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Conan Visits Irish American Heritage Center - CONAN on TBS

by Team Coco • 1,933,242 views

Conan gets in touch with his roots at Chicago's Irish American Heritage Center.

That girl took that kick to the head like a man
+TheYankeeSaints But Americans can still use stereoypical leprachaun jokes about the Irish but when we make jokes that have some inch of truth in them (Im talking about the amount of guns in America.) we need to think of something new and original -_____-
+Adam Hughes I'm not discouraging the use of fat American and gun jokes, but if those are the only jokes you are relying on then say "Americans have no sense of humour" in the same sentence, than that's kind of dumb. Conan made a few lepracaun jokes, but also balanced it out with more original jokes as well. The bars on each floor was hillarious.
I've watched a few videos of the Irish stereotypes and it seems that where I live in particular in the North West of England we seem more in common with the Irish than the English from the south. The "taytos" made me laugh because it isn't uncommon for us to say "tayters" for potatoes. The irish say mam or ma for mum, we say mam, plus many more words in common. How am I only just noticing these. 
I never got the whole Irish dancing thing; they always look like they have sticks rammed up their asses when they do it.
Thats stepdancing,but sean nos is a more natural dance where expression is much freer check it out.
Definitely "Irish-American" heritage, as a lot of so called Irish traditions were born in the US. The events like St. Patrick's day was not celebrated in Ireland until the 60's, and bars and pubs closed on religious holiday's. It was a very minor holiday then somehow got intertwined with nationalism through American media. Irish were known to be great dancers and for the longest time in the US the most revered even ahead of black dancers, great tap dancer who moved their arms. Michael Flatley is American and mass produced this image of Irish dancing with your arms glued to your sides in a straight line with others. Stuff like Leprechauns has no mythology in Ireland and until the mid 1900's hadn't been known about in large numbers in Ireland, another American invention. As for the drinking and fighting, well i'll end up writing a book so I'll just say look up stats of drinking nations and also the correlation between oppressed people's and substance abuse.
+Christopher Stewart Yes the mccolgans came up with riverdance not flatley and irish dancers have been dancing that way a long time before riverdance i know because i was around.I remember when male dancers had to wear kilts.Michael flatley used his arms occasionally which was not done in the past.
Hes so obnoxious and stereotypical if I were the guide woman I would have kneed him in the nuts the disrespectful cunt
+RobMartinsWFC His overreactions and excessiveness are one of the many ways he can be funny. He doesn't have to try to do that.
Everyone just assumes Kojak is a grown ass man.
What Conan gives away in dignity, he more than makes up for with sincerity. You consider his wit and charm and he's one in a trillion. With a "T".
lol at all the fake "irish"  Lol, "Irish-American" and what, the rest of America is now "English-American?"  Gives me a break you degenerates, once you left the mainland and after a few generations, you're no longer our breed.
you definitely tell the difference between an irish-american and an italian-americans from just an american family who has been here for generations.who has mixed in.
+DarklordDaUnicorn DaThird You're obviously not old enough to remember the controversy over whether Irish-Catholic John F Kennedy could actually be elected president of the United States. Being Irish-American meant being stereotyped as brawling drunkards... they still called police vans "Paddy Wagons" back then. You don't have to look different to be discrimated against in America. I still remember slurs cast against 'wops' and 'polacks' from not that long ago, no matter how completely assimilated they were. Basically, as long as you let "genuine Americans" treat you like a doormat, they are going to keep it up. So until you stand up and yell, "Damn straight! That's who I am and I'm just as good as you are!" you don't get treated as an equal. It may take generations, but you keep fighting until you win. You don't try to hide your heritage, like it's something shameful, you boast of it; expecting and demanding the respect you deserve. And you don't forget your family and its history, the people who made you who you are. You remember those who came over, were forced to start at the bottom and fought their way up. Also, being Irish and Irish-American is part of American history. Take, for example, the 69th Infantry Regiment:   Should I say, "Oh they were just a bunch of foreigners who gained fame in the Civil War" or should I say "Yeah, those were MY people!" More recently it's moved beyond ethnicity. The whole gay pride movement is a demand for equal treatment to what other Americans receive. The results they have achieved only came about after they stopped hiding and came out openly, demanding their rights. So though you may not like it, and it may not make sense to you, part of being an American is also being where your people are from and how they ultimately succeeded, so you could be today just another American.
