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by kevjumba • 4,237,972 views

Thanks for making a boy's dream come true... If you're confused by the Heterosexual Bear Wrestling, watch this first: BLOOPERS for this video!...

He's not stopping YouTube its just moviess
+MegaJamesbond12 no he's done with movies and youtube, did you see how bad the jade dragon one? he's devoting his time to hinduism forever.
"I must kill myself" XD XD XD XD XD
You all typed 'Is' in google didn't you?
You can clearly see the sword is a toy
so.... i went to papajumba's facebook page and all i saw was "is so cold i fart snowflakes".... wow
so.... i went to read your comment and i saw dragonite
Cool I never knew that XD
now its is kevjumba a jerk in real life
What DAFUQ 😄😂😅😆😎😯❤️
I cant believe that he actually cried.How in the hell did he even come up with that phrase
now it's not unless you type "is kevjumba a h"
Ahhh the good times when you could type is into the search bar and is kevjumba a heterosexual bear wrestler would be the first result
Who said they were sarcastic comments?
Y did he stop making vids?:(
love u kevinjumba lol
I had to type in is "kevju"
Well this video is old
Lol my mom doesn't understand sarcasm too
Kevjumba vs putin. The heterosexual bearfighter and the homosexual bearrider.
Flour in a plastic bag labeled drugs...... Classic👌 (don't do drugs)
Where are you Kev?? I want the videos back!!
After the video kevjumba died at October 10-24-14
now if u search "is kevjumba" it says is kevjumba dead????
Were the tears real? That was sooo cute -
You always make my day Kevin! Your dad is awesome and I almost cried when you almost cried! :'D Keep doing what you love best <3
ur dad is such a natural actor.
Lol howd you get that much for your first time doing drugs xD
it did not work :(
I do drugs..................medical drugs
Right now, its "is it down." Not even nearly as cool
now people ask if youre dead:/
Drug Cartels deal in those quantities. 
lol at the end u pull the thing grab drugs  
WE LOVE U TOO KEVJUMBA don't worry I'm a girl
Kevjumba's father didn't commit proper seppuku. You use a knife, not a sword!
Your also supposed to cut your stomach open so you guts and what not fall out. At least I think that's how it goes.
Japan uses swords to sacrifice their self
This is my favorite video of yours.
I know this is a really bad question to ask but were you really crying
did you really kill your self
you are such awesome persons, and your dad also
Ive been watching this vid since it got uploaded and ive cried everytime
What the H is this?
is kevjumba a heterosexual bear wrestler?
Is that white powder cocaine?
Because most people watch it at least twice so only around 500k ppl saw this
its like a cheesy love movie
oh my gosh you made me cry
hey jumba,you are so amazing!!=] just continue with what you are doing no matter what other people think about it. you are just awesome,better than a true actor
Its funny cause people now changed it back to "is kevjumba gay"
I don't even notice the lotion if no one talks about it honest, How unobservant I am. :P
" You don't think I can do it" he's s funny
Those drugs might actually be flour
what was the fb sarcastic comment? i couldn't read it or his dad's replay on it because OF THE FUCKING YOU TUBE AUTOMATICALLY CHANGING QUALITY 
The only thing that comes up now is island savings.
Kiron Po Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I'd like to see your zero sub self to make a single vid with 4.1 million views.
then why does he have 2.9 million subscribers and this video has 4 million views.
no it is not the first thing that comes up is kevjumba gay than is kevjumba a virgin
now its "is Macklemore Gay" lol
Why should I listen to someone who can't spell "listen"? No but seriously, I'm only racist towards fruit.
i typed.. "is kev.." and the first thing that came up was "is kevjumba a hetrosexual bear wresler wiki" ...WTF O_O why wiki??
So.. Do you think you are cool now for telling people to smoke weed? I have done weed before, but there is nothing special about it. Too bad it's illegal where you live. Not here, in the Netherlands.
I would have wrote "BAKING POWDER" instead of "DRUGS" Like seriously...
frank luu can go kill himself u'll know him if you read the comments.....
right now all you have to type is "is ke"
What do you mean no one likes his videos???! WTF! You're the one who is stupid! Kevin is so HOT hahahahahahh
and why should i litsen to a guy named bobby the racist apple
you're pathetic :( seriously, get a life you cunt
Asians are awesome I'm a Asian too
you only have to type one extra letter still after two years
papajumba make luv to me no i already have a wife!!!!! XD
2:45 LMAO!!! Awesome video Kevin!!
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