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Happy Wheels - Part 12 - Coin Rage!

by ZackScottGames • 62,336 views

Happy Wheels Gameplay and Commentary Part 1: Thanks for every Like and Favorite! I'm ZackScott! Subscribe if you have not! New videos...

Zack scott is my name
DO NOT SPEND 42 MINUTES ON ONE LEVEL!!!!!! i wasted my time :'(
zach ur making such a big deal on a level u beat already.the 18th coin is the same result man
your in a different place
hahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahhaaaaaaahahahahah XD
You suck at happy wheel Zack Scott
Then why are you wasting time watching this and commenting your opinion?
  u think there is 18 coins because  name trust518
Give it a break with that cliche, it's obsolete. And I don't recall I would actually reply to troll, especially if it didn't even worth arguing with, so pull your diapers up, shove it in and get back in your box.
After the 10th minute, it got annoying.
Ideas are not copyrighted. Just because Toby played happy wheels doesn't mean nobody else can.
Well maybe your comments could be understandable if you weren't so stupid
Well said. But really, one shouldn't change just because others tell him to, right? I say, if you don't like a person, it's better to bugger off and move on.
Your comment adventure to start your adventure begins here.
Quickly checked your channel. You play Pengiuns.. And you say i need to go outside :).
Thanks, I don't have to repeat myself like millions of times. :)
shut up your mouth!tobygames is the best!this is a stupid channel!!!!
I know you have to leave just because you just have to poo, you'll come back as soon as I close my tab because you feel that gutted that someone actually popped something off of your brain.
Do you honestly think that every words that you were blabbing about make you the one who owns the language? I was using your "point" at the first place was to show you how ignorant you are for calling Zack fans as "slow-witted". And grammatically correct statement was never the case, don't even try to dodge the bullet. And here's how you do it, try to find YOUR own folly at the very start of this silly mind-racking preach fight.
And that pretty much ends your line, whatever comes up from your fuzzy little cockbrain wouldn't even matter to me or anyone else, let alone Zack. Go ahead, keep on staying and replying so everyone could see how much of a nutjob you are. G'day, fgt.
Are you dumb when it said z you fuking do it
I hate this part right here I hate this part right here I just can`t take your tears I hate this part right here :3 09:57
No offence but what was the point in typing all that? A lot of people aren't going to read it.
Fuck you why do we have to fight about who we like best or not?! Just enjoy the fucking videos.
There's nothing bad on being ignorant or arrogant!
For the billionth time, it was never about the fact that it was the same game. That would be a very dumb argument, especially seeing as TobyGames wasn't the first to play it himself. It was about the way he tries to act and speak.
Control makes you squat so your legs don't break as easily
How ironic that you should say I would be slow-witted, when you so moronically try to use grammar and fail. On top of that your retarded mind does not seem to register what 99% means. You actually seem to think that when I say that 99% of the audience is under 12 or slow-witted, I would automatically belong to that group. YOU, in all your childishness and retardation, belong to that group. I am part of the 1% (probably a lot less even) that is not counted as part of that group.
Well you may not care about it but it's still wrong and I would normally not call people out on that but it was merely after the second time you called me dumb, so I thought why should I take that from someone who can't use grammar correctly. But really it's all right I wish you all the best, you know I actually happen to have a similar disease as well. It'll be fine though.
so, have YOU made a more intresting BLIND lets play of happy wheels?
take your time jumping. you have no patience. :p
What Zack says when he doesn't realize the harpoon nudging him off course of the cannon line...: ARGHHH SADADASFAWSDDASWD that coin must be moving! >:O I laugh every time
You pretty fucking stupid. Saying someone is "funny" is an opinion, and no one cares how famous that piece of shit is, he can be the most famous person on planet Earth for all I care, I just know that whoever watches him daily turns them into real idiots, just like you.
No, my grammar is fine. I checked it and it was fine. I knew you were a mentally ill dumb ass who claims to seen my youtube channel. Really cheapest junk food, where the fuck do you see me doing a video of junk food you blind piece of shit. Now your trying to make yourself feel big and smart by saying we have bad grammar and calling us brainless. You live in a poor country don't you? Is that why you put us down or at less try to. Do you feel better you poor little bastard.
Hey! Check out his channel! OVER 2,000 videos! You expect none of them would be boring? There's nothing sort of perfection, mate.
This shows Zack REALLY care's about his viewer's.
Nope, what you actually did was you actually admitted your fault for calling him pathetic and also, you failed to address "Freedom of speech". And your point really doesn't matter in anyway; I don't have to go back the point that's been considered a fault in the first place. And really the ones that are hating on people doing LPs by calling them with all the hates are actually the majority of Zack's audience. And calling my points retarded, now that's what you call baseless.
You see, that's how much of a nutwhack you are. That wasn't the point, YOU called him a RIP OFF and PATHETIC based on something that's VOID. If I had to ask you at WHAT part of THIS video of Zack that he actually TRIED even ONCE to copy Toby, I wonder if you could stand that up.
Lol the end suck it trust lmfaoooo
Again, the audience believing that Toby if funny is only an opinion. And he can't make everyone laugh, cause I know a lot of people who doesn't think he's funny, he can't make me laugh either, mostly because of the shit he's already put up. And don't compete people by popularity, that's stupid because no matter how popular Toby gets, if people do not like him, then they do NOT like him, now get of this video you dumbass.
