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Lil Wayne does not fit in this song. Mac Miller killed it
+John Cam Have you heard his old shit? He didn't even get better until later in his career.
+Andy Kuhl Jr. His old shit was better then his new shit. But over all he was never that great.
I find it so funny that people argue about music. Who's good and who's not. I'm pretty sure there is a lot of music that a lot of people are going to be like "wtf" but that's cool because I enjoy it and I don't care of you don't like. There is no right and wrong. There really isn't anyone that's better with anyone. Just opinion.
The song is titled, "What am I doing here?"...basically, "what is my purpose?"  Self reflection.  Mac reflects on being a musician, stress and coping with the pressure of he's no different than the next guy, but has made it and still questions his happiness....thinking that success would bring him happiness...not expecting that stress caused by success would steal that happiness away.  How it will feel when the success goes away, hoping that he can continue to ride it. How anyone concluded that Wayne's verse didn't go with the song bewilders me?  He is a product of the hood... it's so ugly/poor/violent. Everyone has a job, but still in survival mode/broke.  He's brags on being a survivor (falling back on his hood skillset - spittin' game, using women and hustling drugs), but recognizes he's STILL doin' the same crap as people with no money (living recklessly, grindin', hustlin').  Even with money and success he can't escape who he is...a product of his environment -  opportunity thrown away = money in the trash.  So, Wayne is questioning, "why am I still the same?...why haven't I moved on or become a better person?....left the hood? - "What am I doing here?"
"I feel like money in the trash" -Lil Wayne. Damn. So many people probably don't know what that means.
drop the world verse, mirrors, tie my hands, no love, numerous metaphors, and analogies that go over the average listeners head...
+furrycoat576 This is old but I'll reply anyway. I by no means think that this is ermagherd the best thing I've ever heard. I just think that there is a big difference between "He fucking sucks I hate him" and "I don't like him". There are a lot of artists out there that are talented but I just can't bring myself to like them (Off the top of my head Pusha T comes to mind). But I don't go to every one of his videos on youtube and comment about how much he sucks. Peace and love, furrycoat.
Love this song, not sure why all the douche bags below feel the need to state " un-successful opinions " its not like any of them know a damn thing about being legit.
my nigga, after you finish smoking some bowls or a blunt or a joint or whatever put this song on and you're in Heaven #facts 
+andres lucero Weed doesn't cause cancer man. Out with your negativity.
Or if you got some leannn.
Young roddy went harder on this beat fa sho
Mac Miller personally wanted Lil Wayne on this project. He even said it himself. Kendrick wanted a part too, but Wayne sent his verse first and beat him too it. I love this whole song. 
Think about wahts bein said u dumb fucks who say lil wayne doesnt belong on the fuckin song. the whole time during the song the hook is sayin ''what am i doin here''. as in what is lil wayne doin on a mac miller song. every thing fits perfectly. yall are so fuckin ignorant.
Didn't mind Lil Wayne's flow on this but he has got ABSOLUTELY nothing good to say lyrically lol
Nah, Let science educate YOU, help yourself, I'm good, thanks for the advice 
mac killed this entire song. lol, he shoulda done it without wayne.
Wayne fuckin killed it idc what anyone says he saved this song
"Sometimes I catch a buzz just to help me picture love."
Smoking weed in somalia banging this
A pot heads dream.
Mac Miller ft. Lil Wayne
+C4Rick Aye, for a part of the song , mac miller speaks the truth boi
God damn.. this shit makes me wanna pop some xans. gotta chill tho lol 
Mac deserves so much more respect in the game. Period
youre all a bunch of fags
Wayne And Mac Both Went In perfect combo for this track
If lil Wayne was as shit as everyone says then why the fuck is he so successful and famous, please explain
my favorite mac song. holy shit, he ripped this song a new asshole. 👉👌
try putting the speed at 1.25, kinda sick :P
the vibe just crazy one of my fav mac songs also great song to smoke/shroom to 
He only was 20 when this was put out
despite waynes lyrics i gotta give him props for one of his more pleasant to hear verses
Mac is my generation. Fuck off ;)
Smoke A Blunt Too This zzzzzz
Young Roddy Destroyed This Beat... His Version Better.
Wayne really never speaks to me, but a good record is a good record. Mac and him really killed this one, love it.
