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Waylon Jennings - Don`t You Think.....

by Slasher- Slasunen • 665,374 views

"Don't You Think This Outlaw Bit's Done Got Out Of Hand" www.Waylon.Com "The Lost Outlaw Performance"

Love this song! Odd but I just saw a Metallica cover for it!! kinda strange to go from this to that. lol
I could really care less..
+Eklipselite78 so you do care then, that's good. carry on.
Yep, what a good job!
When/where was this show?
the country music industry in nashville dont want people on the radio who write their own music so you will never hear waylon willie or steve earle on the radio.they will give you a new star every 3 months that has no balls,selects songs written by the same six people and says whatever their publicist tells them to say.thats why country sucks so bad
we are true outlaws now.. Baby.... I love you!!!
Logical Prepper Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Don't y'all think this outlaw bit's done got out of hand?
19 RETARDS don't know what music is. They probably sit around listening and singing to Kumbaya
Adam McConkie Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
Was it singing through my nose that got me busted by the man... 
"......the cars pulled up, the boys got out, and the room filled up with law..."
Scott Adcox Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
"New York sent a posse down like I ain't never seen."
That Waylon's sound....amazing! Only people who been trough a lot of s*it in their lives can truly dig Waylon. Candya*ses can't even scope the size of this man.
Sing it Waylon! I and country music miss you.
@Crazyinsanemom1 Hey fatass,I know good music,thats why im listening to waylon jennings.Again,fuck kenny chesney he is pussy and his music sucks!
Waylon\his voice/his ax/ and Ralph Mooney and the pedal steel trump all other music! If you don't agree, you probably have a towel on your head!!!!!!!
this is what I'm talking about,,, the way it should be,,,,, this is good old country,,
Love that you found this from James' thing...but calling this country is only about half right...this is rock n roll...just cause he's got a twang in his voice doesn't make it country by default...just like most of the "country" today isn't really country...being from the south doesn't grandfather you into the realm of country...Waylon certainly was country, but he could never be that limited in scope by definition.
@TheJoelef Like crazyinsanemom,She listens to her local "country station" lol.Thats why i love me some xm outlaw country station!!
one of the greatest outlaws of them all, fucking sweet
I think the 1 dislike asshole needs a country beat down
Waylon was the greatest country western artist ! So awesome i got to shake his hand with my brother after we got a ticket lady to let us in during the first show and surprised waylon as he was getting ready to get on the bus :) Great memory ! Great singer writer guitar player and performer ! Icon !
@MrArcadia34266 I agree totally!!!! bring back REAL country music - Im sick of this garbage todays country singers play now.
he may own it but to say waylon's playing keith's guitar is outright insulting. if he's such a "huge" waylon fan he shuld try harder to do that guitar justice & play better music. it ain't the guitar that makes the man, it's the man behind the guitar & waylon's the man with the talent to back that guitar up. short stuff pales in comparison. he bought a great man's guitar but it will NEVER be his.
Jason Boland and the Stragglers have been playing this song live pretty regularly here recently. Great song!!!!
@gwatson678 You nailed it that is very true I like real country music as well as drinking,drugs,sex,fighting,and if it was possible i would have already overdosed on Waylon's music it's the best around.TC
@CSBluesman you on crack man lol waylon could out play keith urban on his worst day lol
waylon is a modern hero in my eyes music lives forever and yes modern country is full of pussys
Lol country and metal purists arguing about 1 song. That's soooo lame!!!!!!!!! James and Waylon's versions are pure bad asses! Live it up!
Yeah mad22780, LOL, I am drunk right now, but NO THUMBS DOWN from me. Waylon's voice is priceless.
Was at this show. It was at The Grand Ole Opry House...Was a great show. I have it on 8 mm film but NO SOUND...
My damn headphones never get loud enough. Enough said.
Tributes are a show of respect! Good or bad lol!
i aint shure if i like this or the later version outlaw shit beter?
This is Country Music the way it should be :) Thank you for Sharing This !!
GET EM BUD!!! dumb ass yankees
Right on. It's awsome. Everybody should check it out
Oh man I am a huge metalhead (and I like some punk too) but let me tell you music like this is right up there at the top. Waylon Jennings was a real musician; a real artist. What a great song. Real country is nothing to be disrespected.
@zambia61 Thanks for havin somthin nice to say Bro. He's been a hero of mine for years. I wish things were more like they used to be. We used to bo able to take each other at "face value", but I'm afraid it aint like that anymore.
