about ten years ago (about 40k) and recently bought a house with it (about 175k). There was some trading into silver here and there in the middle, but let me tell you something. If you don't know what your doing, buy gold. If you know what your doing buy silver (silver goes up and down faster).
That 20 dollar bill you hold up is counterfeited from the Federal Reserve. You should be sent to jail, or better yet the FED should be flushed down the toilet!
Obviously the Establishment does not want us to invest in Gold. You know what that Means??? Take every dollar you have out the Bank and Buy GOLD!!!! I am being Serious the Dollar is going to Crash in the next 10 years!! Maybe sooner. This guy is a freak N Idiot ugghhh CNN pisses me off! 1$ in 1914 had the same buying power as 22$ today. Gold was 35 dollars and ounce Today it is 1600 an Ounce HMMM is CNN fu*king me in the Arse again??
lol and at the end "i'd invite you onto my yot (sry for spelling) to have this conversation" your not gonna get that rich just cause you know gold is gonna go up, your slowly gonna bring in money. And really in many cases gold isn't going up, the dollar is going down. Silver is what goes up and down allot.
LMFAO Gold is more than just a commodity. And It has more uses than just jewelry. Gold is highly conductive to electricity, Gold cyanide is the electrolyte used in commercial electroplating of gold onto base metals and electroforming, Gold can be made into thread and used in embroidery. it is used for the protective coatings on many artificial satellites, in infrared protective faceplates in thermal protection suits and astronauts' helmets and in electronic warfare planes like the EA-6B Prowler
sometimes that which glitters is gold!
wow are you serious? sounds like this guy was living under a rock! Study history gold never lost its value and money is just paper!
Gold has real value, cash has nothing but trust. All fiat money goes to zero.
if you LOLed during this video thumbs up
LOL! You are so dumb. Just like you said a 20 dollar will be worth 20 dollars, a bar of Gold will be worth a bar of Gold. Like you said you cannot print more Gold. But you can print dollars. Guess which one becomes worth less long term.
@thane17 LOL You're really stupid. There isn't enough gold to cover our own wealth. Other countries dont use gold. The US imports far more than she exports and is a left with a trillion dollar trade debt each and every year, and it's growing. Austrian Economics is open free trade. it is NOT balanced trade. So you want to give gold, we dont even have, to foriegn central banks. You are a traitor to your country. dumb ass.
Yes but you forgot to tell the people that the $20 buys you less because of inflation. Meanwhile, gold keeps going up. Hmmmm...and all central banks are hoarding gold now. Why? BECAUSE IT'S REAL MONEY!!!
in a few years we gonna use dollars as toilet paper or to burn on a fire to keeps us warm.
No Dirty Gold: NoDirtyGold . org -- Gold mining is a dirty industry: it can displace communities, contaminate drinking water, hurt workers, and destroy pristine environments. Gold mining facts: -- A single gold ring leaves in its wake, on average, 20 tons of mine waste. -- Cyanide and other deadly toxic chemicals are used to separate gold from waste rock. The average large gold mine uses over 1,900 tons of cyanide per year. A rice grain-sized dose of cyanide: fatal to humans
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