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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier 'E3 Demo Gameplay' TRUE-HD QUALITY

by RajmanGaming HD • 586,124 views

►► Remember to select 720p HD◄◄ Ubisoft showed us this gameplay fottage of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier at E3 2010. Platforms: Playstation 3, Xbox 360 & PC Publisher: Ubisoft Developer:...

Why do game developers put in a "Fake demo" to show but it's not in the game or it's NOTHING like the actual product...
That's not even on the game I all redy finished it And that part does not exist
It's a lot different than the finished game. This looks like a lot more like 2010. If I look at the finished game. I can imagine it as a 2014 game. The animations and the weapon attachments.....
Andrés Golfarini Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Impresionante como se ve este falso gameplay, sacando los estúpidos comentarios del nabo que habla, aparentemente no lo incluyeron en el juego por lo que se lee en los comentarios de abajo , eso se llama publicidad falsa jaja
You idiots getting angry over this demo look at the date it came out and future soldiers release. Within that time ubisoft did a complete restructure of the game they did the same thing with splinter cell conviction.
They did the same thing with Watch Dogs, FALSE ADVERTISING FUCK YOU UBISOFT.
This sucks not the demo the actual game it looks nothing like this
This worries me for the division. Is it gonna look good and is it gonna live up to the promises
Why did they get rid of this version, your guys look cooler and the game overall looks great !! what was the point
not even in he DAMN FUCKING GAME 
What happened to this game? This demo looks a better than the game ended up being two years later. The demo really brings in the tactics and stealth that made Ghost Recon so amazing in the first few games. On the other hand, the actual game feels a lot like a mash-up between CoD and GRAW.
This looks like the tactical ghost recon i know and loved and they fucking ruined it fuck you ubisoft
They did the same thing with Watch Dogs.
Wtf happened why did they release the piece of crap
I would rather have this than the full game. The enemies are a lot mor stupid, the ghosts look cooler, and the gameplay looks a lot more fun. Also at no point in the full game can you go first person. They should have left that in there.
+Ariel Dumagan Well every game has texture issues. but on the PC version of the textures, shaders, and lighting were improved a lot. 
Yea I was waiting for this. It was really disappointing. But the actual game is still really fun.
I luv ghost recon but dis looks better than the actual game
Why the final game is not like this ?
because ubisoft is greedy xD 
This isn't in the game I played Wtf they lied ?
This is not the first time Ubisoft's doing it, they've done it with watch dogs and far cry 3 and countless other games.
They should have made the real game like this it looks a lot better
I don't know what gave them the idea that we wanted a more modern look to a game titled FUTURE SOLDIER.
They need to remake this game and include this one again!
This is why I hate e3, developer nterviews, and stage demos.. All bullshit lies... Haven't we learned from the ps3 killzone footage fiasco? Devs lie lie and overhype all the time.,. My thinking is ; don't talk to me, I don't care what you have to say....just make games..shut the fuck up and put the games out.. Your sorry ass is lucky I dont pirate the shit.
Maybe a problem with the development team :S ? Also the graphic look much better 
i have no idea y they abandoned the whole "futuristic idea." this trailer is actually futuristic like the game should've been! futuristic weapons, and soldiers. but instead they decide to get rid of that idea, call it "future" soldier w/ modern day weapons and modern day soldiers. why?? they should've kept the game like this! the only thing i would want different would be that the enemies are more smart, and they also look futuristic w/ futuristic weapons. the russians should look how they did in the live action trailer. ubisoft should make a new game for next gen, call it something else, and keep this story!
Is this why we can't have nice things? I prefer this to be how future soldier ACTUALLY turned out to be.
this game will look epic on the new "SNOWDROP" engine.
Look better than thé actual game, i love their armor si cool
So why did they decide to change the game? I much preferred this version over the now version. Such lies!  
Looks way more polished and fun than the actual game that got released. Sad to see that this game got such cuts due to its troubled development.
hmmmm invisible soldiers but the shadows are there :) nobody did think about that huh!? :D
they are not invisible their suit works like camouflage it adaps to its environment if u move to fast it wont be able to catch up wich makes u lose ur camo and if the enemy gets to close they can see through it
They did the same thing with SC Blacklist too. That's why I didn't buy Watchdogs. I no longer believe ANY pre-release marketing from Ubisoft!
They did the same thing here they did with Splinter Cell: Conviction. I much preferred the original style of both, this version of Ghost Recon was much more tactical and reminiscent of classic Ghost Recon games. The original Splinter Cell, whilst still being very far from the classics, looked a lot more innovative than the Conviction we received; it looked more like a Jason Bourne game.
I know right.. It felt like an action film rather than.. Idk.. Plus the gun play just feels terrible. I love the feel in Rainbow 6 Vegas 
+Ariel Dumagan Agreed, instead of a new entry in the series I think I'd prefer a full remake of one of the classics. Like they did for Halo: Combat Evolved. 
Hope that what has happened with this game is not going to happen with Watch Dogs!
Really? How dit it change? I haven't had the time yet to buy and play the game...
They took to much out of the game..ALL OF it
I hate the full game i only bought it hoping it will look like this :C
He look so cool, look like a mix of rainbow 6 and ghost recon
Today they ruined the game. i thought original Future Soldier was awesome
the point of this demo is to mislead you to buy their crap
He look so cool and their armor are so beautiful
WHAT IS THIS MISSION? It's NOT in the actual game, why is this mission only in this trailer? Its missing
