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by SHAYTARDS • 552,442 views

ShayAnswers!: Yesterday's Vlog!: ShayCarl SHIRTS at Rodeo Arcade: 1 year - 2 years -...

you are gonna have a baby named Daxton in 2013  i know it                                                        I PREDICT THE FUTURE
its meant to be a joke you dumbos dont even know 1 joke huh?
Ok momma I have been the same. . the girls and boys. I have
sontard's comic book was absolutely adorable!! he's so creative!
i watch you everyday so that means you should be on television because you are amazing
cant tell you how much watching Shaytards makes me feel more positive about life
shay was reallly fit in 2012!
2012 PTissle: Normal Girl 2013 PTissle: Little weird but normal girl 2014 PTissle: FROZEN SINGING AND BRACELET MAKING GIRL!!!!
why is it tard if ur last name id butler
You should make a hammermas short
Omg Shay looks so much like Logan here very handsome
Sontard is so creative
How old is sontard and princesstards in 2014
+kermitbudder6 im on the 28 so shes on the... 4th? and ur on the 8th ?? of may?????
i would buy the comics
This is lste but whatever. A Quince is a mexican traditional 15th birthday. Its usally a Traditinal thing. In a quince theres usally like something on church, then a food, and at thd night theres a dance. Thd 15 girl has dances and music.
hey butlers i watch your video everyday and i love your video
This is lste but whatever. A Quince is a mexican traditional 15th birthday. Its usally a Traditinal thing. In a quince theres usally like something on church, then a food, and at thd night theres a dance. Thd 15 girl has dances and music.
I books too I made like 13 books
so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have The second cat that rocktard picked up !!!!!
Your like me I like writing too.
Rock Tard looks just like emmi (babytard) where she was younger
My name is Cecilie too :)
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You can send me I will tell you my address is Teban garden block 21-121
You don't just put your address on the Internet you know right??
U're from Singapore, aren't you?
What is there real name ?????
Do your girls take baths together grosssssss
Then sut up Blah I dont know how to spell and I am 8
I`ve never known rocktards or brotards name what r they?
Its funny because I got a real kitty right in front of me
I wish u guys were my parents ur so sweet to ur kids
the average teacher makes about anywhere from 30 to 50 thousand a year if they make 30 a year that is 18 dollars a hour, their average day is about 9 hours counting planning
We're all gonna die!!!!!!!!!
can i live with you please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Margarita Ruiz Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
1:14 I W A N T Y O U T O S M I LL
Babytard is so cute and funny! OMG!
My mom is a teacher to special need kids
How old is babytard in this blog
I think 5-6-7 around that age
i remeber last day of school i cried for like 30 min because i <3 <3 <3 my teacher
I want one calendar pleaseeee
Teachers get paid a lot of money
this video is a disgrace to baby-nerds EVERYWHERE.
I get out of school June 7
Quinceañera is a birthday card
I had a bus driver in elementary school that was always so nice to me so at thw wnd of every year my mom and I would give her a nice present (:
he spends more time with his family because he doesn't have to go to a job everyday all day like most people, his job is insanely easy compared to most people. He vlogs his family which is very very easy and makes other random videos, if you think that is hard work then good luck in life.
BUT I dont like annoying orange haha i dont watch tv stay on youtube! lol
You won't see much, if any this Summer. They are taking a break from gymnastics and karate.
that's right, teachers do work hard! we do have the hardest job (next to motherhood) and sontard is absolutely right about "some kids" :)
I loled when babytard brought the salsa dvd LOL
hahahaha hammer man like on "dr horrible" with neil pattrick harris. but that "hammer" man is inappropriate
A quince is a when a hispanic girl turns into a young women trust me im aa mecixan haha
There not going to gymnastics during the summer break!
Just because he doesn't have a job that he goes to everyday doesn't mean it is easy. Plus his vlogs are very hard to make! He stays up till two every day kit to edit one video to put on youtube for us. I'd like to see you be more successful in life than him. Someone who has such a great family, job and great relation ship with God doesn't deserve this much hate.
Really cool of you mommytard, Not many respect teachers and its nice to see you buy them gifts for a year of dealing with rude kids.
i miss all pf your chanells tell shay i said hi katieliet
Why does it say Rebecca Black on the whiteboard at 8:46 ? Makes me question maker studios and the activities that go on lolz
ha ha I know. I was just bored and looked at some old comments
"it is tiring being a superhero"- Sontard "Oh it is, I know" -Shay Shay is a superhero!!!
BAHAHAHAH thats so hilarious baby tard picking out her own present XD
me thinks someone should turn Sontard's cartoon into a video :)
I thought mommytard said 'just shit on it' at 3:35...
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