@sincitypoolmam yeah i know. thats how we got to story telling and plain badasstry to songs like honkeytonkbodonkydonk.
The chapter about this incident in his AUTOBIOGRAPHY is fantastic. He was in a studio doing backing tracks for a HANK JR song and he hears through his headphones the police shaking down the audio mixers so he throws his coke across the room and it slides under a curtain. The police start questioning him and he just acts cool and dumb, "I don't have any drugs, go ahead and search the place".
"....and the room filled up with law....." Epic line.
@thankful4HIM1 Waylon s friend Buddy Holly told Waylon,, Dont label your self..meaning his music.......Great advice. I keep thinking Waylon and Buddy are in Heaven just singing up a storm and God s enjoying every note.
Hank sr. This , Johnny cash that, nobody had a better sound than ol waylon, thank u hoss for sharing your genius with us
waylon is to country what niel young is to rock! different and great!
@zambia61 Waylon and Jesse were both so gracious and giving. My father was in the service station business and he knew the owner of the station that Waylon and Jesse went. He told my dad that they were always tipping, giving tickets, Jesse was always bringing pies and thanking him for taking care of them...genuinely great people.
An oldered woman at the front gate after the concert started haha she wanted us ! haha let me and my brother in ! We hung out back within the enclosed area where the tour buses were parked haha Anyway they asked us what are you doing. we said ...we are with waylon ! haha they bought it ! Then we scared the shit out of poor waylon when he was leaving the first show heading for his tour bus ! It was great ! We got to shake his hand ! Alot more to the waylon story ! Didnt realize unti
keith urban only wishes he could carry waylons guitar case around he doesnt even have enough talent to be able to do that.
The best ever doin his best ever along with his trusty sidekick Ralph (show em moon)Mooney
" They got me on possession of something that was gone " Love it!!!!
@TheJoelef Waylon and the boys are the epitome of rebel country music. Do your homework boy!
Man, this kind of music changed my life back in the 70's. I miss this guy!
@guitars691 not quite Waylon don't do back up he was doing some Hank Sr covers Hank Jr was there in studio playing diffrent interstruments when the doors came crashing in
Yes, I watched James Hetfield (Metallica) tribute to "my buddy Waylon." I thought it was great. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Jerry
If you ask my 6 year old daughter who the Man is, she'll tell you "Waylon is the Man"......
@sincitypoolmam a bunch of suburban pretty boys trying to say how "country" they are instead of rough and rugged hell raising beer drinking drug doin outlaws
Most country music sucks!!!!.This does not...!!!!.This kicks ass,and Hetfield did it justice
the greatest song ever recorded 547 like it and 2 ass holes don't what's not to like even if u don't like country rock it's like not liking kashmir or let it be
Who's the pretty lady singing back up? Would love to know how she became part of the band during this tour.
Though waylon passed away he will always be remembered in county music as s true legend, Waylon has the kind of voice that anyone could recognize and it never changed
@sb2244 Your right, there never will be another - but somebody out there IS keeping his music alive. Search Byron McKedy to see for yourself! AMERICAN original! There will never be another...RIP my brtother and thanks for all the great music you laid down.
love bass player ever!!! :)
Still one of my favs it wasn't singin thru your nose that got u busted by the man ,it was being the real deal hard living hard playing true outlaw .Go get em Waylon!!!
My thumbs was # 420 LOL I love it!
my god, look @ his eyes,,, he lived it and had the balls to sing it
Please remove the disslike button, some idiot done slipped through! Waylon was a real Outlaw, never be another, Love him!!
country needs a good kick in the ass bring back real music not this spotlight shit
Her name is Jennifer. She's the daughter of Jesse Colter and Duane Eddy.
@Shpaggy I like metal more than country too, but if you can't see that this version is better than Hetfields you are a musically limited in the brain.
@bigsofty1977 I got here after watching Bo Chadley's version. He rocks!
wayllon jennings is as country as it comes,if you dont like it "sorry about your damn luck"
I personally think the Hetfield cover was a little out of his league; at least break out the acoustic... but doing it as a tribute to Waylon is heartfelt.
@cobraman96 I would'nt give you the privelige anyway!!! evidently you don't know good music when you hear it.
this is what Country is all about!! Love it Thank you for sharing!!
It just hit midnight and it is my birthday and I am sitting here listening to this song as well as other Waylon and Merle Haggard songs sipping on Whiskey. Life is amazing. and so is this song.
@jodysoldman--the bass is loud on a lot of Waylon songs. I hypothesize that it's because he was a bass player once upon a time. One hell of a song,
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