i know it was the only mission i wanted -.- i finished the game 
what is that weapons? and that scope?
is it me or this game look entirely different from one they released???
Guys these ugly ass gun and shit missions not in the game becuz this version of the game was scraped! No one like it, so they went in a more "modern warfare/mainstream" direction.which I think was the best chioce.iit honestly my fav Tom Clancy game!! Besides that gun in this trailer looks like they're take on a gears of war lancer lol. Thank yu ubisoft for not going in this direction! Yu made the right choice!!!
omg you faggot GHOST RECON IS ABOUT STEALTH ._. not run and gun 
this looks like another game -.- make a new game like this for next gen, and a new but better hawx
i think they withheld this on purpose... to release it as DLC
It's just an alpha demo, they pictured their idea for the game and showed their vision to the audience at E3, you can clearly see they didn't hit that vision at all.
this looks sooo much better. the whole cinematic and everything
Wish i knew when the beta was out i couldve gotten the private i had the cod and everything.
if ubisoft makes another ghost recon it beter hav this stuff in it
this mission isnt even in the game
yes it is, if you can't win or get a kill it doesn't mean the game is bad
I hope so! Next-gen looks amazing right now so imagine all the tech work they can do.
You forgot about that weird four legged droid and hovering drone/RC Car thing. :\ Also those sunglasses that have the blue displays instead of the usual display thats used to be connected to their helmets.
This looks way better than the final product
PC demo will? Please tell me if you will
I am mad like I was looking for tht mission
I rather the project aborted than making the boring game. If you are gonna present the trailer of what the game is gonna be like, then be up to it, not fall short. Those developers aren't true professional when they make the games like this, they are just developers with salaries, just like your average office joe.
why in the game this mission is not there how i can get to this mission ?
Actually i haven't noticed jaggies all that much, Maybe because i just play the damn game and don't focus on the negatives, You ARE a troll, Your feed shows you complaining about games that are not 60fps, Get a pc if you wan't to pay 800$ and everything else, For minor improvement's. Or shut up and enjoy the game.
Fuck you Ubisoft nothing of this in the,game, you deceived us
bad game...not event chalenging
but it was just a demo. a full game would be too much, thats why they downgraded the games graphics. this e3 demo was just to create hype.
i agree. it looks like they switched creative directors
theres so many things that look so much different than when the game game actually came that looked better. not a huge fan of the walking animations in this one though but the graphics look so much better in this one than in the official released one
This was when the game was innovative and GOOD
it is a demo, you turd. And they showed this a long time ago.
What makes the game boring is the linear approach to gameplay. No variety or personal preference of gameplay. Just go there and bang bang and that's it. No subtle creativity or many ways of picking solutions as the trailer showed. Then there's the story... this trailer promised twists in storyline such as that initial mission is to recon...when Ace was discovered, the mission became capture and counter-ambush the ambush before the convoy arrives. Yet, there is no such thing in game.
the game we should have gotten, only if fan boys stopped b****ing
They didn't even add this level! I was so excited.
COD is far more boringly shallow, even though the pre-scripted animations and in-game cinematic is pretty exciting and cool to look at, along with nice dialogues in campaign. Anyway, this game still boring cuz it fell long way short of what the trailer promised. Only exciting part is synchro shots yet repeating it without variety and creativity and one of many possible solutions is what make it so lacking. Basically, I look at this trailer I get excited and then I played the game I get bored.
And to those who wanted all the stuff in the E3 demo look up what a budget is, because this more than likely had to compete with Ubisoft Redstorm's Far Cry 3 for funding and probably lost. Look, making video games isn't cheap but just be glad the project wasn't aborted.
Stop bitching about the grafics, the outfit (in the final game the outfits looks much better) the fucking fuck ground drone etc! The final game is Boss! I watched this trailer in 2010 i was like this game is gonna suck its way to ugly then i watched gameplay of this version then i was like **@*!&^& i NEED THIS FUCKING GAME So shut up before GRFS is making you his bitch
I really liked this game. I wanted this level to be in the game. but it wasn't sadly. But damn I now know Ubisoft's graphics aren't amazing, but pretty damn good. I mean It's obvious textures are bad but their games look above average
Only pc exclusives look majorly better than console's, I don't see that that is worth 800 dollars, Considering pc exclusive's don't interest me, Except the total war series, Which my computer can already max it out. That is the only reason why i am considering upgrading next year. If you can't accept people prefer console gaming, You really need to grow up, And maybe get outside.
Oh and another thing my true ghost recon fans, why could't we move that fast with camo activated? The Bodark could run around full speed with that shit! whenever we pop out of cover and click in the right stick, we zoom through iron sights or scope, in this Promo we actually see the guy playing and there's true first person view when you just "look" out of cover, That would have been beast. BOYCOTT UBISOFT MONTREAL, BUNCHA CUNTS
its funny that this isnt a mission LOL or in game
Saldra Demo? Xfa Diganme Q' Si Va A Ver Plis.........
not really..... this is probably the only ubi cock up iv found. everything else they do is awesome
This is what got me excited for this game. Then it turned to COD in 3rd person.
i so wanted to fight that Drone...
this is ghost recon predator this ghost recon is cancel in 2010 and ubisoft produce future soldier 2012(This is not future soldier)
Why the fuck wasn't the final game like this!
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