If he did this with African Americans instead of Irish, how do you reckon that would've gone down?
well look at when he went to a Baptist Church. It was hilarious.
it would probably be Ferguson all over again.
I didn't notice he booted that girl in the head till they replayed it in slow mo. Too funny
well its march... about time to re-watch this
Coco, Irish hate tall men, since Irish were starved on nothing but Potatoes for 974 years, while 90% of the Irish land was used to give Steak and Dairy to the Brits. You are tall; that means your family was doing well for the past 400 years. Scotch are tall. Brits are tall. You may have an Irish last name, but there is nothing else about you that is Irish. We are a small, starved people. Keep making jokes, funny man. Every time I hear you say you are Irish, it's like fingernails across a chalkboard.  Stop lying. SAY you are Scotch-Irish, and it will make more since.
201 Gingers were offended.
Conan need his butt beat kicking her in the face like
Thank U, no, not  all. My name is very common in  The Republic of South Africa.
Now I want some Guinness. 
Awesome! they are like Irish Crip walkers haha. Great video.
damn she took that kick like a boss
+Jessica That's not a good thing. If you said that Irish women can fight or defend themselves that's something to be proud of. You said it as if Irish women are good at taking a beating and doing nothing about it ha
+Fresh Phily well you should say that to the 2 people that liked my first comment.
Stereotypes are funny when it's one of our own people saying or joking about them..  It's great that America has Irish heritage centers..
Holy fuck! A European on a Conan video not saying all of us Americans are loud, unfunny, rude, disrespectful idiot fucks. Thank you! You are truly one-in-a-billion!
never did like the irish lmaooo
This was a fucking waste of my time and Canon is NOT really funny.
Really? I almost pee my pants from watching this. 
Conan is a typical loudmouth, obnoxious American.
There's the door, and your still here. Typical Europeans shitting on American's and complaining like it's their fucking job.
I would fuck the shit out of them
this video pleases my young girl fetish. I'm in jailbait heaven 
I don't know if this is recommended for me because I'm an irish dancer and I watch a lot of dance videos or its because I watch a lot of Conan videos lol
Do you think you get mad pussy as a guy who can do Irish dance very well?
Conan: the new Lord of the Dance.
those legs haha.. I love guiness btw
damn there fine little tings
Those dancers are hot
amazing dance I love it!!!
Conan has become so fucking disrespectful. He was funnier when he was more self effacing. corporate sellout whore conner o doyle.  yeah fuck you, you don't deserve to be called by your fake tv name either.
Conan's got a good Irish sense of humour. And that last performance warmed my heart and made me proud to be Irish.
Im moving to fucking Ireland
Holy shit. Them chicks in the back row were hot af tho!
Watching Conan throw those Tayto box in front of that old lady gave me an idea for a Conan segment. Breaking stuff in front of old people! Anyone? no? Oh nvm..
Any ''Irish'' people taking offense to this isn't really Irish then, because a real Irish person would find this really funny like I did, the best part was definitely the part where he was going through all the bars haha
4:20 how does anybody keep their laughs in their pockets xD
Conan is Irish. 1. Just look at him. 2. His last name is O'Brien... Notice the O' 3. He grew up near Boston... Which is predominantly Irish. 4. His ancestors are from County Kerry...he has a segment of him visiting there. YouTube it. 5. He is 1 of 6 kids, which is typical of Irish Catholic families (joke... But true) Stop being all sensitive and THINKING you know shit... When you don't. And don't say "I'm Irish and i am offended" well guess what... I was raised in an irish Catholic home and I thought it was hilarious. Stereotypes exist because THEY ARE TRUE!! Learn to laugh at yourselves people. I am of Latin heritage (I was adopted hence being raised in an irish Catholic home) and people ask if I like rice and beans and i say HELL YES I DO! and tacos y burritossssss Chill the fuck out.