Everyone loves to hate Weezy, but I think he made this song even more dope. IMO he got the feeling of this joint down perfectly in his verse,
This shit straight garbage
wayne looks at things different he is from the south pimp c bun pastor troy etc they are the people he looks up too pome
Why did lil Wayne shit all over this song
Lil Wayne snapped reminded me of the old mixtape Wayne
+John Cam you can't anything away from lil Wayne. Nice try bitch
Young Roddy the Ruler "Certified" track with this beat is 100% better than this..
i heard young roddy use this 
both of em were only okay
sometimes i catch a buzz to help me picture love.
Mac Miller is underrated as shit and I wish Weezy would've stuck to the concept of the song...his flow was on point but he wasn't talking about anything...
weezy did stick to the concept, his last line is i feel like money in the trash, like what i'm i doing here, because no one throws money in the trash. yea some of his other lines were bullshit and not on the concept. "See I come from a place where stars never shine And drama is accepted, credit cards are declined" was another good line from him 
whenever i need good smokin music can always count on some macmiller:) your the man bro
first time listeining to this song and i was expecting lil wayne - saying about - hoe and dope lol 
please let me find euphoria.....when he said that i jus got the music chills
I hope this feelin lasts for fuckin eva, and I don't wanna come back don't let stay up off the ground. I hope I do what I was meant to do...
I, too, listened to the song.
Mac......dude this beat is dope as fuck it has mind fucked my brain and even thou it kinda doesnt make sense but when im floating high through the milky way, way past the stars the song makes fucking and fucks my problems and I feel like money in the trash weezy
Hey, not trying to be one of those annoying spammer kids, but please go check out my music thanks, btw this song is so dope ^
Man I love this song yo. It's nice to skate to this music
Still wondering why the fuck wayne's on this track..
well i cant change your opinion.  
Mac wanted him to be he said in a interview
"I come from a place where stars never shine and drama is excepted credits credit cards are declined" weezy
Favorite song of Macs ❤️ favorite album overall of macs tbh 👏
and don't forget to wacth my video how to waste 4 .7 second of your life hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa
I'm not sure if this is the legit vevo account song base for eminem, or if you just took the time to make a hoax
Leh mi lepiej wchodzi na tym bicie
This is the realest shit Mac ever wrote, in my opinion. He wrote something that everyone can relate to, maybe not in the sense of drugs and fame, but in the sense of finding your true self
bring back them spring and summer memories <3
If y'all never done drugs your not gonna understand this song. It's rather sad actually because it's the truth. I compare this song to An LSD comedown.
Why is it that Wayne only has good verses when he's on someone else's track?
+timothy WILSON you don't know anything about wayne if you think he writes.  all his songs are done from the top of his head 
my point being the songs be makes suck ass.
this song make me fucking trippin she s so good so real fuck i love so much
its perfect when your high!!!!!!
u know good trip !
This song right here is art. And the fact that you have Wayne and Mac on the same album, I'm in heaven.
This is my shit keep in repeat👈👈💞💞
listen to this shit on shrooms
Certified - Young Roddy
Andy Rocka Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
Sometimes I wonder...
so high and now listening to this song its like i cant feel my legs bruh
Show em what you got Tiger
I actually expected this to be much worse with lil Wayne being in it and all but I was really surprised. Great song.
Hey guys, I'm a 15 year old rapper and I'm just trying to spread my music. Most beats are made by me and my producer, which is also 15. All production is done by us. We are very hard working and we just want our music to be heard. Check us out now!
young roddy killed this beat
Waynes verse is fuckin gross haha
Perfect song to smoke too
i wish lil wayne didnt sound like shit in this ....
"I'm blessed with much to be expected!" Mac Miller (Poet)
Lil Wayne fucked this song up Mac miller was goin hard and then Wayne fucked it all up
+jooshep1 I dont know about meaning this nigga said "situation gettin fishy and I don't eat anchovies"
That's a dumbass comment they both clearly kill it, two of the greatest rappers in our time you don't know music
Good music here, check me out
Why everyone gotta hate on Wayne's verse? Just enjoy the damn song.
Perfect song to pop some pills and take a dab..
first line = life 
This shit slaps when u off some narcos trust me
Same beat as Young Roddy's Certified!
YAAS mac . thats fresh af love the beginning
wow waynes verse isn't too bad. why cant he be like that all the time. his voice dosnt sound bad when its calm like that.
Yup don't even now who I'm am now B-) I'm out of this world :-D
Damn, I got this song when it had ten thousand views
They should send you a trophy lol
lil wayne killed it
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