pewdiepie is anoying loud and drunk all the time. funny is not fake girl screaming
The more you're doing this kind of smack talking it's as if you're dodging everything that you've been saying all along. You said he's a rip-off, you called me retarded, and you're telling ME that I'm the one who's harassing you. Wow, despicable. Is that the only thing that matters to you? Your OWN freedom and your OWN view of things? Props to "Your Friends" for being able to keep up with you.
"He was so right, how'd he know not to go down here?!" Laughed for 5 minutes easily. lol
Are you guys really raging on a YouTube comment? C'mon calm down. Go watch family guy, and watch some porn,
Oh my God, that scream was terrifying. One of those hollers was blood curdling.
Zack stop spending 45 minutes on a lvl that is supose to be 5!
(cont.) can't check my inbox every hour of the day. I don't even want to, since I'm doing more interesting stuff than watch the most retarded bloke on Youtube try to swing at me.
To prove how low your very existence is and to make you realize and do something more productive rather than calling other names and acting all witty when you're nowhere near butthead.
the coin wasnt moving the harpoon was getting so close that it blew you that way
I can't believe how calm he is, even though you can clearly tell he's frustrated xD
Fuck you man. Don't get me wrong though, I love PewDiePie (brofist) But why the fuck do we have to chose who we watch and like, I watch PewDiePie Nova and ZackScott all the time...Why do you have to say that shit. I know why... YOU DON'T CAAAAARRREEEEE do you?
The eighteenth coin is the one that is right on the landing area for victory, he collected it right before he finished.
Purely OBJECTIVELY, huh? Wow, so objectively that you call him a pathetic rip off. Just what do you eat that makes your brain thinks that calling someone who has over 2,000 videos and shizloads of fans a rip off of someone who has entirely different perspective of things? And you want me to believe that you actually aren't that HUGE fan of Toby that you has the ability to call someone else a rip off of Toby. HAHAHA!
That's just how cheap he is. He dodges every single point that you make and tries hard to make him look superior than you by making huge statements that don't relate to what you're saying in anyway. He won't reply to you in an instance simply because he just doesn't want to make himself look lower than you, of which he apparently is. And apparently, he wanted to make himself a racist and failed badly (He called you mongoloid, rofl.)
I did try this level and I beat it in 3 min
look that spear is pushing you away from that coin O MY GOD
Don't use "your life" as an excuse to your slow-wittedness, as I'm well-aware of that. And of course I keep myself intact with my inbox because I do work in a place that's based on it. And honestly, you really think that having big words in your arguments would make your point stand up straight? And yes you did call Zackscott pathetic, whatever reason that made you said he is, you called him that he is.
Also, you've never actually been a FAN of a particular person you're trying to relate to Zack. You're even worse than those Bros.
I have zero misspelled words jack ass. SmashBurger, instead of writing out the name like I did, you put the end of the URL. Now how is a burger a junk food, and also this was my first video. Did you look at others?? You don't live in the UK and have high income. I was laid off from my job and still making money from unemployment, so not so broke there. For a price of a burger that high is too expensive, so go Fuck yourself as we say it here.
If there's anyone who's actually "parrying" every single thing that's been happening and got beaten up badly but could hardly approve that he did, that'd be the one who selfishly assume that saying a phrase that's been there ever since a language is created but somehow got big by one guy on Youtube is RIPPING OFF that one guy on Youtube.
look man. its a game. not an idea for a product( which in these days, lots of people copy off of regular stuff and the original owner dosent do jack shit about it.) lets not argue about it.
The use of my inbox is to make sure that I'm updated with my projects as I'm in college as of now and really, you try so hard to get over the bridge that's been wrecked long ago.
Oh, sorry, probably my concern to your idiocy was way overrated that I have to carefully type in the words just so you could understand how mind-numbingly dumb of you to call Zack names at the first place. And that's one nice English to explain how much of an ass you are.
And really, you judge every single thing by your own selfish assumption and you think you're always right. You need to lay down and think of what you've done thus far.
I know who PewDie and Zack are, but who is Zach?
guys, just stop arguing, it's meaningless. go listen to some Mayhem or something and just relax.
Oh, and by the way, Youtube, just in case you CAN'T keep "your life" or whatever the hell you're using as an excuse updated, IS connected to Google and obviously, it connects whatever that's going on in Youtube to my Gmail account.
I really don't care about the your, you're or there, their stuff. Its just easier for me do that way. That's why you keep saying grammar sucks because of one word. Laid off means they could hire me back, fired is they don't you back at all. They laid off about 800 people I think. My supervisors liked me a lot. They said it was my attendants. I have UC and I was in and out of work. That's why I was one of the unlucky ones to be laid off.
Zack, you idiot, the coin isn't moving. Your person is moving towards the left, because of the harpoon arrow under you. Sometimes when it shoots at you, it touches the bottom of your segway and pushes it over. Gosh, I just needed to say that. ._.
Whoa, I can't believe I sat down and watched the whole thing. CONGRATS ZACK! =D
Chill out! What the world is without trolls? Just leave those cunts and poops alone.
I like zack beacuase he never gives up
If you don't like him then don't watch him you dumb fuck.
WARNING usage of cannon may cause random decapitation before launch
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