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Popping Popcorn in super Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

by The Slow Mo Guys • 8,954,608 views

Follow on Twitter -!/GavinFree In this ridiculously requested video, Gav and Dan show you what popcorn looks like when it... pops. Keep hands and eyes clear of the oil, boys....

Can you slow mo my life? it's going too fast...
you could leave the city and live in a community, makes life better and slower
Yes, smoke weed. You'll think it's been hours if you go on a short walk.
Why do people dislike your videos? What's not to like?
okay... wow... so... okay?
Its all fun and games until some gets burned by hot oil in the cornea. Now its fun and games in the dark :(
me and my cousin were doing this and were sitting there as it poped getting burned and a pop  corn piece flew into my mouth as i was talking! xD i remember we were talking about how cool it would be to see a  couch  explode  i was saying "yeah sounds like something tha  pop corn flies  in my  mouth AWW GAWD THATS HOT OH OH OWWWWW  ITS BURNING MY TONGUE! proceeds to chew it and eat it"while my cousion was sitting there laughing her butt  off
Lol i wouldnt blame her i would be weak
We want to see you shoot your dick off in slow mo
.-. Maybe on a porn website?
Its. So. Beautiful. Lol I'll never look at popcorn the same
+Shrek Is life lol thanks for that awesome idea that's something I'm going to have to try with my husband lol
That is why you don't get close to the popcorn that has oil in it
I always wondered how it works... :-)
Stop complaining about the hot oil if you are not going to move away from it ffs
It seems that the mixture of protein/fat/carbohydrate that was boiling inside the corn breaks out from the hard shell and it immediately hardens, forming a foam-like structure
Anyone know what the highest fps possible would be? It's just so interesting to me that they can show things that happen in time stretched out like that, even if our eyes can't pick it up it's cool, how much can they divide it?
do farting in slow mo
+The Slow Mo Guys Are you guys British or American?
+Grti Arde They are from the UK but live in Austin, Texas, USA. Gavin works for the Youtube channel "LetsPlay" which is a sub-channel of the channel "Roosterteeth". Go look at the LetsPlay channel if you wanna see Gavin do dumb shit while playing video games with 5 other people.
+Statatize i already knew about where gavin works, i didnt realize he lived in the us
The kernels just turn inside out when they become popcorn.  There hard shells become soft and inside out like that.  Wow.
1:30 did anyone else think of the bone floating up into the air in 2001: A Space Odyssey ?
Are the sounds added in or do they have some sort of shotgun mic to pick up the sounds on a particular spot?
Those are actual sounds. It is crazy because the sounds that we make actually sound like jets above to ants, flies and other insects Cheers 🍺
Why do they allways rush to turn of the camera?
Because the camera only records the final 4 seconds, so they must turn it off ASAP
Ah ok, thanks for the info!
I want to see you guys ejaculate in slow mo
Now I can Rest in Peace.
Even in slow-mo, I blinked, and then it already popped.
And that my friends is the birth of the popcorn
Did anyone else smell popcorn while watching this
I'm eating popcorn right now
Its so beautiful... Never again will I think of popcorn the same. I will think of this next time I see popcorn pop...
You guys should do popping pimples. Gross, but interesting.
I lost it at the end and I don't know why xD
Now I'm hungry I want popcorn!
how come we can only pop corn?
Whoah, I have that Exact Grill, awesome!
can i use this video on my videoclipe and put credits by you? (it's a little merchandising)
+Mihajlo Djordjevic is that in a diffrent language? english please!
Why do yall have to "man" the camera and such
Thanks SlowMoGuys now I'm hungry....
cual es el programa que usan para hacer esa cámara lenta??
Windows movie maker... no es un programa... es la cámara la que puede capturar a 10000FPS
This is how humans came up with airbags
David guetta waking up at : 00:01
lol holy crap! he's just thinkin about his next album
Amazing!guys. good going.
These guys are great. Trippy stuff....
I don't know how this video got into my science lesson. I MEAN I SUBBED THESE GUYS BEFORE I EVEN GOT THE LESSON.
Beautiful camera setup. The regular one and the fast one.
Wow, i had no idea the popping happened so spontaneously; that is shocking.
I was eating popcorn, I don't know way, but I needed to see the slow motion of them popping :D
Logan Baldwin Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
This looks so cool I love slow motion
You guys should try a ps4 explosion in slow mo.
Get a box of ceramic plates and glasses and bottles and dump them from a really high drop
Awww, I'm disappointed. This isn't femtosecond slo-mo, it's more like millisecond slo-mo. :( But, if it were femtosecond slo-mo, we might have to watch like hours and hours of video to see it pop. Yay! for millisecond slo-mo! :)
So that's what it looks like.
(Sniff)(sniff) ohhhhhhhhhh its just so beautiful the popcorn poping in slo mo ohhhhhhhhhhh its just beautiful 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 tears of joy tears of joy
You guys Are making me Hungry
u guys have such cool videos that i thought were really interesting and now am obsessed with taking pictures in the slow mo repeats
Can you do WINNER empty mv slow motion
now i want pop corn...
who's watching this on 2015?
Oh. My. God. Gav looks like pewdiepie
When it popped and they showed it super slow that was awesome
You can not just watch one video. #Alittleaddicted  
Dan.. Ur sssooo cute !!
Now I'm craving popcorn...
I like how the seeds literly inflate with air (or so it seems) Looks delicious
You guys totally made me want popcorn now!
Amazing video who likes popcorn I like popcorn who likes popcorn I like popcorn😝😜
Popping Popcorn in super Slow Motion - The Slow M…:
try at 20 000 fps for better quality
and I am at peace...
Popping Popcorn in super Slow Motion - The Slow M…:
They see me poppin' they (add word)
Vijay Rawat Shared on Google+ · 6 days ago
why are you useing oil to cool popcorn ?????
+hr1100 The whole purpose of using butter is for the oil in the butter.
Flaming Ghost Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Epic slow mo popcorn explosion
could u do a video with u guys belly floppin in a pool
I like the music that plays when u do something in slow mo.
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