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Simpsons - Nazi Zombies Custom Map

by Viktor Gunnarsson • 1,551,811 views

Trailer for the new map Simpsons. Download here:;sa=view;down=1013 Buyable Ammo Some reskined Weapons Reskined Dogs Reskined Zombies...

can i still get this if i have WAW on steam?
just asking does only waw support custom zombies
the best part of this video is at 2:10 so many zombie and so many guns and theres also a blackgrenade that makes the screen black =D
the map is nice, but the gun skins are just stupid.
First off all, this is PC. Modding is allowed on PC. Secondly there is nothing wrong with modding/hacking a game as long as you are not doing it to obtain something easily, get an advantage over other players or harm another player. For example, if someone starts a mod lobby in zombies and everyone in the lobby doesn't mind, that is fine.
i know right plus im gonna be posting zombie could u check me out :)
Jesus kill this music before it lays eggs......
i hate that motherfuckin musicc!!!
Anybody wanna play on the simpsons with me? if yes add me on skype here. brody.bassett
look whos talking + its not really unless ur in school
Fuck it I don't care that comment is 1 month old just leave it
yes, you can spell the way you want. But it makes you sound like an utter idiot and no-one will take you seriously or bother to take your comment into their mind. Plus it's a pain reading.
The song is, Adele (Me Lo Dijo Adela) by Pinto Varez Orchestra
There was some stupid kid on a WAW Zombies map (PS3) and he was like, OMG OMG, dude did you know that people can make custom maps for zombies, yeah I can't wait till they release on console....
you dont custom a map you create your own with your CUSTOM scenaries, weapons and everything!
@115darklink its daxtadaxtadaaa lol itss gayyy aye man you play battlefieldbc2 on ps3 i boss at it
-_- The guns made me have a seizure...
dude the video was only like 1:00 and it was supposed to be 5
Grammar Whores don't correct spelling though.. They correct Grammar ._.
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why u make a 5 min vid that only goes for 2 mins
homers favorite weapon is the springfield
Dats not nazi zombies dats Homer Zombies
i kno liek wtF iz h3 doin wht retadad prsn woud do tht. Wht a dermbass.
Video ends here. the song does not.
costum map making is only for pc you have to hack or mod, look it up
All of u saying HOW!?!? It's on PC that he's playin on and u can make custom maps and thts how
this is cool wish they had this on ps3 or 360 version
Holy-Terrorist:>*=* Lol, like acid! I speak french and little english.
u suck at using the wonder waffle
hey how do i get this or even regular nazi zombies on my mac ?
That music fucking annoyed the hell out of me.
still better than linkin park
should of made the dog the actual dog from simpsons lol
what kind of gay song is that?
whats that gun with many blue colors?
Y not put cheats on just type ''devmap nazi_zombie_MAPNAME'' and that works
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