I love Conan's self-deprecating humour :L
Ní raibh a fhios agam go raibh Conan na hÉireann.
 all these irish saying ahh we will go over and see him... fuck off you fucking muppets no one gives a fuck what you have to say you dumb fucks you ain't got shit.... go eat your fucking tayto's LOL
+ashley vallot Hes hooked you escape now or you're in for a month of constant racial slurs as he prods around thinking he is victorious.
lol i dont care any more any ways xD i was really tired when i wrote all that :P
i would love to see jimmy fallon and conan do a comedy sketch 
Fallon is the worst thing to have happened to late night tv. I'd like Craig Ferguson and Conan in sketch.
I need an Irish dancer
this was really insulting.....we dont speak like that at all...
hes not a comedian hes a talk show host? i dont call talk show hosts comedians..
-_- he's a talk show host who does comedy what do you expect.Half of them do it.
That poor girl xD
That was fucking hilarious.
Conan is pure Irish Catholic. Don't getcher knickers in a twist, ya big buncha drunk, bald-headed pricks.
1:42 I always thought the way Nogla said potatoes was just to make fun of his own accent.... Like if you know what I'm talking about!
Conan part time dick full time comedian haha favorite TV host so far every episode is hurting my sides with laughter and enjoyment
Okay. Not going to deny, The beat and the dance is pretty sick.
For a moment I almost thought they might break into Conan's moves at the end. 
Ha ha h... I mean.... hoy toi toi toi toi !
Rite in doh face laddy..... whyii?..... WHYii?!
Not gonna lie, the dance at the end is pretty freaking awesome!
Hmmmmm.. i have lost counts of the number of time i have clicked on the replay button.
thats some nice dancing
Holy shit! They should have just called this 'Conan kicks teenage girl in the head'. Great clip though.
one of the ugliest dances ever
Sounds like a troll comment to me. Everybody knows it's a beautiful dance with lots of history and cool music.
You guys don't consider this dancing, yet you guys consider tweaking dancing?
Jpop Wilson Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago (edited)
Conan Visits Irish American Heritage Center - CON…: #taytos
I'm from Chicago might go there one day!!
damm no minority children in there. so racist
Conan is a great guy, he made good on the "Foot to Face".
Curious what the girl said at 4:28
I lost my mind when he kicked that girl in the face holy shit that's funny
STEPDANCING !?!?!? Drives me bonkers !!!! It's "irish dancing" please !
I've been to this place and it's a real shit show.
...that was hilarious...thanks Conan for the great laugh...2 thumbs up!
They synchronization is awesome 
wasn't expecting 6:35 one of the greatest moments in Conan history
That Synchronization though.
Conan telling the same jokes for the last 20 years
If that was even true, it's because he can because they work. He's hysterical!
The Jews are responsible for this madness! Boycott all Jewish comedy writers and save the universe. Thanks!
melayela808 Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
she took a foot to the face like a pro
these clips are conans best! hard to get me laugh from clips these days but this one got me! reallly really funny damn!
And why does nobody mention that adorable little lady... couldn't restrain herself eating those taytos just in front of the camera... sweeeet!!! And seriously... 6 bars! Damn! Irish sure know how to live, huh?
Needs more diversity. This is racist!
hmm, those bitches have legs and look at all those tight shorts. My pants just got a little tighter as well.
+siba oner Tighter than any girl, but maybe he needs that for his pencil dick.
+Sir Ulrich von Liechtenstein   Pedophile. I don't care if you're joking or not. You make me sick.
What a disrespectful arsehole.
Ya, sure you are, pal. A Scot defending the Irish? I don't think so.
The fear of the people, not the will of the people. We'll get there eventually.
wat moet ik  hierrmee?
+Henk Veenstra helemaal niets. Kijken als je wil
He kicked a girl in the face and didn't even care!! Plus he bullied an old woman! Not okay
your mother has a very huge vagina cause shes a whore
+Mae Joy Belen She deserved it? how? she's lovely, you deserve it.
No one in Ireland eats soda bread.
Love soda bread, it's the best!
irish girls are so fucking HOT!
Stay in your own fucking race.
I like Conan's style of humor.
pale skin is being able to absorb vitamins from the sun in not so sunny weather so dont go tanning...
Overhere in the suborns of..the nice kids and *@other people get to have their acts usually in the library's and one thing theres no bars in any library I went to!
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